That time, I didn't blame the old man. I understood that it was not that he didn't want to save the bride, but that he couldn't.

The smelly old Daoist was just a small rogue cultivator with a sliver of a sense of justice. If he couldn't even subdue a powerful ghost, how could he defeat those who were still alive?

All these years, just to protect me from the ghosts, he had put in a lot of effort, otherwise he wouldn't have accepted those heartless tasks.

In the following four years, the old Daoist Priest did not accept any more missions. Perhaps it was due to that matter that he was greatly moved.

Until the day I turned eighteen, he left two letters and left without a sound.

One of the letters was addressed to me, "My disciple has come to you personally: Ah Guang, pardon my incompetence, but I can no longer accompany you by your side.

"Master doesn't know how to deal with this. In the end, I am just an itinerant cultivator without a master. I fumbled my way through everything without a master, and spent my life without doing anything major."

"But you are different. When you were born into yin and yang, your fate was not karmic retribution. I cannot see through it, and I cannot say for sure. I wish to take your soul away from you, but I can only bring you with me to ensure your safety. Please don't blame me for restraining you for more than ten years. "

"In these ten years, I have handed over all my studies to you. I can finally put my heart at ease and go take a look at that place. In the future, you will have to rely on yourself to explore everything, including your own dao heart. You … "It's time to start your apprenticeship."

Clutching the letter in my hand, I frantically searched outside the house, but there was no sign of the repulsive Daoist. He left, he really left …

In the past ten years, I have never called him Master, nor knelt to him once.

This repulsive Daoist, who was over fifty years old and had no wife or children, had dedicated his entire life to the Dao, acting on behalf of the heavens. After walking for fifty years, he finally placed all of his bets on me.

He was using his life to make a savior, he said.

A master for a day is a father for life. Not only does he have to be a master, he even did what he had to do as a father.

I knelt in front of his door and kowtowed nine times. I did not kneel to the heavens nor did I kneel to the earth just for the sake of that person's kindness in bringing him up over the past ten years.

Tears flowed from my eyes, but I didn't cry out. I faced the vast heaven and earth, and towards the people in the distance, I shouted, "Master —!"

On the train to Jiang City, I left the wooden house on the hill. Perhaps I will come back, perhaps not, but my heart will stay there forever.

The path of the heavens is the goal that my master has spent his entire life trying to achieve. I don't know what path he cultivated, and I don't know what path he took. On the way, I trained myself to do what I thought was right.

On the train, I carried my luggage to find my seat. I was lucky to be sitting in the same seat as a beautiful and elegant girl.

However, this girl's face didn't look too good. There was a trace of haze lingering between her eyebrows. Her eyes seemed to be looking everywhere as if she was looking for something.

Perhaps feeling my gaze, the girl gave me a disgusted look and leaned towards the other side.

I was stunned and turned my head away from the girl.

However, out of good intentions, I reminded her, "Lady, you have a murderous aura between your eyebrows. You'd better go to the temple and take a look." In reply, of course, was a disdainful roll of the eye.

After a long time, he raised his head and said to me, "Your name is Qin Guang, right? Sigh, Daoist Master Hong was also kind enough to ask you to come to my school and study. I've asked him to help me before, so you can rest assured and stay here to study."

I was stunned. I didn't expect that my master, who had been wandering in the mountains and plains all year round, would actually come to this big city.

"You don't have to worry, you can stay here for now. I've seen your grades and they meet the requirements for admission to our school. Have a good rest this week, get familiar with the environment of the city. There's still some time before school starts."

After saying that, he didn't let me ask any further questions and just let someone bring me to my dorm.

Jiangnan Normal University was indeed the best university in Jiangcheng. The dormitory's obviously expensive high grade wooden door made me stunned.

I stood in the doorway of Room 414, turned the key in the lock, and pushed the door open without making a sound.

In the hall, there were all kinds of furniture and appliances. There were also two separate bedrooms, the kitchen and the bathroom. There were also some incomprehensible decorative paintings in the living room, which made it look artistic.

After sitting on the train for half a day, I was tired and prepared to take a bath.

