Grief-stricken Tao/C1 Water Crescent
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Grief-stricken Tao/C1 Water Crescent
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C1 Water Crescent

Mainland China, Sichuan Province.

A white-browed Taoist in his fifties or sixties stood in the mountains in the deep, cloudy mountains. Behind him, the forest swayed, and the dried yellow leaves on the ground swirled in the air.

The white-browed Taoist's white hair fluttered in the wind while his eyes focused on the vast expanse of land in front of him. The heaven and earth seemed to be in a line as if he wanted to see how much joy and sorrow there was in the world; however, he was too old to see clearly.

When the last rays of the setting sun disappeared within the mountains, the white-browed Daoist sighed. He turned his back to the short figure behind him and said, "Water!"

"Disciple is here!" A childish voice responded.

Hearing the white-browed Daoist call out to him, the short figure behind him immediately asked, "Master! "What's the matter?" Shui Xu was originally bored, but when he heard Bai Mei's call, he immediately became full of energy. This boy, Shui Xu, was already nine years old this year. He had a pretty and delicate face, and was originally an orphan adopted by Bai Mei before following her into the forest.

Then the white-browed Daoist said, "From now on..." "The world is going to fall into chaos again." His expression was full of helplessness. Shui Xu asked again and again about the reason, but Abbot Whitebrow was unwilling to reveal any information.

And he just said that you will know about it in the future, so he walked alone into the night, ignoring the water to call out from behind.

However, Shui Xu was certain that what his master said was absolutely true, because his divination ability was the most powerful in the world.

Abbot Whitebrow thought, 'There are eight great sects in the world. "If we were to create a new sect, the name would be …"

'Nine Sects! ' The white-browed man slowly walked away.

'The world is going to fall into chaos again! ' The distant echoes were like murmurs coming from the wind.

Ten years later, Shui Xu was ordered to establish the Nine Sects and accept disciples.

And just like what the White-browed Daoist said, a few years later, in the Martial Forest, there would be the killing of demons, the extermination of devils, and the extermination of evil …

Modern, Sichuan Province, Chengdu North, Jiuzhaigou District.

As sightseeing is flourishing, the beautiful Jiuzhaigou has become a tourist attraction, allowing many tourists to visit.

In this place, a meteor streaked across the starry sky. In the darkness of the night, it was even brighter.

'Kill! ' A man around the age of twenty-seven or twenty-eight commanded everyone to charge into a gorgeous palace. The pure white walls were already stained with blood-red traces, making it more obvious that there was a strange atmosphere.

The man was dressed in a long blue robe with a fiery red design embossed on the sleeves and hem. The only difference was that the clothes of those people were red, while the clothes of others were green.

The people in the palace were also guarding the gate, preventing the enemies outside from taking even a single step further. For a time, the two sides were at a stalemate.

In the darkness, the bamboo forest was filled with a strange atmosphere. The Summer Bug still didn't forget to chirp. Inside the bamboo forest stood two black figures, one tall and the other short. Their tired eyes revealed traces of unease. It could also be seen from their messy footsteps that they seemed to have walked a long way and appeared to be exhausted.

"Hubby!" Have we gone the wrong way? ' A smaller shadow said. Her beautiful face had a pair of puzzled eyes and her red lips were opened wide. She was a woman with a unique temperament. Even though her clothes were stained, her beauty couldn't be hidden.

'I don't know! ' The tall shadow beside him said. He was actually a handsome man. His resolute eyebrows were dripping with sweat.

'It should be there! ' The man was flipping through a travel brochure and pointing in a direction with one hand.

It seemed like the two of them were tourists, but they had left the group for a long time.

As for why they left the group, it was because of the boy on the woman's back. If it wasn't for him walking around randomly in the evening, how could the three of them get lost? The boy was already fast asleep, and the man was guessing that the tour guide was looking for them.

'Let's go! ' He said, and after a while they walked off into the darkness, branches snapping with each step. The sound of rustling leaves in the wind only increased his fantasy.

The palace by the lake was littered with corpses and blood due to the constant fighting between the two sides. However, both sides had suffered heavy casualties and the fighting had been suspended.

On the opposite side of the palace, not far away, were tents of different sizes, and from among them, larger tents could be heard the sounds of conversation.

'Reporting to the leader, the nine sects are unable to hold on any longer. As long as we continue to fight, we will definitely be able to take down the nine Sects.' A woman with a flirtatious voice said. She was about twenty-five to twenty-six years old and wore green clothes. Her face was full of joy.

"Hm!" "Just do as you say." Opposite the woman was the man in blue, who was the one who had led the group into the palace. After a while, he said, 'We've lost... "How many people?"

The green-clad woman said, 'Thirty-seven red men and twelve green-clothed men have been lost. After pausing for a moment, he continued, 'Only fifty-three people in red and twenty-one people in green remain. The green-clad woman mechanically listed the casualties.

'Mm, very good! ' said the leader in blue; then he brought the green woman to him and took off her clothes, revealing the mature and plump breasts of the woman.

The leader bent his head and kissed the two pink dots and rubbed the full snow peak.

'Yo... No... Yes! "Ah …" It caused the green-clothed girl to pant repeatedly, and when the blue-clothed man saw her like this, he even touched the spot between her legs.

'Ah … ' After a long time, the woman happily made a sound, and it could be heard that she had obtained quite a bit of happiness.

"Buzz …" When the blue-robed leader stuck out his waist, the green-clad woman trembled all over and hugged him tightly with her arms.

