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The security guard in front of me opened his mouth wide and moved towards me step by step. From time to time, there would be muffled 'forehead' sounds coming from his throat. The black shell on his face fell off bit by bit, gradually revealing his hideous face.

Even I, who had seen a lot of dead people, couldn't help but feel nauseous.

The zombie was still swinging its body, but it was still charging towards Shi Mu. A fishy stench was coming out of its mouth.

I immediately took a step back to increase the distance between us. Then, I slapped the corpse's chin with my palm.

Kacha, kacha.

A clump of something bright red landed at my feet, but before I could see what it was, the corpse's claws were already reaching for my face.


The palm of my other hand formed a fist, and with a roar I struck the walking corpse in the chest. With a crack, the walking corpse staggered back a few steps, and that was when I had a chance to see the piece of red meat on the ground.

It was actually a tongue. Looking up, the corpse that was lying on the ground had lost its tongue. It didn't bleed as expected, instead, there was a bit of black liquid dripping down from the corner of its mouth.

Not moving?

I frowned. This body was weaker than I expected. Was it because of the short time I had to die?

But then, to my surprise, the body of the walking corpse bent back, like the lower part of its body, with its head on its heels, and its chest showing through the skin and flesh pierced by my broken ribs.


The zombie's throat continued to emit a low sound, but it was drowned out by an even more ear-piercing sound coming from its chest.

I didn't act rashly as I stared at the walking corpse in front of me.


The sound of air leaking came out from the body of the zombie one after another.

Suddenly, the zombie's body bounced up like a catapult, the flesh on its chest had disappeared. Bai Sen's ribs had all been pierced through, and one could even see its blackened internal organs.

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva. The muscles all over my body tensed up as I carefully retreated backwards.


Following the sound of a broken branch, the entire forest suddenly fell into a deathly silence. A sense of danger rose from within my heart.


A roar like that of a wild beast came from the chest of the walking corpse. Then, my vision blurred and I rolled towards the side as though I had been shot.

Bang! Kacha, bang!

I sat on the ground and looked at the small tree that was pierced through by the bone spikes. I subconsciously opened my mouth wide.

Now that I wasn't even wearing a magic charm, it was hard for me to deal any real damage to this zombie that didn't fear death with my bare hands. Realizing that clashing head on was too unreasonable, I quickly got up and ran into the forest.

It wasn't very dark tonight. There was a bit of moonlight to illuminate my path, but the moonlight nourished the Yin, and the walking corpses became even more berserk. Their eyes shone with a dark green light as they stared at my back.

Calm, I have to calm down.

I told myself.

But behind me, the sound of a dead body kept coming, like a hammer striking my heart.

I could feel a chill on my back and sweat started to form on my forehead. Fortunately, the terrain in the forest was quite complicated, so the sound of the corpses gradually faded away.

After running for an unknown amount of time, my entire body felt sore and I couldn't run anymore. I leaned against a tree and started to breathe heavily.

After calming my heartbeat, I started to feel around my body. Finally, I found seven silver needles and a Nine Dragons Blue Talisman in my pocket.

A corpse is neither a living person nor a ghost, it's very difficult for the silver needles to have any effect on it. As for the Nine Dragons Talisman, I had already used up all of my mana to draw it.


Just as I was thinking about how to deal with the corpses, a sigh drilled into my ears.

I hesitated for a moment before putting the silver needles and blue talismans away and moving closer to the sound.

It was dark in the woods, and I could only feel my way toward the figure in the moonlight.

As the sound grew clearer, I saw a flicker of light.

"Ai, since both the old man and his son have left, what should I do?"

A short figure was squatting on the ground and muttering while throwing paper money into the fire in front of him.

There was actually an old granny in the forest at night?

I didn't dare to rashly approach. I only watched from afar, pinching the silver needles with my forefinger and thumb.

Bang bang bang.

Not long after, the sound of a corpse breaking a tree could be heard. I looked at the old granny who burned paper before putting away the silver needles and running to the other side.

