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C5 Chapter 5

And she did stop, turning towards him with burning violet eyes that made him recoil.

" You are not to call me that, Doctor Corba. " - Kathryn's voice was quiet, cold, and almost menacing, and Doc Simon bitterly realized that he had been too hasty.

He shouldn't have showed his true colors right away. Kathryn Ice Rewis would never trust him now, and if he wanted to have her, it would not be with the girl's voluntary support. Doc Simon fists clenched against his sides. So be it. Whatever it took, he would make sure that Kathryn and her fortune would be his. 'It was fate, he told himself, God's way of giving him what he truly deserved.' When Kathryn walked away again, Doc Simon and the butler followed her to the mansion's receiving hallway. One of the front doors was open, and Doc Simon slowed down when he saw a tall, black-haired man standing outside, his back to them. 'Who the hell was that?'

He watched Kathryn halt by the door. As if sensing her presence, the man turned around, and to Doc Simon's disappointment, the stranger turned out to be a lot worse than he thought. The man was not only younger than he was but also exceedingly handsome. Worse than that, this man wore a cloak of power and strength as if he was born to it. Watching Kathryn and the stranger gazing at each other like long-lost lovers, Doc Simon experienced a crushing sense of fear.

" Kathryn! " - Doc Simon voice was sharp.

The doctor wanting to tear his future wife away from the stranger but sheer cowardice making him powerless to do so. Kathryn didn't turn around. Swallowing back his anger, he walked towards the couple.

" Ms. Rewis--- " - Doc Simon tried to reach the girl.

But the way the stranger's brilliantly blue gaze pierced him with blatant warning made the doctor's hand fall back. Jealous anger made him grind his teeth as he watched Kathryn move closer towards the stranger before facing him. Her violet eyes rested on him, and a sense of foreboding washed over him at the way the girl looked so damn 'Peaceful'. 'Who the hell was this interloper?', Doc Simon wondered furiously. As if hearing his thoughts, the stranger offered his hand, his voice deep and strong as he murmured in flawless English,

" My name is Yuri Daniel Athanas. " - Yuri

Doc Simon foreboding worsened. 'Athanas..' as someone related to the billionaire Nathaniel Athanas?

" Doctor Simon Corba, and I am acting as Ms. Rewis guardian, in Loco parentis while we request the court--- " - Doc Simon reluctantly shook hands with the stranger.

He was forced to stop when the younger man shook his head.

" That is no longer necessary, " - Yuri murmured politely.

" As her fiance, Ms. Rewis is now under my care. " - Yuri, added.

Anyone gazing at Yuri Daniel Athanas would be forgiven for thinking he was taking everything in stride, with the polite mask he wore over his sculptured feautures, and his tall, laconic but muscular form completely relaxed as he stood gazing outside the windows of the Rewis estate.

No one would certainly guess that at the moment, Yuri was still mentally reeling. 'It had been shock, after shock', Yuri considered grimly, ever since Kathryn's unexpected call yesterday.

The first shock was of Kristina Rewis unfortunate death. He mourned her passing, but at par with his grief was Yuri's disquiet. From now on, for better or for worse, he would be responsible for an 18 year old girl who was best described as ... Different.

The second shock was Kathy herself. His first sighting of his fiancée had stunned Yuri. As a member of the world-famous underground racing club Alcolytes Triád, Yuri was used to being constantly surrounded by beautiful girls. Even so, nothing could have prepared him at the astounding change a mere four years had wrought on his betrothed.

'Beautiful didn't even cover it', Yuri thought, with the first faint stirrings of unease. She was ... 'Exquisite', and Yuri wasn't sure it was a good thing. At the same time Yuri was contemplating the impact of Kathryn's presence in his life, Simon Corba was anxiously contemplating Yuri Daniel Athanas impact on his.

The younger man's straightforward announcement of his engagement with Kathryn Ice Rewis had left Simon Corba shaken even though he was loath to admit it. As he struggled to regain his composure, the doctor told himself to stop thinking of Yuri Daniel Athanas as a worthy rival. Perception was everything, and he had to stop seeing of Yuri as a man and start thinking of him as a boy.

'A boy', he told himself firmly, Yuri Daniel Athanas might be one of Greece's wealthiest scions, but at the end of the day, he was still a boy. Why, he was still in university even! In the real world, Simon word as the adult should and would have greater sway.

The thought giving him false courage, Simon cleared his throat, but the sound petered off when the so-called boy turned towards him with bright blue eyes that were eerily similar to Kathryn Ice Rewis.

Whereas the girl's disconcerted Simon with its unnatural transparency, the boy's gaze was simply too.. Sharp. It made Simon feel like any lie he uttered now would be akín to signing his death warrant.

" You have something to say, Dr. Corba? " - Yuri's voice was nearly angelic in its purity.

Which again bore an uncanny similarity to Kathryn's own lilting tones. 'Damn this two!', Simon thought in sheer frustration. They were two inhumanly near to perfection, it just wasn't right. Squaring his shoulders in a desperate desire to establish his superiority and seniority.

