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The sound echoed in the forest like a mighty bell. The zombie, which was charging towards me, became absent-minded for a moment, and this gap opened up. The silver needle in my hand shone for an inch, and like a white jade sword, fiercely pierced through the zombie's body.

En, e.

The corpse's throat made a loud noise as it spat out a mouthful of black blood. A fist-sized hole appeared in its chest, revealing the old woman behind it.

The old lady's face was abnormally gloomy. Her two nails shone with a cold luster under the moonlight. One could even vaguely see the remnants of blood and flesh in the gaps of her nails.

However, the current 'I' was not afraid at all.

My body entered a strange state, and it was as if my vision left my body. I could see everything in the surrounding darkness, and a faint yellow glow was emitting from my body.

Three needles entered the heavens as the immortal god entered my body.


The skeleton's chest bone spikes met and I quickly pulled my hand out. I retreated three meters away, bringing along a pool of black blood and the black air that was constantly flowing out.

The next moment, ten rays of cold light shot towards my face. A fishy stench assaulted my nostrils, and immediately afterwards, my vision was occupied by the old woman's ugly, wrinkled face.


With a loud roar, like the roar of a King Kong, the old lady only staggered a little, but the greed in her dark green eyes didn't diminish as she viciously thrust her claws towards my eyes.


The collision of the silver needle and the black fingernail created sparks. I frowned as I heard an angry roar behind my head. I quickly kicked the old woman and rolled on the ground.

Before he could see the surrounding situation, the zombie pounced on him like a wolfdog.

"Brilliant Blue Scene, Dashing Lightning. The flying greataxe transformed into the Heavenly Barrier. The Dark Nether Yin Prison exuded a ferocious aura. "Urgent!"

A bolt of lightning suddenly appeared at the end of the silver needle and was immediately followed by two silver needles. In an instant, the silver needle grew by a few inches and its power greatly increased.

The walking corpse suddenly stopped, as if sensing the threat in my hand.

I decisively kicked the body of the walking corpse and sent it flying five meters away. Following that, an ice-cold aura rose from my back. I clenched my teeth as I turned around and stabbed the silver needle with lightning force at the old woman's palms.

The green light in the old woman's eyes grew brighter, her fingernails grew about an inch longer, and her hands slashed at my neck like scissors.



One was sinister while the other was grand. Two roars reverberated in the forest.

The corner of my mouth twitched continuously as cold sweat dripped down from my forehead. Although I used my arm to block the fingernails, the moment the nails pierced my skin and flesh, I felt a surge of yin energy enter my body.

However, the old woman was not feeling well either. The silver needle pierced into her palm, and two streams of black smoke spurted out like a burst faucet.

At the same time, the zombie behind me also stumbled and fell to the ground, crazily twisting.

Sure enough, his master was right, as long as the Corpse Keeper was eliminated, the zombie would be vulnerable.

I wiped off the cold sweat on my forehead and looked at the half-corpse old woman before me. I couldn't help but feel proud of myself.

After fighting for so long, how could I not see the essence of this old lady in front of me? She is a demoness who refined herself into a half corpse.

However, before I could heave a sigh of relief, the corpse stood up again. The other half-corpse old woman used some sort of method to force the two silver needles out of her body. The needles fell to the ground, they were as black as ink and obviously couldn't be used anymore.

Fortunately, the dead aura on the corpse was not as thick as before, and the half Corpse Witch's body was even more hunched, only that pair of eyes had become even more green.

I felt in my pocket. It was empty.

"Ha — ha!"

It seemed like half a corpse demoness had spent a lot of effort to squeeze out the silver needles as she clung to her body, gasping for breath.

There were several broken bone spikes on the corpse's chest, and the security clothing on its body had been torn to shreds and hung on its body like strips of cloth. However, the pair of dark green eyes were filled with a strong killing intent.

The demoness seemed to see my predicament and her lips unconsciously moved to the back of her ears. Green saliva dripped to the ground, corroding the soil and making it black. She walked towards me step by step, like an old cat playing with its prey.

"Delicious, so fragrant!" I've never seen such a fragrant soul before. I really want to eat it! "

The half Corpse Witch's trembling voice came out from her throat. Her tongue unconsciously licked her wrinkled lips, leaving behind traces of black mucus.

I couldn't help but frown. Although the [Three Needles Spirit Guiding Technique] could stimulate the potential of my body and allow me to obtain large amounts of Fa Li and strength in a short period of time, the fragrance from my body and soul would also be completely stimulated.

Before I could think about it, the demoness suddenly pounced on me. I covered my neck with my hands and suddenly felt a sharp pain coming from my chest. My entire body flew backwards and crashed into a tree.

Wiping the blood from the corner of my mouth, I scrambled around to the back of the tree.

The next moment, kacha sounds were heard before me. I was shocked to find that the tree had been cut in half from the waist.

The half Corpse Witch's tongue was like a poisonous snake, licking its sharp nails, a trace of black blood stained the nails, the Yin Qi on them seemed to be about to drip down.

I sat on the ground, clutching my aching chest, and looked at the two pairs of dark green eyes that were closing in on me.

Master told me before that we shouldn't use the Spirit Guiding Technique so easily. My soul and body are different from ordinary people, and to the demons, I'm just like Tang Xuanzang from the Journey to the West.

However …

He also said that my flesh and blood is even more righteous than a Heavenly Master's flesh and blood.

Suddenly, a weak sound came from the forest, followed by a growing noise.

Hearing the chant, the half corpse demoness suddenly stopped her steps. Her sinister and greedy expression seemed to have recovered a bit of calmness. Then, she revealed a bit of fear, as if she felt a vague threat.

The demoness looked around before her gaze finally fell on me.

"It's you!"

Staring with both eyes wide open, the half Corpse Witch's facial features suddenly contorted, just like an evil spirit that crawled out from hell, rushing towards me, bringing along with it a sinister and ugly walking corpse.

The two monsters were fast, but unfortunately for them, they discovered them too late.

The corner of my mouth curled up as blood seeped out from my pores. I didn't know when I had grabbed the three silver needles above my head. The sound of my lips chanting immediately increased by several fold.

"East Huadong Extreme, Jiuqi Qinggong. The Emperor's Imperial Decree, the nine immortal children. The Nine Dragons Envoys rode the Nine Dragons. Lord of the Five Forces, Bound of the Dead Soul.

Dao Cultivator Qin Guang, I request that you use your merit blood to forge a demonic body, nine deity officials, and kill thousands of devils! Urgent like a law! "Order!"

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