"Young man, tell me, what should I do?"

Just after walking a few steps, I felt my clothes being tugged at. I was startled as I was at least 3 meters away from the old granny. With just a turn, she caught up to me?

"Young man, my old man and son are both dead. Tell me, what should I do?"

The old lady's mouth quivered, and the hand that held my clothes was like a sieve shaking, like a dying man.

With a silver needle in my hand, I turned my head to look at her. I didn't say anything, but the sound behind me was getting closer and closer.

Until I smelled the disgusting odor of the walking corpse, the corners of the old granny's mouth curled up a little.

"Young man, my old man and son are both dead. Tell me, what should I do?"


The sound of the leaves rustling in the forest suddenly became terrifyingly quiet. Even the low growl of the corpse had disappeared. As the leaves intersected, the fire behind the grandma gradually extinguished. A pair of green lights quietly lit up the dark forest …

The temperature of the surroundings started to drop. The old granny's hands no longer trembled, but her entire body seemed to bend even more.

Pa da, pa da.

The sound of water dripping on the leaves could be heard clearly.

At some point, the walking corpse had climbed onto the branch above me and was staring at me with the same dark green eyes, like a waiting beast.

I looked at the old granny before me and let out a cold laugh.

"Since your old man and your son are both dead, then you should also die with them!"


The zombie above my head moved, but I was already prepared. I kicked the old lady's body, causing her to retreat. There was a dull thud as the zombie landed on all fours, before it pounced towards me.

"The Sword Mountain and Sword Tree will forever put an end to evil grudges. It reflected light from all ten extremes, illuminating the heavens. Wish to descend into the true, into my body, the light broken, the evil exterminating form! "Urgent!"

I almost shouted at the top of my lungs. The silver needle in my hand flew out with a sonic boom. When the moonlight shone on it, it actually shone like an incandescent lamp.

Chi, chi chi.

Two wisps of green smoke emerged from the corpse. I didn't know if it was an illusion, but I saw a look of disdain on the corpse's face. The four limbs that were running towards me suddenly accelerated.


I spat out a syllable, and the body stopped dead in front of me, as if immobilized.

"What did you do!?"

The old woman's eyes twinkled green in the distance, her voice cold as she questioned me. Her fingernails grew longer and darker than ink.

If you looked closely, you would see that there was a silver needle stuck in the forehead of the zombie. Strands of black smoke came out of the needle and gradually dyed the silver needle black.

The old lady seemed to be infuriated by me. She didn't even have a few teeth, yet two fangs grew out from her mouth.


The zombie seemed to be affected by the explosion, and its roar became more and more urgent, and its whole body started to tremble.

Sweat trickled down my forehead. I didn't expect this lowest level walking corpse to be so difficult to deal with.

What's more unbelievable is that this old woman used some sort of method to make the zombie gain consciousness. I can clearly feel anger and greed from the zombie's eyes.

At this critical moment, I coldly snorted and dried my leg. With one kick, both of my feet stood on the edge of heaven and earth as I shouted, "Heaven and earth spirit, combine three to five moves together!" Together with the Divine Handle, ten thousand ghosts went into stealth. As he fought, his body was shattered like a speck of dust. I would like to summon General Li Qiu, General Jiang Yuanming, to my side. The might of the light rays are broken, the evil spirits are destroyed, and orders are given urgently! "

Ka ka ka!

As the silver needles entered the meat, the crisp sound of bones could be heard. The old granny's green eyes became even more intense, and she finally could not help but rush over.

Even though the old lady was short, she ran faster than the zombie!


At the same time, the zombie let out a furious roar. The silver needle on its forehead turned black as it fell to the ground.

I suddenly raised my head. My eyes were as wide as bells and my eyes were filled with anger. There were three silver needles on my head and a silver needle in my hand. A grand voice came from my throat.

"Evil creature!" "How dare you court death!"

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