I gasped, the hair on my back standing on end, and couldn't help but take a step back. The 'I' in the mirror suddenly revealed a cold smile.

Dong, dong, dong!

At this moment, there was another knock on the door.

I took a breath and walked slowly toward the door. The cold wind brought with it a faint stench, like the rot of a dead rat in a sewer.


Just as I was about to grab the door handle, a sound suddenly came from the bed behind me.

I didn't look back. I just felt something jump out of bed and step on the floor so clearly I could hear it coming up behind me.

I gritted my teeth and fiercely opened the door. A black shadow appeared in front of me, and the instant the lotus flower light shone on me, I let out an ear-piercing scream before charging out of the door.

I was stunned for a moment before hurriedly chasing after him. However, just as I arrived at the corridor, an even colder aura surrounded me.

He didn't feel anything was amiss during the day, but at night, the corridor seemed somewhat eerie.

The doors on both sides of the room were tightly shut. On the snow-white walls hung an abstract mural. The lighting was a little poor as it flickered along with one's breathing.

I shivered. I was in a hurry and was wearing shorts. At this moment, I felt cold all over as I walked along the corridor.

Fortunately, he had the lotus flower lamp in his hand. When the lamp flickered, at least he would not fall into total darkness.

The murals around them seemed to come alive, and I could clearly feel the spying coming from both sides as I passed them. However, when I turned my head to carefully examine them with the lotus flower lamp, I found that they were still as silent as before, as if they hadn't changed in the day.

Suppressing the doubts in my heart, I continued forward. The dormitory of Jiangnan Normal University was surprisingly large. I walked along the corridor for who knows how long, but I still hadn't seen the end of it.

Sensing that something was wrong, I stopped and looked at the dormitory doors on both sides.


All of the doors had 414 on them. I subconsciously widened my eyes but my heart was relieved. It was just a Wall-Hitting Ghost, so I thought that those things might have some tricks up their sleeves.

However, I didn't expect that the lotus flower lamp in my hand would actually be able to use ghost energy to confuse my senses.

However, in order to draw out that thing, I pretended not to see through it. With a somewhat flustered expression, I walked to a door and wanted to push it open.

As soon as I grabbed the door handle, the lights in the corridor went out, and I was plunged into a quagmire of darkness.

The lotus flower lamp began to sway, the light flickered, like a small boat in a dark wave, ready to capsize at any moment.

The amount, the amount, the amount of the amount.

The sound of his neck being twisted suddenly came from the corridor, followed by the sound of cold footsteps.

Every blow that landed on his heart echoed in the corridor.

I waited for the footsteps to approach.

The lotus flower flame in his hand continued to sway, but it did not extinguish.

However, as my footsteps got closer, my heart felt like it was being controlled.

Pa da, pa da, pa da pa da.

My footsteps were falling faster and faster, and my heart was beating fast, and the sound of a bubble bursting in my throat was still echoing in my ears.

When the voice fell behind me, everything was suddenly quiet again.


The sound of swallowing, not me, came from behind the door.

There was someone inside?

I frowned. The surroundings were unusually quiet. Just when I was hesitating on whether I should knock on the door to take a look, the door creaked open a little from the inside. The ear-piercing sound of the door knocks out, and the previously eerie silence returned.

I hesitated, then went in.

This was an empty dorm room with no one living here. It was like an empty room that had not been occupied for a long time, and it was filled with a cold and deathly aura.

This kind of feeling must have been felt by many people before. In a house where no one lived for a long time, there would be a desolate feeling when one returned. If it was an abandoned building, this feeling would be even stronger.

This was because the yang energy was no longer present and the yin energy had entered his body. If it completely disappeared, the yin energy would accumulate and eventually attract some things. This was the reason why the story in the city often happened in abandoned buildings.

I chanted the Bright Fire Spell and walked inside, keeping the light from being affected by the miasma.

As soon as he entered the room, he heard the unstoppable sound of water dripping from the neighboring room.

Tick... Tick...

Following the sound of the water droplets, I carefully walked towards the bedroom at the side. Since the dorm layout was the same, the sound of the water droplets came from the same bedroom as mine.

Without any hesitation, I grabbed the door handle and fiercely pushed the door open.

With a shake of the light, everything in the bedroom appeared before me.

Tick... Tick...

There was nothing in the bedroom except for a person who was hanging in the middle of the room!

A rope looped around the iron hook of the hanging lamp and fastened itself to the man's neck.

The light was so dim that I couldn't see the man properly.

I took a deep breath of the rotten air and approached the corpse step by step. I slowly raised the lotus flower lamp in my hand.

A face with a long tongue and a swollen face appeared in my field of vision. What was even more terrifying was that the pair of dead grey eyes unexpectedly shifted upwards and met my gaze.

"En..." "Eyebrow..."

There was the sound of a strangled bubble in the bedroom, and the sound of liquid dripping to the floor. The body, looking at me, curled its lips slightly.


With a dull thud, the door behind him slammed shut.

The rope around the corpse suddenly broke and the corpse fell towards me without any warning.

I hurried back, and the lotus flower lamp swayed.

As the lights went on and off, the surroundings became even colder. The surroundings were filled with the sound of forehead sounds that made it hard to breathe.

Instinctively, I felt behind me. Only then did I remember that I did not bring my bag out. In my hand was only a lotus flower lamp.

The surroundings were pitch-black. I could only see the outline of the corpse. As the sounds became louder and louder, the four limbs of the corpse suddenly quivered and it shakily stood up.

I couldn't help but frown when I saw the corpse that had stood up. It was impossible for the academy to leave such a corpse uncleaned. If I'm not mistaken, this should be the main body of the black shadow.

I coldly snorted and couldn't help but smile. I grabbed the lamp wick and removed it from the lotus flower lamp. The flame on the lamp swayed between my fingers.

"Candle Zhu Liuhuan, Exterminate the Finger of Death to slay Gui Xie!"

With my left hand behind my back and two fingers of my right hand clamping on the wick, I let out a loud shout. The flame in my hand grew as long as a living creature, enveloping my right palm like a living being.

In the bright room, the 'corpse' with a hideous expression was confused by my sudden action. Only my white eyes showed a trace of confusion.

When I saw the corners of my mouth curled up to reveal my white teeth, my expression changed to one of fear. I quickly turned around and pounced towards the window.

I held my right hand up high, like an executioner.


The room suddenly burst into flames and a faint, inaudible wail.

Two minutes later, the bedroom fell into a dead silence once again. When I walked out of the door, the number on the door plate had impressively changed to 514.

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