Greedy System: Charge To Level Up/C14 14 50 Million and 200 Million
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Greedy System: Charge To Level Up/C14 14 50 Million and 200 Million
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C14 14 50 Million and 200 Million

At three in the afternoon, Wang Jiu met Elder Zhou in a private room in a teahouse.

After some small talk, Elder Zhou said to Wang Jie, "Little Wang, I want to talk to Jiu alone. You don't mind, do you?"

"Of course!" Because last night, Wang Jie was not afraid that Wang Jiu would lose out. Therefore, he nodded at Wang Jiu. Then, he walked out.

After Wang Jie walked out, Elder Zhou's subordinates also went out.

After that, Elder Zhou personally made a pot of Gongfu Tea for Wang Jiu.

It was rumored that Gongfu Tea originated from a region in a country established by all countries 200 years ago. It had been passed down for thousands of years.

Elder Zhou poured a cup of tea and handed it to Wang Jiu. He said to Wang Jiu, "Jiu. I think Lil'Wang told you that I met you for something, didn't he?"

"Of course!" Wang Jiu did not mind. He picked up the teacup and drank it all. He said to Elder Zhou, "If you don't mind, let's get straight to the point. How much can you take out? "

Elder Zhou said without hesitation, "50 million!"

Wang Jiu's eyes sparkled when he heard Elder Zhou's offer.

He did not expect Elder Zhou's first bid to be five times that of Elder Su's first.

One should know that according to Wang Jie, Elder Zhou's and Elder Su's net worth were about the same.

Wang Jiu muttered in his heart, "Looks like it's because of the grey quality medicinal Basic Inner Energy Pill? Could it be that these things are more beneficial to ordinary people?"

Wang Jiu smiled on the surface without batting an eyelid and said, "Elder Zhou is quite sincere."

Elder Zhou also smiled. "If you are not satisfied, the price can still be negotiated."

After seeing Elder Hei's situation yesterday, Elder Zhou already knew that the greatest effect of Wang Jiu's pill formula was not to strengthen one's physique. It was his ability to return to his youth.

Even if it was just his skin becoming younger, it was still enough.

In this day and age, it was the easiest to get money. It was either a woman's needs or a man's needs.

And this pill formula was obviously this kind of thing.

Let alone 50 million, Even if it was 50 billion, Elder Zhou would think of a way to get money.

50 billion doesn't seem to be worth it. But with the pill formula, it could be mass produced.

50 billion for each pill was only 100 million.

In this era, 100 million was just a small amount.

If he didn't reduce the cost, he would sell the same as Wang Jiu's regular version, 20 thousand per pill. Then, the rate of returning funds would be even faster.

Wang Jiu said, "I want to think about it."

"Is it because you still want to see other people?" Elder Zhou's eyes flashed. He immediately guessed what Wang Jiu was thinking.

Unlike Elder Su, Elder Zhou and the other two had seen the effects of the gray Basic Inner Energy Pills last night. He knew very well that Elder Hei and Elder Bai would not let Wang Jiu go.

"Yes." Wang Jiu did not think that he could hide it from Old Zhou, so he nodded without hiding anything.

Elder Zhou said in a low voice, Alright, I won't force you. My promise to you is that no matter how much others offer you, I will give you a higher price."

"Okay!" Wang Jiu nodded his head and left.

After Wang Jiu left, Elder Zhou's men walked in.

Elder Zhou looked at his subordinate and asked coldly, "How was it? Did you find the information I asked you to find?"

"I found it." Elder Zhou's subordinate handed a document to him.


On the other side, after Wang Jiu and Elder Zhou had a discussion, they went to Elder Bai's house through Wang Jie.

At this time, in Elder Bai's spacious and bright study, Wang Jiu was also communicating with Elder Bai.

First, he said something irrelevant, and then he went straight to the point.

Elder Bai also planned to use 50 million to buy Wang Jiu's pill formula.

Obviously, there should be a professional team there to help them calculate such a number.

In the end, Wang Jiu also indicated that he would consider it.

Elder Bai had obviously guessed something, but he did not say anything. Instead, he let Wang Jiu go.


After that, Wang Jiu went to see Elder Hei again.

And now, he finally understood. Why on earth did they pay such a price?

The price Elder Hei offered was also 50 million.

After that, Wang Jiu and Wang Jie left Elder Hei's side.

At this time, it was already night time. Due to Wang Jiu and Wang Jie working the whole day, they did not eat, so they found a restaurant.

In the restaurant, Wang Jiu and Wang Jie were waiting for the dishes to be served.

"Jiu, what do you think?" Wang Jie thought for a while and said, "Elder Su offered 30 million, and Elder Zhou offered 50 million. Do you want to choose one of them?"

Wang Jiu said thoughtfully, "Mr. Wang, help me communicate with the four of them. Whoever can take out 200 million, I will sell the pill formula immediately. Besides, I promise that I will only sell it to the first person who agreed to it. I will not sell it after that. "

Wang Jiu wanted 200 million mainly because he thought that the system needed 100 million to upgrade.

Once the upgrade was completed, anything more precious than Silver-spending Eggs, such as Gold-spending Eggs, would appear.

According to his current system upgrade, he would need a million Silver-spending Eggs, and one Silver-spending Egg would be the same. Looking at a million, this Gold-spending Egg would probably cost a hundred thousand as well.

Therefore, if he had two hundred million Gold-spending Eggs, he could at least open a Gold-spending Egg.

Although he didn't know if there were any medicinal Gold-spending Eggs, that would be it.

Wang Jie's expression was solemn as he said, " 200 million. This is probably a little difficult."

"They will take it out. You have seen Elder Hei's condition. I didn't expect this thing to be so effective on the old man."

"Even if it's only skin, as long as he can return to his youth, he will become young."

"This in itself is a great harvest."

"It's only 200 million, as long as it can be sold."

"Let's not talk about the interplanetary market, just the market of our planet alone, they will be able to earn more than 200 million."

A faint smile appeared on Wang Jiu's face.

"You're right." When Wang Jie heard this, he said regretfully, "It's a pity that we don't have money. Otherwise, we wouldn't have needed to sell this pill formula. We will refine the pills ourselves and sell them again. This is a huge profit."

Wang Jiu patted Wang Jie's shoulder and comforted him. "Mr. Wang, don't think too much. Our future will be better."

"True." Wang Jie let out a breath and a smile appeared on his face. "Speaking of which, you said that this pill formula is the worst here. Did you refine the other pill formulas?"

Wang Jiu said vaguely, "This is not urgent, not urgent. You will know when the time comes."

When Wang Jie still wanted to ask what to order, the waiter served the dishes!

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