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Shui Xu looked at Lu Qian's incoming attack, then waved his tail to dissolve Lu Qian's attack. With a wave of his index finger, he called out the Tai Chi Diagram and attacked Lu Qian.

'Ha, you've fallen into a trap! ' He saw that Chen Shan's eyes were bright like the moon, her clothes were fluttering despite the lack of wind, while Lu Qian, on the other hand, looked like he couldn't even stand anymore, with his listless eyes and weak steps.

After the sound of the collision, the water was blown away and fell onto the ground, creating a small concave hole in the ground. The surrounding stone tablets were all shattered, and the closer one got to the water's edge, the more stone fragments there were. In the end, they even turned into dust and were blown away by the wind.

"Oh!" My bones are about to break, it hurts! ' The water rose up, bent over, and the tail supported itself on the ground. With a cry of surprise, he opened his mouth and stared straight ahead.

"Grand Master!" Only now did Brother He and his fellow disciples realize that the Grand Master had been sent flying. They looked at the uninjured Shui Xu in surprise.

Brother He ran over and called out: "Grand Master, are you alright?" The other disciples stayed where they were and surrounded Lu Qianyi's group.

'Oh, I'm all right! ' He glanced at Chen Shan Shan.

As for Chen Shan, she didn't move at all. Her feet were slightly sunken in, but she slowly withdrew her hands and stood with her hands behind her back, looking at the startled water.

Shui Xu looked at the flagstone under Chen Shan's foot and was surprised. However … This "Power Plus" move was truly strange. It should be because Lu Qian's power was stronger. How could it be because the girl was stronger? Much stronger... What was going on? 'It's fortunate that I have the divine arts to protect myself; otherwise, I'd have to disperse these old bones of mine! '

"Hey!" "Old man!" Lu Qianwu called out.

'Humph, kid, your cult has so much stuff on it! ' Shui Xu laughed and walked over.

In fact, it was just as Shui Xu said, this technique should be based on the strength of men, but why was it that when Lu Qian and Chen Shan practiced this technique, it was based on Chen Shan's cultivation level; for this reason, Lu Qian flipped through all the ancient books of the cult but couldn't find a single reason, so he hid this strange matter; until today, when he faced Shui Xu, he had no choice but to use this technique to kill, but it could not injure Shui Xu.

'Let's go! ' Chen Shan Shan said as he held Lu Qian's hand and was about to leave.

'Where do you think you're going?! ' Xiao Ping shouted as his fellow apprentices gathered around him.

Chen Shan turned around and smiled at their consistent steps. She lifted her right hand horizontally and made a grabbing motion. The Shui disciples in front of her all staggered and fell down after swaying for a while.

"The difference in levels is too great!" Lu Qian laughed.

'Go away, I don't want to murder.' Chen Shan said gloomily as she walked forward.

"All of you, step back!" Shui Xu said at this time. All of the disciples moved back, and some of the disciples supported the fallen people as they left.

'Hey, there's also me! ' Shui Xu said to Chen Shan Shan, then after a while he said, "Although I don't know anything about your cult, but the lives of my son and my wife..." 'I want you to tell me that you can leave, but you have to keep him! ' He then pointed at Lu Qian.

'It's impossible. Chen Shan lightly said as she took a few steps forward.

"Oh, then you stay too!" After he finished speaking, Shui Xu's sleeves swelled up as he drew a circle on each index finger of his hand. After the light faded, two taiji diagrams appeared.

With a clear whistle, the two Taiji diagrams flew to the left and right of her. They instantly appeared behind her back; she didn't have any time to dodge, so she easily dodged them.

'I really have some skill! ' Chen Shan said with her back facing the water.

'You're not bad either! ' Shui Xu laughed, then called out to the Taiji diagram to attack Chen Shan, while at the same time he too flew out.

The water moved close to the ground and when it reached Chen Shan Shan, he slammed his right hand on the ground and instantly flew up. The water looked down at Chen Shan, and when he flew to a certain height, he roared and dived down, summoning the Taiji diagram by his side. He formed a seal with his hands and pushed lightly; Brother He had used the 'nihility' before, but it was very different in his hands; it was like an unstoppable mountain, or an unstoppable river.

