Greedy System: Charge To Level Up/C6 6th Chapter White Grade Basic Internal Strength Pill
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Greedy System: Charge To Level Up/C6 6th Chapter White Grade Basic Internal Strength Pill
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C6 6th Chapter White Grade Basic Internal Strength Pill

However, Wang Jiu thought about it and decided to give up on this crazy idea in the end.

Although he could sell those 110,000 pills for a sky-high price of more than 20 million, he could still make those 110,000 pills.

However, this was only in the ideal state.

First, he could sell all of these 1,000 or so pills. Wang Jie would probably need a long time as well.

Moreover, if the quantity was too high, he was afraid that others would lower the price.

In addition, it would take him more than an hour to make one. If he really finished making all of them, he would probably need to spend ten days and ten nights without sleep or rest.

This was really a waste of time...

"Actually, I can totally use five thousand dollars to make 100 incomplete Basic Inner Energy Pills. I'll sell them for one million first and see if I can upgrade the system first." Wang Jiu's eyes were full of thoughts. "I can buy better raw materials for the other 5,000 RMB. Maybe it will help me refine the complete Basic Inner Energy Pills and help me cultivate."

Since Wang Jiu had thought of it, he did not waste any time.

Instead, he went to the ATM machine and took out ten thousand dollars. Then, he took the huge sum of ten thousand dollars and went to the commercial street.

Due to the fact that the Electric Medicine Furnace could still be used, Wang Jiu did not replace it.

However, when he wanted to buy medicinal herbs, there were some mistakes.

Wang Jiu looked at the salesperson in front of him and frowned slightly. His expression was somewhat unhappy. "You mean to say that you can only barely gather 16 sets of medicinal herbs of this level?"

"Yes." The salesperson's face revealed an awkward expression, but he quickly said, "Sir, although we have medicinal herbs of this level here, That's all. But we still want better medicinal herbs. Sir, do you want to take a look? "

"For example," Wang Jiu asked.

The salesperson quickly pointed to a wild ginseng not far away and said, "Twenty years old wild ginseng. The price is 200 yuan per gram. This wild ginseng weighs 12 grams. There is a total of 2,400 yuan."

"Two thousand four hundred dollars..." Wang Jiu murmured, but kept calculating in his heart.

He had originally planned to purchase some high-level herbs to refine, but this wild ginseng met his requirements.

"Alright then, give me two wild ginseng and these things." This time around, it also cost Wang Jiu a total of 9653 yuan.

This included 16 sets of herbs made of the same material as before. There were also two wild ginseng and some other higher quality herbs.

In addition, Wang Jiu also bought a batch of porcelain bottles, which he planned to use later to store the ingredients.

After that, Wang Jiu returned to the dormitory. He used ten hours (including rest time) to refine 40 incomplete medicinal Basic Inner Energy Pills.

"This way, twenty thousand yuan per Basic Inner Energy Pill. This is only eight hundred thousand yuan." Wang Jiu touched his chin and looked at the herbs on the other side with a pensive look.

Wang Jiu planned to use these herbs with better effects to see if he could get the real Basic Inner Energy Pill.

Moreover, even if he could produce them, he did not plan to sell them.

But looking at it now, he had no choice but to sell them.

If nothing unexpected happened, this should be able to be refined into a true Basic Inner Energy Pill.

And the medicinal effects of these medicinal Basic Inner Energy Pills were definitely greater.

In this way, the commotion he created would be even greater.

But he had no other choice now. If he did not sell medicinal Basic Inner Energy Pills, he would still be a hundred thousand more before he could reach the quota of one million.

"Forget it. In any case, it's only a matter of time before he makes a move." Wang Jiu thought for a moment. Without another word, he began to refine these raw materials.

Without any surprise, the first furnace was successfully refined. There were three in total, about half less than the previous ones.

After the system's assessment, it was indeed a "Basic Inner Energy Pill. However, the name that was appraised was gray.

Wang Jiu muttered curiously, "Strange, what does a gray name mean?"

At the same time, the system responded to Wang Jiu and explained to him in his mind.

Generally, there would be different levels for the completed version of the item.

Medicinal pills were also considered a type of item, and the gray name represented that the level of this item was the lowest. It also meant that he could only barely display about 60% of the true effect of an item.

However, it could also be considered normal. After all, this was also Wang Jiu's first time refining a true medicinal Basic Inner Energy Pill.

Then, Wang Jiu refined all the remaining raw materials.

Don't look at how the price of this batch of raw materials was twice the price of the previous batch of raw materials, but in terms of quantity, it was far inferior.

Wang Jiu only refined it four times before it ended.

After four times, he refined 12 medicinal Basic Inner Energy Pills.

Except for the first three, they were all gray names. The last nine were all white names.

"If that's the case, I don't have to worry anymore." Wang Jiu smiled. He picked out the three Basic Inner Energy Pills with gray names and placed them on the other side of the incomplete Basic Inner Energy Pills.

Since they were of the lowest quality, he might as well sell them.

"Since these incomplete Basic Inner Energy Pills can be sold for around twenty thousand, even if they are the lowest quality Basic Inner Energy Pills, selling them for fifty thousand or eighty thousand should be enough." Wang Jiu smiled. Then, he took out a white Basic Inner Energy Pill and stuffed it into his mouth.

But at this time, Wang Jiu seemed to have thought of something, and his hand stopped.

He thought for a while, then took off all his clothes and swallowed the medicinal Basic Inner Energy Pill.

Instantly, Wang Jiu felt a wave of heat slowly descend from his throat.

Finally, it landed on his lower abdomen.

Then, it spread out in all directions.

He did not feel like he wanted to go to the toilet. Instead, he felt warm all over his body. It was as if he had fallen asleep on the bed.

But at this moment, Wang Jiu suddenly realized that the essence of this Basic Inner Energy Pill was used to complement his cultivation.

The current heat flow should be due to the medicinal effect of the Basic Inner Energy Pill.

Immediately, Wang Jiu did not say anything and immediately began to cultivate.

About six hours later, Wang Jiu opened his eyes.

At this time, it had been more than twenty hours since Wang Jiu started to refine the first batch of medicine.

It was already early morning of the second day. The moon outside had already set, but the sun had not risen yet.

The entire world was shrouded in endless darkness, as if light would never come.

"If the heavens don't give birth to me, Wang Jiu, then the Dao of Wangu Qian is as long as the night!" Wang Jiu looked at the darkness and stood up with mixed emotions.

At the same time, a stench that seemed to have cooked durian and stinky tofu for several hours entered Wang Jiu's nose.

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