Grief-stricken Tao/C12 Burying
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Grief-stricken Tao/C12 Burying
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C12 Burying

Soon, he brought Xuan Daoqi to the hall.

Xuan Daoqi looked around and saw that almost all of the major figures of the nine sects were here.

Shui Xu sat on the seat of honor, and beside him stood Huan Ri and Shui Xiyue. On each side of the hall stood Brother He and the injured Little Fatty brother.

The main hall was decorated like a mourning hall with pictures of Shui Ren hanging on the wall. On the table were the memorial tablets belonging to the Shui Family disciples. There was a huge incense burner with many burning incense sticks stuck in it and a white cloth hung at the door.

'Old grandpa, I've brought the young master! ' He said to Shui Xu.

'Mm, you can go now! ' Shui Xu said.

After seeing the situation, Shui Xuewu said, "You can burn some incense for me!"

At this time, Xuan Daoqi saw Little Ping walking over with a lighted incense stick in his hand. He took it and bowed three times. Then, he walked forward and stuck the incense stick into the incense burner.

'Dad, Little Qi has given you some incense! ' The tearful look on Shui Xiyue's face caused the hearts of everyone present to ache.

"Xiyue!" He took her in his arms and let her cry.

'It's fine, it's fine. Don't be sad! ' he said.

'Xiao Yue, come here and let me take a look! ' Shui Xu said in pain.

She threw herself into Shui Xu's arms with tears in her eyes.

Shui Xu hugged Shui Xiyue and comforted her. He lightly patted her back, and from the twitching on her back, one could tell that she was crying sorrowfully.

Suddenly, Shui Xu gently pressed her palm against Shui Xiyue's back and a burst of extremely cool pure Yang energy entered her body. Shui Xiyue slowly calmed down and placed her hand on Shui Xian's chest.

'Take her back to her room. She's tired. Let her rest! ' Shui Xu said lightly.

Then, Xiao Ping took Shui Xiyue and carried her back to her room.

'I'll go too! ' Xuan Daoqi followed behind Xiao Ping.

Big Brother Shui Xu looked at the people in the hall with a solemn expression, helplessly looking at the scenery outside the door; behind him, Huan Ri lowered his head, thinking about something; while Big Brother He was looking at Shui Ren's photo, Little Fatty Brother noticed a tear on his cheek, regretting that he was not around when Shui Ruo died, and grinded his teeth in remorse.

Big Brother Fatty looked at Shui Xu and mumbled, "Grand Master!" There is a sentence... "I don't know if I should ask."

"Oh, what is it?" Say it! ' Shui Xu asked, thinking that Little Fatty was Shui Ren's only witness before he died. What did he find out or know?

'Master, do you know that I've sent out some treasures? ' he said.

Just then, Brother He asked: "Treasure? Do I have any treasures? '

'Treasure trove? "What treasure …" Shui Xu thought for a while. After a while, he knocked his head hard and shouted, 'Is it the treasure in the basement?'

'Right! ' Big brother Little Fatty rejoiced.

'How did you know about this, Little Fatty? ' Shui Xu suddenly asked.

'It's Lu Qian! ' "Last night, Lu Qian led a group of people to invade my sect. When we arrived at the basement, Master and I overheard him say that he was looking for some treasure, and only then did we know that his goal wasn't the Nine Sects …" "It's the treasure, those people, those corpses, they were all used to deceive us!"

'I've already dug up the treasure and given it to Ren. I think this palace... He should have used the treasure to cover it! Unexpectedly … Because of this treasure, this little Ren will … "Death …"

When he mentioned Shui Ren, everyone's eyes turned red.

'Who in this world will notice me? Who will be able to leave their name after death... "How many people are there?" Huan Ri, who had been silent all this time, suddenly said sorrowfully.

'That's right! ' He looked at the photo of his beloved son and murmured, 'Nobody has heard of my name in this life. How many people can I leave their names after death?'

Before Shui Xu could finish his sentence, a voice came from outside the door.

'This is great, your nephew is … ' In his entire life, I am the one who remembers him! ' A sad voice came from outside the door.

'Could it be you … ' Shui Xu said in astonishment and hurriedly stood up.

'Who else could I be? ' The man came in, followed by a man and a woman.

The man with the white beard and dark blue dress, who looked to be in his sixties, looked a lot more serious; the man behind him was about twenty-eight or twenty-nine years old, dressed in a tight suit and a bag at his waist, and the woman was about twenty-three or twenty-four, with red lips, cold eyes, and a small, straight nose, and a pale, creamy complexion; and she was wearing a pink T-shirt that accentuated her perfect figure, and a pair of jeans that showed off her slender legs, and she was timidly leaning against the man.

"Moon Sword!" "It's you!" Shui Xu said in surprise as he held out his hand.

'Of course it's me! "Brother Shui Xu." What did Yue Jian say?

Suddenly, both of their expressions changed again. Yue Jian asked Shui Xuan how Shui Xu died, and Shui Xu told him the whole story.

'I didn't expect... 'If I meet Lu Qian in the future, I will tear him into a million pieces! '

'With these words of yours, I think my soul in heaven should be at ease now! ' Shui Xu comforted her.

'But how come I've never heard of such a person? '

Shui Xu explained, 'This fellow only appeared in the last few years.'