Chen Shan's slender eyes narrowed as she looked at her glowing hands. She took a deep breath and slowly pushed up her hands.

As if she had agreed to his request, when she raised her hands, Shui Xu also placed his glowing palms on hers. It was as if time had stopped, the two of them staring at each other.

"Ah, Martial Uncle Huan Ri, Little Qi, look!" Shui Xiyue's figure appeared at the entrance of the palace as she pointed at Shui Xu and Chen Shan.

'Hm! ' "Yes," Illusory Sunlight and Xuan Daoqi replied at the same time, as they stared fixedly at the two people battling.

'I'm going to help! ' Huan Ri said.

Just at this moment, he suddenly heard a voice. "Mistress!" Shui Xiyue turned around and saw the two of them running over.

Shui Xiyue hugged the two of them happily, and the sounds of laughter could be heard.

"Mistress, why haven't we seen the old master?" Wei Chu suddenly asked.

However, when they heard the sound of sobbing from Shui Xiyue, Chu Yu hurriedly tried to comfort her. It was only after Shui Xiyue spoke that the two of them found out that Shui Ren had died.

The three of them burst into tears as they watched. Xuan Daoqi didn't know what to do.

'I'm going, take care of Xiao Yue! ' When he said the last word, he was already beside the water.

'Wow, how amazing! ' Xuan Daoqi couldn't help but feel envious.

'Bang! ' With a sound, Shui Xu landed on the ground with his face red, beside him stood Huan Ri.

"Oh, you're here." said Shui Xu carelessly, while looking at Chen Shan Shan's appearance.

Huan Ri said: "Un, Master!"

Her face was flushed red as she stared at the water, her chest rising and falling slightly. When she looked at Lu Qian, the redness on her face deepened as she said, "He's so powerful, I almost lost!"

"Oh!" "So powerful!" Lu Qian said in a daze as she hugged Chen Shan's body.

"You two, hey, you're still talking about love in front of me!" cried the water. He can't stand this.

Lu Qian and Chen Shan didn't pay attention to what Shui Xu said. They were still looking at each other deeply. Lu Qian said, "Shan Shan, I want to..."

'You... 'This old man is unsuitable, stop right now! ' He was about to have a heart attack.

'Mm … ' Chen Shan said in an extremely flirtatious tone, as she leaned her face close to his.

Shui Xu looked at the faces of the two as they got closer and closer. With a grunt, he was the first to rush over. Huan Ri stood still, as if it had nothing to do with him.

Just when the distance between the two of them was about a meter, he suddenly heard a voice that he would never forget, causing his hands and feet to be thrown into disorder.

"Bo!" A voice filled with incomparable temptation rang out.

Chen Shan and Lu Qian parted lips, while Shui Xu was stunned on the side, at a loss of what to do.

'It seems a bit loud. Lu Qian suddenly looked lively, looking at Chen Shan Shan whose face was as red as an apple.

It turned out that Chen Shan Shan had transferred her power back to Lu Qian, which was why Lu Qian was currently brimming with vigor and vitality.

Chen Shan lowered her head with a 'hmm' sound. Her hands were rubbing the hem of her clothes, looking shy.

Lu Qian turned his head to look at Shui Xu and said, "What are you doing here, you damned old man!"

"Oh, nothing!" "I'm going back!" With that, Shui Xu turned and left.

Just as Shui Xu took a step forward, he heard a loud roar and quickly turned around. With a swipe of his forefinger, the two taiji diagrams quickly turned around.

"Ya!" When Lu Qian pulled out his saber and chopped off a Tai Chi, he was already ten steps away with Chen Shan in his arms. He laughed and said, "I knew you would use this move, haha …"

Lu Qian's evil saber had already been thrown into the forest by Shui Xu, so he could only take a small knife to meet the scene.

'Ha, I knew you would try that too! ' But it was not Shui Xu's voice, because the water was right in front of Lu Qian's eyes, and the voice came from behind him.

