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C3 Chapter 3

" Where did you learn to make this? " - Kristina

" The internet. " - Kathryn Ice

The girl's eyes were bright and intense, her gaze focused intently on here grandmother's face.

" Do you like it? " - Kathryn Ice, voice was sharp almost abrupt.

" Yes. " - Kristina, said simply.

" You may eat now. " - Kathryn Ice, bit of tension left taut form.

As Kristina started on her meal, Kathryn Ice's gaze never left hers. When she was done and sipping a glass of lemon water, Kathryn Ice suddenly asked.

" Do you love me, Grandmama? " - Kathryn Ice

" Of course. " - Kristina, heart broke for the second time that day. She poured all her heart into those two words.

It wasn't the first time Kathryn Ice had asked the question. In fact, the girl liked to ask it at the oddest times. When they were in the middle of a shopping mall, when she saw Kristina tending to her private garden in her bedroom. There was no telling when Kathryn Ice would ask, and everytime she did, Kristina wished with all her heart she had a power to kill Madame Antonia over and over. Looking at Kathryn Ice's face.

" I will always love you. " - Kathryn Ice, said softly.

No emotions crossed the girl's unblinking gaze as she asked.

" Why? " - Kristina, said simply.

" Because I do. " - Kathryn Ice

" And you don't need to do or say anything to earn it. " - Kristina, furiosly blinked back tears.

" You are not... Lying? " - Kathryn Ice, frowned.

Kristina met her granddaughter's gaze head on, praying to God that Kathryn Ice would see the truth she lived for.

" No. " - Kristina

Kathryn Ice started walking towards her, and Kristina found herself beside anxiety. Had she said something wrong? Was Kathy mad?

Kathy drop her knees.

" Darling, was is it? " - Kristina, let out a cry of dismay.

" If you're not lying to me... " - Kathryn Ice, words were a fragile whisper.

Kristina paled. Kathy's body trembled so hard it was as if Kristina's granddaughter was struggling against the vilest demons inside her.

" Oh! Baby what is it? Tell me. " - Kristina

" If you're n-not lying, G-Grandmama, then I'll... I'll try to love you. " - Kathryn Ice, lifted tear-stained eyes to her.

A sob escaped Kristina as she drew her granddaughter into her arms, and for the first time, Kristina felt Kathy's arms going around her. She choked on other side.

" Oh! Child, I love you. I'll always love you. " - Kristina, murmured the words over and over, her tears bittersweet because she knew that God had answered her prayers.

Kathy's was strong now ...

It was time for her to go ...

" She's different. " - Kristina, explained carefully.

" But she's not crazy. " - Kristina, added.

The youngman seated across her only nodded, his angelically beautiful face perfectly expressionless. It reminded her so much of Kathryn Ice it was uncanny, and Kristina had to repress a shiver. ' Is this a good or bad omen, Lord? '

" You've read the reports I've sent you? " - Kristina

" I have, Kyría. " - Yuri Daniel, ( 'Kyría in grecian means madam or lady )

" Then you know I'm telling you the truth. " - Kristina's voice became fierce.

" I never thought you would lie to me, Kyría. " - Yuri Daniel

The man's voice was courteous and pleasant, something Kristina found admirable in young Greek men. But right now, she would pay a fortune to hear any emotion in that voice. Kristina made a snap decision to lay all her cards on the table.

" I could have had any man in Greece, but I chose you because I know you're honorable and because... " - Kristina's dainty shrug.

" You need me, more than I need you. " - Kristina, added.

" Touché, Kyría. " - Yuri Daniel, inclined his head. His tone remained respectful but even, his face expressionless.

Kristina refuse to feel defeated. The man she had chosen might appear too young for the daunting task she had for him, but she knew with all her heart that he was the only one she could trust. She would bet all her remaining days on earth on it.

" What's stopping you from saying yes? " - Kristina, demanded.

A moment of hesitation before the man answered slowly.

" I may be too cold for her, Is that the only thing you're worried about? " - Yuri Daniel

Kristina's laughter didn't reach her eyes.

" Let me make it clear to you then. I chose you precisely because of that. That coldness you speak of is nothing but a shield. I know because I use the same thing, too, to protect what I value the most. For me that is my granddaughter. For you that is your half sister. " - Kristina

The man stiffened.

" Yes... " - Kristina, acknowledge shamelessly.

" I know about her. I know you've sacrificed your relationship with your father for her, and it's that kind of selflessness.. No, that coldness.. I want from you. " Kristina voice turned hard.

