Greedy System: Charge To Level Up/C10 Chapter 10 Business
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Greedy System: Charge To Level Up/C10 Chapter 10 Business
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C10 Chapter 10 Business

Just as Elder Su was about to discuss business with Wang Jiu, Old Zhou, Elder Hei, and Elder Bai all gathered together.

They were currently in the guest room of the hotel not far from the hotel.

A group of big men gathered in a room. Naturally, it was not to do something inappropriate for young children, but to see if these pills had any effect.

Although Elder Su had said it before, as the saying goes, seeing is believing.

If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they would not easily believe it.

First, they each took out an incomplete Basic Inner Energy Pill and gave it to their subordinates, letting them consume it.

Of course, because they knew the side effects beforehand, they did not eat it together. Instead, they came one by one.

After the three of them came out of the toilet, they recovered their physical strength. They all expressed that their physical condition had improved.

This point was no different from what Wang Jie had described.

Elder Zhou looked at Elder Hei and Elder Bai beside him and asked curiously, "Old Black, Senior White, do you think this medicinal pill with better medicinal effects is real?"

Elder Bai smiled and said, Won't you know once you try? "

Elder Zhou said, "Why don't you try?"

Elder Bai asked. "Why don't you try?" Elder Bai asked.

"Alright, I thought you guys just couldn't bear to give up the only high-quality pill in your hands." At this time, Big Boss Black waved his hand and said heroically, "Let me give it a try."

Elder Zhou gave Elder Hei a thumbs up and praised, "Old Black, domineering."

Elder Bai also nodded slightly and said with a smile, Old Hei, then I'll leave it to you! "

Elder Hei did not say anything. He just took off his clothes.

According to Wang Jie, a layer of greasy black substance would solidify on the surface of his body later. He did not need to dirty his clothes.

Soon, the black liquid came out of Elder Hei's pores and gave off a pungent smell.

Everyone in the room had a change of expression.

Helpless, Elder Zhou and Elder Bai could only signal to open the window.

The black liquid quickly solidified into a black solid. At this time, the unpleasant smell finally lessened a little.

After a while, Elder Hei opened his eyes.

He looked at his condition and did not say anything. He went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up. After that, he wrapped himself in a towel and walked out of the bathroom.

When Elder Zhou and Elder Bai saw Elder Hei's body, their eyes immediately widened.

Elder Hei had been working out all year round. In addition, he was only in his sixties. His bones were still quite strong.

But even so, Elder Hei's skin would inevitably lose some vitality, which was much worse than when he was young.


Elder Hei's skin was now much smoother and more delicate. It looked like the skin of a young man in his thirties.

Judging from Elder Hei's current appearance, no one would believe that he was in his sixties.

On the contrary, if he was in his thirties or forties, no one would believe him. There would be more people who would believe him.

At this moment, even if the pill didn't have any other functions, they were already satisfied.

Who could resist the temptation of returning to youth?

If they, these old men, couldn't do it, then those old women even more so.

In an instant, they realized that the value of this medicinal pill far exceeded their imaginations.

"No, I have to discuss with Lil 'Wang and buy this medicinal formula." The three old men looked at each other and did not say anything. However, this thought flashed through their minds.

At this moment, Elder Zhou cupped his hands towards Elder Hei and Elder Bai and signaled them. "Since these things have already been tested, there won't be any problems. Then I still have some matters to attend to, so I'll be leaving now. "

Elder Bai also cupped his hands and said, "I have something to do too, so I will leave first."

Elder Hei did not ask them to stay either. He let the two of them leave with their subordinates.

"Call me immediately and inform Lil 'Wang. Tell him that I want to buy the prescription. I can give him any amount of money." When Elder Zhou and Elder Bai left, Elder Hei also hurriedly signaled for his subordinates to make a call.

"Yes!" One of his subordinates lowered his head respectfully.


On the other side, Elder Zhou and Elder Bai arrived at the elevator and entered one of the elevators.

Elder Bai gestured. "Call Lil 'Wang and tell him that I want to buy the prescription. No matter how high the price is, it won't be a problem."

In another elevator, Elder Zhou said the same thing as Elder Bai.

"No, wait a moment." Just as his subordinate was about to make a call, Elder Zhou seemed to have thought of something. He looked to the side and smiled. "Right now, the other two old fellows should be making a call as well. Let's wait a moment. "

Old Zhou and the others were coming out of the elevator. After they got into the car, they called Wang Jie.

Wang Jie received the phone call from the three of them. It was after he called Wang Jiu's online appointment car.

Therefore, Wang Jie waited for Wang Jiu at the entrance of the Spring Leisure Club. When he went to the private room, he also told Wang Jiu about the situation.

"If that's the case, let's talk about it after the four families have seen it." Wang Jiusi thought for a while and said, "Mr. Wang, send them a message later. Find an opportunity to ask the other three people to come out alone and see what kind of sincerity they have over there."

Wang Jie nodded and said, "Okay."


The time line shrank and returned to the moment Wang Jiu walked into the room.

"Agali?" The moment Wang Jiu entered the room, he saw a few girls in the room.

One of them was Agali.

Agali did not expect to see Wang Jiu here. She lowered her head immediately.

"Little Wang, is this the friend you mentioned?" Elder Su looked like he was talking to Wang Jie, but his eyes fell on Wang Jiu.

Wang Jie quickly moved aside and introduced, "Elder Su, this is my brother, Wang Jiu. You can call him Jiu."

"Good, good, good. Then I will call you Jiu." Elder Su laughed heartily. Then, he held Wang Jiu in one hand and walked inside.

"Jiu, come, come, have a seat." Elder Su warmly welcomed Wang Jiu to sit on the massage chair on the left.

After that, he sat on the massage chair in the middle.

When Wang Jie saw this, he could only secretly sigh and sit on the massage chair on the right.

Elder Su did this because he wanted to isolate himself.

Although Wang Jie was a little unwilling, But it had been thought of before.

Therefore, he didn't have much emotion.

"Jiu, you can choose one of them to give you a massage first." Elder Su patted Wang Jiu on the shoulder and smiled. "Let's talk business while we give you a massage. What do you think?"

"Sure." Wang Jiu nodded. He pointed at a girl in the room and said, "Just her."

This girl was...

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