" I would need proof of your engagement to Ms. Rewis. " - Simon

" Of course. " - Yuri said politely, cutting the doctor off.

Taking out a business card from his wallet, he handed it to the older man.

" It's the law firm the late Mrs. Rewis, Kathryn and I have employed to formalize our engagement and upcoming wedding. " - Yuri, added.

Simon's heart sank when he saw the name embossed on the card. It was indeed the law firm the Rewis family used, and the lawyer's name was also one he was acquainted it.

" You are aware of Ms. Rewis condition, of course? " - Simon, tried another tactic for not to be defeated.

He tried not to flush in discomfiture when the younger man raised a brow at his question, the simple gesture conveying just the right amount of courteous disapproval. It made the doctor feel like he had overstepped the line, and his dislike of Yuri Daniel Athanas increased.

" I have been employed by the late Mrs. Rewis as Kathryn's doctor.. " - Simon, said defensively.

" Perhaps.. " - Yuri said very gently.

" What you mean is that you have been employed as Kristina Rewis physician and not Kathryn's herself. " - Yuri, added.

During his flight to Greece, Yuri had made use of his time wisely, gathering as much information as he could on how the Rewis family had gotten on in the past four years.

" It's almost the same. " - Simon, was saying sullenly.

" No, Dr. Corba. It's not. " - Yuri managed to keep his contempt from his voice in the same gentle tone.

This man was a bully, but like all bullies, they were weak, timidly, and cowardly inside. He had a hard time accepting that someone as naturally intelligent as Kathryn Ice couldn't see that for herself.

Simon wanted to argue the point, but his cowardice got the better of him at hearing the note of warning in Yuri's tone. It finally dawned on him that, boy or not, Yuri was the typical alpha Greek male.

Since the boy considered himself responsible for the Rewis heiress, challenging his authority would be the quickest way to failure. For now, Simon decided, it would be best a strategic retreat.

" You're right, Mr. Athanas. I apologize for misspeaking. " - Simon, pinning a humble smile on his face.

Yuri only nodded.

" I can only say in my defense that being Mrs. Rewis' doctor for the past year had made me concerned about her granddaughter as well. " - Simon sent a questioning glance to Yuri.

" But you do know about her condition? " - Simon added, clearing his throat, acted like the next words pained him to speak.

" She isn't all right in the head." - Simon, added again.

" You must exercise greater care with your words, Dr. Corba. I'm sure you didn't mean to imply that my fiancée is in any way insane. " - Yuri, paused.

" Did you? "- Yuri, was a threat.

" Not at all, Mr. Athanas. " - Simon said quickly.

But inside him, his hatred festered, an emotion that allowed him to remain blind to the fact that it was really his own cowardice.

" Again, I only speak out of my great concern for Mrs. Rewis daughter. She's a very, ah, different person and I only care about her well-being. It would be better, " - Simon said hopefully.

" If she were to pass her mourning period in our clinic --- " - Simon forced himself to stop when Yuri shook his head.

" If Kristina Rewis had wanted her grandmother in the care of medical professionals, " - Yuri said quietly.

" That would have happened years ago. " - Yuri, added.

Simon swallowed his disappointment as he realized that there was nothing else he could do.

" I understand. " - Simon, hesitated.

" Perhaps, I may call on you or Ms. Rewis from time to time, just to ensure she is not suffering from post-traumatic shock caused by her grandmother's death. " - Simon, added.

Yuri frowned. There was something about the doctor he didn't quite trust. Then again, this might only be because such timidity was scarce among the Alcolytes Triad.

" You may call me. " - Yuri said finally.

And that meant Simon was only to direct his calls to Yuri Daniel Athanas but not Kathryn Ice Rewis herself. The unspoken words were made evident by the way Yuri gazed at him, the pleasant smile on the boy's face sending an unwanted shiver down the doctor's spine.

Simon Corba had left over half an hour ago by the time Yuri heard footsteps descending from the grand staircase. He turned around and was treated to his third major shock in recent days.

Kathryn Ice Rewis stood at the foot of the stairs, fresh magnolia pinned on her ebony hair, her body draped in a long dark violet cotton dress and her feet strapped in bronze-colored Valentino sandals. Flanking each side of her was an extra-large monogrammed Louis Vuitton suitcase.

" I will go with you now. " - Kathy said in her usual calm voice.

" I see. " - Yuri said.

He would have laughed ot loud if he weren't so stunned at how fast things were moving. 'Just like that', Yuri thought incredulously. They hadn't seen each other for four years. They barely knew each other, and just like that, she wanted to go with him.

" Where do you want us to go? " - Yuri asked softly.

" To your home in America, of course. " - Kathy's head cocked to the side, and her tone was faintly quizzical when she answered.

" Of course. " - Yuri heard himself answered even though inside he knew there was no 'Of course' about what she wanted.

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