After taking my luggage to the bedroom, I carried a towel to the bathroom, bare-chested. I didn't know the difference between a bathtub and a large wooden bucket.

He pushed open the door, and a refreshing fragrance entered his nose. Wisps of mist rose into the air, and the white and large bathtub was filled with hot water. A fresh and tender great beauty lay within, and so on …


With a scream, a bottle of shower gel flew toward my face.

Fortunately, the things that his master had taught him over the past ten years were not wasted. He dodged the bottle of shower gel, went out, closed the door, and only heard the rapid beating of his heart.

What kind of plane is this Ma Ren? He arranged for me to go to a girl's dormitory?

At this moment, I was neither able to leave nor to stay. I stood in the middle of the hall with a dumbfounded expression on my face, at a loss of what to do.

Just as I was lost in my thoughts, the door behind me creaked open again, and with a surge of mist from the bathroom, an exceptionally beautiful girl walked out. Her towering breasts were wrapped in a towel, and water dripped from her hair.

Normally, I would be very happy to see such a beautiful scene, but now …

"I already told you that you don't look like a good person. I didn't expect you to be able to break into the dormitory of Jiang shi University." The girl held a bottle of anti-wolf spray tightly in her hand. There was no fear in her eyes, only disgust.

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva. What a coincidence, we ran into girls on the train and girls at the dorm again.

I smiled embarrassedly, "About that … Beauty, it's a misunderstanding. It's really a misunderstanding." I'm a freshman for this year, so I didn't know this was a girl's dormitory.

"Female dormitory? What female dorm? This is the student apartment of Jiang Shi University. It's a mixed dorm. "Wait a minute, you were arranged by Ma Ren Zhong?" The girl looked at me strangely.

"Yeah." I didn't expect that the girl's face would change at the mention of Ma Ren.

"I don't care who arranged this, if you dare to play hooligan then get out of here." There was no worse result, but the girl warned me, and with a 'bang' she closed the door of her bedroom, as if she didn't take me seriously at all.

"What the hell …" "What's the situation?" Although he still didn't understand it, it was a good thing that the crisis was over. Furthermore, he could live together with a beauty … The development of this matter seemed to be pretty good.

It was already a bit late, so I tossed and turned for a while. When I finished my shower, it was almost ten o'clock.

During this period of time, the girls never came out, nor did they know what they were doing in the room.

Without thinking too much, I returned to my bedroom to rest. I didn't realize that the moment I turned around and entered the room, the door to the bedroom next door silently opened.

Deep in the night, I, who was originally sleeping, suddenly woke up from the cold. Right now, it is the hottest time of the summer, but my teeth are chattering from the cold.

There was no moon in the sky, and it was dark outside. I groped my way to my feet and looked around in the light of my cell phone.

The bedroom was still the same one, but it had an extra feeling of being pierced through by a blade, as if something in the dark night was staring at him …

Looking at the time, it was 12: 30 PM.

I reached for the switch and the light came on, shining with a pale light into the bedroom.

"Creak ~ ~ ~"

The moment the light went on, the bedroom door suddenly opened a crack. The living room was dark and unaffected by the light, a gust of cold wind blew in.

The light bulb flickered twice, then went out, and darkness filled the space again.

The cold wind by my ears grew stronger, causing me to frown. This dorm doesn't seem to be that simple.

"Gym!" I took out a lotus flower lamp from my backpack and lit it with a piece of paper charm. The lotus flower came out from the mud without a stain. With the lotus as the base of the lamp, it was ignited with a talisman flame. After igniting it, it could prevent the interference of ghost qi.

The darkness was dispersed by the flames, revealing the situation in the bedroom. The cold wind suddenly grew stronger.

"There was no change before we went to sleep. The air of resentment is thin and unfocused. The room next door doesn't seem to be affected. It seems like the resentment is not deep."

In the room, only the sound of my slippers scraping against the wooden floor could be heard. The gigantic Jiangshi University seemed to have fallen into a deathly silence, with not even the sound of insects chirping.

The lotus flower lamp shone on the dressing table, reflecting my reflection in the mirror. My face was as pale as paper, my lips were scarlet, and my body movements were filled with the charm of a woman.

That wasn't me!

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