'Mmm... "Ahhh …" The green robed girl finally couldn't hold it in anymore and cried out. The sound of the woman's cries came from the tent and echoed throughout the quiet wilderness.

At the same time, when the blue-clothed leader's men were in a confrontation with the Nine Sects of the palace, two black shadows appeared in the darkness near the lake.

"Hey!" "Who are you?" The one who spoke was one of the blue-clothed leader's subordinates, and the black shadow was the passenger who had just gotten lost.

'My surname is Xuan, we are... ' The person who called himself Mr. Xuan was the handsome man from before. Beside him was the small black shadow of the unique young woman.

Just as Mr. Xuan was about to continue, another blue-clothed leader's subordinate interrupted him and said, "Hey! What a beautiful woman! Let me enjoy it! "Haha …" As he spoke, he revealed an evil smile.

'Ah! ' When the beautiful young woman heard such unbearable words, she cowered behind her husband, shivering from time to time. It was obvious that she was afraid of these people.

When the blue-clothed leader's subordinate noticed such a beautiful woman, he laughed lewdly: "If you let me down, maybe I'll let you go!" "Haha …"

'You... "You all …" That Mister Xuan seemed to be so angry that he couldn't speak.

Another red-clothed person who had not spoken since the beginning said calmly, "Kill them all!" In case there's too much trouble. "

"What!?" "So wasteful." The blue-clothed leader's subordinate said. Clearly, the red-clothed man was their leader.

The leading red-clothed man drew his blade with a swoosh. In the next second, he was already in front of Mr. Xuan, and just as his head was about to be chopped off, a 'dang' sound rang out. The long blade was actually blocked by a longsword.

The man in red shouted, 'Who are you?'

He could see the surprise in the man's eyes. Even the two red-robed men behind him could not defend against his knife as he said in a trembling voice, "Little sister..." Are you okay? '

The little girl in white shook her head and said, "I'm fine!"

'Illusion, yes! 'It must be an illusion, it can't knock me down! ' The man in red thought to himself. From time to time, he would shake his head and say, "Illusion!"

'Hmph, so weak! ' As soon as she finished speaking, she rushed towards the red robed man, who hurriedly raised his saber to block her attack. The red clothed girl said this in surprise, and then rushed towards the red clothed man, who, seeing this, hurriedly raised his blade to block the attack, thinking that the little girl's skill was truly powerful, but he did not have enough time to think.

'You're still not helping! ' The red clothed man shouted. His two frightened subordinates quickly pulled out their sabers, but before they could understand what was going on, they fell to the ground and were hit by the little girl's stone.

When the red-clothed person heard the voice, before she could understand what was going on, the little girl attacked again. The little girl did not know what he wanted to do, so she could only use her sword to defend herself. The cunning little red person cast out a poisoned golden needle from his left hand, and quickly attacked the little girl's vital parts. The little girl in white hurriedly raised her sword and sent out countless sword shadows to protect her little body.

The little girl, however, forgot that the couple was behind her. Only when a groan came from behind her did she realize that the two of them had fallen to the ground, their wounds from the hidden weapons turning purplish black.

"Ah!" "Damn it..." Looking at the two who were on the verge of death, the little girl could only regretfully apologize. Before they both died, the beautiful young woman said to the little girl, "Little sister..." Please... Help me take care of... "Little Qi!" The young woman placed all her hopes on the little girl before she died. As she spoke, a five-year-old boy came out from the little woman's embrace. The little girl in white looked at the little boy as he appeared, then carefully looked at the little boy with her big, thick brows and big eyes.

It turned out that the little boy had always been behind the young wife, but because it was dark, no one had discovered his existence; and because the young wife had used her body to protect him when his father and mother were both hiding weapons, the little boy had always been fine.

'Woo … ' When the little boy called Xiao Qi saw his parents on the ground, he immediately threw himself on the ground and cried for his parents, but his parents would never respond to him again. The girl in white, who didn't know what to do, also cried with tears in her eyes until she found that her parents would not let her go, then he resolutely stood up and grabbed the sword from the little girl beside him. The little girl didn't know how to react, so she could only watch as the boy killed the two red-clothed men on the ground.

With a slash of the sharp blade, even a child would be able to kill an adult without being able to move.

Blood splattered all over the boy's body. He did not dodge until 'Dang!' Only then did he powerlessly throw away the sword in his hand.

The little boy called Xiao Qi absent-mindedly walked in front of the little girl in white and asked after a long time, "You... "What's your name?"

'Ah! ' The frightened little girl immediately woke up and found the boy right in front of her. Only then did she realize that she was going to answer his question.

"My name is Shui Xiyue. You can just call me Xiyue." The little girl dressed in white called Shui Xiyue smiled as she spoke. Her face was full of smiles, and it seemed as if she was about to burst out laughing. After a while, Shui Xiyue smiled and asked, "Then, what is your name?"

'My name is... "Xuan Daoqi …" The little boy called Mundauchi had sadness in his eyes. He wanted to say something but hesitated, as if he was still immersed in the sorrow of his parents' death.

The obedient Shui Xiyue quietly stayed by Xuan Daoqi's side. The surrounding darkness seemed to have covered Xuan Daoqi's small body. After a while, Xuan Daoqi said, "Xiyue! Help Me... Buried... "Sob, sob …" As she spoke, Xuan Daoqi suddenly burst into tears. Shui Xiyue immediately rushed up to Xuan Daoqi to comfort him. Even though her tears had fallen onto his chest, she still tightly hugged him, an indescribable feeling in her heart.

'So what should I do? ' Xuan Daoqi asked Shui Xiyue, who was carrying him.

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