Lu Qian turned around and said, "Why are you here, and how did you know I would come here?"

'Guess! ' That person shrugged his shoulders, appearing to be unspeakably carefree.

'You're called... '

'Huan Ri! '

'I know! '

"Then why are you asking me this!?" said Huan Ri, thinking, 'This man is really...'

"Oh, no!" "I want to ask you to get out of my way!" Lu Qian laughed.

'Then you'll have to ask it! ' After Huan Ri finished speaking, he used an unknown method to conjure a pair of Tai Chi.

'I don't think so, then. Lu Qian dashed towards the Illusory Sun, while he was using Tai Chi to fly over.

At this time, he saw Lu Qiandao running towards him with an arc and a despicable smile.

Huan Ri felt a sense of familiarity, but also a bit of strangeness, and he could not help but say: 'It seems that it is not very good...'

The smile disappeared as Lu Qian rushed over with Chen Shan in his arms, but he did not take the knife. Huan Ri said in surprise, "This fellow is so arrogant!" Then, he thought that the knife might not be enough!

Huan Ri summoned the remaining Tai Chi to welcome him, only to see Lu Qian smiling at him.

'Woo, this doesn't feel good! ' Huan Ri thought to himself as he braced himself.

'Haha, I'm leaving! ' Lu Qian laughed loudly.

However, just as Illusory Sun was about to get hit by Tai Chi, Illusory Sun was at a loss on what to do, when suddenly, he saw Lu Qian and Chen Shan's body light up and disappear; Illusory Sun could see a red clothed man with a large hole in his chest, and large amounts of blood flowing out. He struggled on both his hands and feet, and his face was filled with fear as he stared dumbly at the starry sky with a look of disbelief.

"This is the 'Star Shift'!" "How despicable …" Shui Xu said in astonishment.

'To think that a cult's martial arts technique would be so unbearable... Brother He said.

'To think that they would use their own people... "Come and escape!" Little Ping shook his head.

'Where will they go? ' Huan Ri thought.

At this time, Shui Xu and the rest suddenly heard Lu Qian's laughter coming from the forest. Overjoyed, they rushed into the forest one after another.

'Goodbye! ' Lu Qian smiled and waved the evil saber in his hand. Holding Chen Shan, he quickly retreated into the darkness and left with his remaining three subordinates.

It was already too late for Shui Xu and the others to chase after him.

'And... The matter of you throwing away my sacred blade, I will get it back! "Haha …" Laughter echoed incessantly in the darkness, sounding exceptionally shrill in the forest.

'Damn it... ' A curse came from the forest.

'This fellow is really crafty! ' Huan Ri said.

'Are you stupid? ' Shui Xu scolded Huan Ri.

Then came a cry of grief from the woods; and the cries of frightened birds rose and fell, and the cries of grief rose and fell.

'What happened? ' His eyes were filled with confusion.

Meanwhile, the both of them looked at Xuan Daoqi with a puzzled expression.

Xuan Daoqi shrugged his shoulders, smiled and said, "Don't ask me, I don't know either!"

As for Shui Xiyue, she discovered that Xuan Daoqi was looking at the forest and smiling.

'Maybe he was thinking about something? ' Shui Xiyue whispered.

'Ha ha! ' Then she heard the sound of Xuan Daoqi laughing, and then she heard a wail from the forest.

That night, Xuan Daoqi slept very well because he knew Lu Qian wouldn't come again.

Early in the morning, the insects were chirping and the birds were chirping, and Xuan Daoqi was awakened by a knock on the door. He got up and got out of bed, walked sleepily to the door and opened it.

'Yiya! ' Xuan Daoqi saw the person standing outside the door.

'Good morning, young master! ' She called out sweetly.

'What is it? ' he asked.

"Oh, it's eight o'clock!" Asgard Mistress is asking you if you want to get up? ' "No," she said.

'What? Eight o'clock? ' He immediately closed the door, remembering that he had never slept so late before.

"Young Master?" A worried voice came in from outside the door.

"I'm fine!" Let me change my clothes. '

'Alright, then I'll wait for Young Master to change his clothes! ' she said.

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