" Let us stop playing games. We both know you have no one left. No one but me. There is no one else in this world who has the wealth, power and motivation necessary to go against your father. I am your only chance, Yuri Daniel Athanas. So I suggest you be as cold-blooded as you say you are and say yes. " - Kristina

Ten minutes later, and Kristina was leading the young Greek Scion out of her office and downstairs, where Kathy was. Yuri was bemused when he realized where they were heading.

" She's in the kitchen? " - Yuri, with the exception of his own half sister, most heiresses of his acquaintance weren't even aware where their kitchen was.

" It's her favorite place in the house. " - Kristina, answered briefly.

Opening the door for Kristina, Yuri followed the older woman inside. He stopped when he saw the sole occupant in the kitchen, his gaze immediately arrested by the 14 year old girl behind the island, her head bent as she expertly minced spring onion on the chopping board. Sunlight filtering through the expansive windows at her back gave the girl a golden halo. Her hair, cascading down in a silky brown waterfall, hid most of her face, but what little he saw told Yuri that the girl was exquisitely beautiful and would be even more so when she matured.

Even so, Yuri did not feel a thing. When the Rewis matriarch nodded at him, he walked towards the girl. They had agreed that he would speak to his granddaughter first and he would make his decision from there. Kathryn Ice Rewis didn't look up when Yuri's shadow fell over her chopping board. Her fingers paused, however, the knife coming to a stop mid-air. A second passed, and Yuri sensed she was waiting for him to speak. When he didn't, another second passed before her slender, elegant fingers started moving again.

" Hello. " - Yuri, finally speak.

The girl stilled, and she was so perfectly motionless that with her ivory skin, one could be forgiven for thinking she was a marble statue. Slowly, she raised her head, and violet eyes met brilliant blue. Yuri thought, now he knew why her first and only day in the girl's academy Kristina enrolled her in had been disastrous. Those gypsy looking eyes were innocent and all knowing like a child's hiding nothing but seeing everything. Most people would feel condemned just looking at those eyes, Yuri knew. He was about to speak again when he saw her lips part, and Yuri stilled.

" Hello. " - Kathy voice was light and grave, beautiful and cold. But her violet eyes had a hint of wariness, and when Kristina came to join them.

Yuri realized that the girl had already been briefed about him. What she thought of it, however, was impossible to tell. Her eyes were too much like his in that sense. Perfectly glassy, reflecting everything except her own thoughts.

" Darling. " Kristina said softly. She waited for her granddaughter's gaze to meet hers before continuing.

" This is the man I was telling you about, his name is Yuri Daniel. Call him Yuri. And he'll take care of you he loves you, like I do. " - Kristina, added.

Kathy's brows furrowed.

" You're not lying? " - Kathy

" I love you. Don't I? Will I lie to you? " - Kristina, swallowed.

The violet eyes turned towards Yuri. In her gaze, he saw both his prison and his future.

" Will you love me? " - Kathy

And for this girl, Yuri realized bleaky, it was that simple. Dishonesty had been beaten out of her system and Kristina's overprotective love hadn't given her any chance to discover the life would never be that black and white. Meeting her gaze.

" Yes. " - Yuri, heared himself, lie.

After, Kristina and Yuri were both quiet as they went through the majestic front doors of the Rewis Mansion. When the valet brought his car to the driveway. Kristina broke the silence.

" I will not go back on my word. " - Kristina

" I never thought you would. " - Yuri, murmured.

The older woman hesitated, and it struck him at the moment how frighteningly frail she appeared. In her frequent photos on the society pages, the matriarch always had an untouchable aura about her, but there was none of her usual glamour now.

" Are you alright? " - Yuri

" Of course. " - Kristina voice was bland as she knowingly added to her sins. 'Forgive me, Yuri Daniel Athanas.'

Kristina had deliberately witheld the truth of her medical condition from the younger man, fearing his refusal if he realized that he might have only months left before fate demanded him to tie himself irrevocably to a stranger. After accepting the keys from the valet, Yuri faced Kristina again.

" Is there anything else you would like to discuss? " - Yuri

' A lot. ' Kristina thought painfully. ' Do you think you'll ever fall for someone like my granddaughter? Can you promise never to make her cry? Do you realized how terrified I am, knowing that I have no choice but to trust you? '

But in the end she knew she could not say any of those. Instead, she had to content herself with a promise.

" I will do everything in my power to help you save your sister, but you must promise me that you will do the same for my granddaughter. Save her when the time comes that I am no longer by her side. " - Kristina

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