The room fell into a deathly silence. The boss didn't speak, but just stared into my eyes.

The smiling faces of the paper men all around me seemed to be pulled down as they stared at me with wide eyes, as if they would tear me apart with a single word from their boss.

After an unknown period of time, the boss finally regained his smile and returned to the counter.

"I haven't had a Daoist coming here in a long time. What do you want?"

The silence was broken as I calmly looked at the boss. I passed a piece of paper to him and sat back on the chair. However, I didn't realize that my back was already wet.

The conversation before was just a greeting. The moment I stepped into the shop, I knew that this wasn't just an ordinary coffin shop. It definitely wasn't just selling coffins and paper men. Naturally, there were also some things that I could use.

There is a rule in the circles, if a Yang person does not do it, a Yin person will not. Then it is called Yin Mo, which is to say, we Taoists are also called Yin Yang Masters.

As for the deities that the boss asked about, they were actually only from the Daoist monastery.

He asked who sat in the monastery, and those that did naturally return to the monastery's name. Those that did not belong to the monastery were Taoist Ye and the immortal Ye.

After all, the Yin Master wasn't something an ordinary person could do. Selling whatever he wanted would get him into trouble.

In the past when I went to buy materials with my master, I had also seen him talking to the other shop owners. Initially, I thought that the boss was just hanging up his longevity shop to accumulate some merits and virtues, but when I met his gaze just now, I felt a threat, a threat to my life.

After the boss finished reading the list, he walked into the room and said, "There are a few things I don't have here for now, but you can come back later. I'll help you pack up your things first."

The room once again became cold and quiet. Aside from the occasional knocking sound coming from the back room, only these paper men were left.

With nothing to do, I walked over to the paper man my boss had just brought in.

This paper man was just like the other paper men. It was still very lifelike, but the reason was that it had just been made and there was a strange smell coming out from it.

And I don't know why, but I feel uncomfortable looking at the paper man in front of me.

While I was deep in my thoughts, the boss walked out from the back room and passed the bag in his hand to me.

"A few items have just been sold out. Come back in a few days."

I took the heavy bag, glanced at the boss, and opened the items in front of him. I looked up in surprise.

Most of it contained some paper talismans and materials, while I didn't have much hope towards the other few items. I only wanted to come over to take a look and try my luck.

But what I didn't expect was that this boss could actually get his hands on something like the Ghost Tongue.

It's not a real tongue, it's actually a tongue of a cow, but this cow is no ordinary cow, it's a calf that was taken from its womb after the cow gave birth to a child. After feeding it, it had to be cut off after it died to save a person, because as Ox-Head and Horse-Face said, this kind of tongue of a cow is also known as a tongue of a ghost.

It was very hard to see this kind of cattle. It was hard to not see one in captivity, but it was a disaster to raise one. Moreover, this tongue was stained with a lot of Yin energy.

I put my things aside and was about to take out my purse to pay when my boss stopped me.

"I won't take the fortune of the Yang World, I'll only keep the morals of the Yin World."

I awkwardly smiled. This was the first time I came to this kind of place to buy something, but I didn't think that I would be able to go there. The boss can even get his hands on such an evil tongue, so he naturally doesn't lack money.

It's just that this is my first time collecting ghosts yesterday and I forgot to use a talisman to remember the merits.

When the boss saw that I hadn't made a move for a long time, he seemed to be able to see through my difficulties. He patted my shoulder and said, "I didn't bring it this time. You can just give it to me when you come next time."

I looked gratefully at the boss. Before I left, I subconsciously glanced at the interior of the house. However, my steps suddenly stopped and I almost lost my grip on the bag in my hands.

In the pitch-black room, there was a white face that seemed to be covered in flour looking at me without moving. Suddenly, a surge of cold air rushed from my heels to my head.

I don't know why, but I clearly saw the feng shui outside just now. In terms of Feng shui, it was originally a 'treasure pot', but it was filled with white Yin Qi.

The precious basin was originally rich, and wealth was gold. Metal was the positive sun, but the basin was filled with yin energy. The water passed through the basin, rusted it, and became gold instead. It became a barren land.

And this coffin shop was originally related to wood. Sitting in the gloomy golden basin, nourishing the Yin Wood, with the windows not open, wasn't there clearly a way to attract ghosts? This boss didn't seem to be someone who didn't understand these things.

I couldn't help but turn my head to look at the boss and point at the paper man in the room. I pointed at the paper man in the room and was about to speak, but the boss closed the door directly.

The words that were about to come out of my mouth got stuck in my throat. I don't know why, but the boss, in my eyes, is like a paper man in a room. With a weird smile, he doesn't move at all.

Feeling the gazes from all directions, I thought for a moment before leaving without looking back.

After watching me leave, the shop owner opened the door and took out a paper doll that looked like a little girl, looking at it lovingly. After watching me leave, the shop owner opened the door, and took out a paper doll that looked like a little girl, looking at it lovingly.

After leaving the shop for another hundred meters, I felt the cold gaze disappear from my back.

I unconsciously shivered. I planned to leave this place as soon as possible.


At that moment, a cat suddenly ran out of the alley and jumped onto a tree to the side.

I looked down the alley and vaguely saw a stooped figure waving at me. When I looked closer, I could see a blurry darkness. The place was filled with weird things. I didn't want to cause any trouble so I suppressed my curiosity and quickly walked outside.

Not long after I left, the alley was lit up with flames, and murmurs that sounded like they were in a dream came from within.

A young man who looked like a foreigner walked in and said something to the voice inside. Then, the fire went out and the alley fell into silence once more …

After a period of time, the fire lit up again, and the mumbling came out again, clearer than before.

"The old man and his son are both dead, what should I do …"

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