'My wife was killed by him. This happened five or six years ago! ' Shui Xu said angrily again.

'This boy! ' Yue Jian was also furious.

"Oh yeah, these two are my closed disciples!" They've already become husband and wife! ' Yue introduced his disciple to Shui Xu with a sword, then told him that the man was called Xuan Feng and the woman was called Liu Yu.

Hello, Water Master. Xuan Feng and Liu Yu said.

"Oh, good!" "There's no need to be so courteous!" Shui Xu said to the two of them, then turned to Yue Jian and said: "These two people's tendons and bones are not bad, they are good materials for training. In the future, we will be surpassed by them, haha …"

'Thank you, Uncle Shui! ' Xuan Feng and Liu Yu said happily.

'Brother Shui Xu, you must be joking. That disciple of yours, Huan Ri, is the real genius! ' Yue Jian praised.

At this time, Huan Ri said humbly, "Thank you for your praise, Uncle Yue. I am much weaker than you two!"

"Haha!" Truly modest. ' Yue Jian said.

'Oh yes, I'm so old and foolish that I forgot to offer incense to my nephew! ' Yue Shan lightly tapped his forehead and said.

At this moment, Shui Xu also scolded, "To think that you've forgotten something important, hurry up and enjoy it!"

"Yes!" Brother He and Brother Little Fatty said so and went to light the incense.

In a rather clean room, Xiao Ping walked in with Shui Xiyue in his arms. Behind him was a small figure. It was naturally Xuan Daoqi.

Xiao Ping placed Shui Xiyue on the bed and couldn't help smiling bitterly as he watched her sleep.

'Do you know why little palace master is called little palace master? ' Little Ping said as he sat on the edge of the bed with his back to Xuan Daoqi.

'Ah! ' Xuan Daoqi had originally seen through Shui Xiyue, but after Xiao Ping asked, he came back to reality from his deep thoughts and awkwardly said, "I don't know!"

'Firstly, little Asgard Mistress has grown up under the care and care of many of our fellow disciples, so we kept on calling her little Asgard Mistress. Furthermore, because little Asgard Mistress was held in our hands since she was young, she's more like a little princess. Little Ping slowly recalled all the things that had to do with Shui Xiyue and explained them to her.

Xuan Daoqi listened attentively, and what he saw were the wet tears on Shui Xiyue's face. Her small and elegant eyebrows were tightly knitted, her small mouth was constantly closing, and her hands were tightly clenched; Xuan Daoqi leaned over and heard her call out a person's name in detail. He saw Xuan Daoqi reaching out his hand to grab Shui Xiyue's tightly clenched hands, and he could hear her calling out to him, "Daddy, if we weren't so close, Xuan Daoqi wouldn't have been able to hear her so clearly."

Xuan Daoqi said softly, 'What next?'

'Mmm, the second reason is that Master built this palace. At the time, I didn't know that he took so much money from it, so we got even more excited and called her that.

'It should be a treasure! ' Xuan Daoqi said.

'What treasure? ' Little Ping asked.

'I don't know. I heard little fatty gege talking to himself in the room! ' Maddocks thought he was talking to himself when he walked past Little Fatty's room after his bath yesterday, but now that Little Ping had said that, he guessed it.

'Oh, what did he say! ' Little Ping asked.

Xuan Daoqi then said that Lu Qian was looking for the treasure, and Shui Ren and Little Fatty Brother overheard it, which was why there was such a matter.

"Oh, so that's how it is. But, that Lu Qian …" "Don't let me meet you!" Little Ping said indignantly as he gritted his teeth.

"So kind!" "Don't be afraid, I'm here!" Xuan Daoqi patted Shui Xiyue's shoulder and whispered.

Seeing this, Xiao Ping knew that things were not going well, so he said: 'I'll go out first, you watch over the young Asgard Mistress!'

Some time after Xiao Ping left, Xuan Daoqi said softly, 'So you and I are... 'To be left behind! '

When Xiao Ping returned to the main hall, he discovered that there were three more people, and they were just about to burn the incense for Shui Ren. After Brother He's explanation, he found out that the old man was the head of the Hengshan Sect in Hunan and that the man and woman were his disciples.

"Oh, the leader of the Southern Mountain's Mount Hengshan Faction!" Little Ping said.

Of course, as the leader of the nine sects, Shui Xu had to introduce his disciples and granddisciples.

'Huan Ri, don't say anymore. You should know this already! ' Shui Xu said.

'That's right. Huan Ri's reputation is really great. His master came from the Nine Sects of the Shui Clan, and was able to create new schools of his own. His aptitude is already not bad! ' Yue Jian said.

"Junior Yue must be joking. How can junior compare himself with Senior Yue!?" Huan Ri said humbly.

'Good, not bad at all! ' Yue Jian said.

Brother Shui Xu, where's your little granddaughter? "Why didn't I see it!?" Yue Jian asked without even seeing Shui Xiyue.

Shui Xu shook his head and said, "Isn't it all for little Ren?!"

'You mean, for fear she's too sad, so... ' he guessed.

'I just tried to keep my mind clear so that she could go to sleep, 'he said. The Dao of Water.

"Oh, then I'm relieved!"

After that, Emei, Qingcheng, Kongtong, Kunlun, Dian Cang and Huashan all sent their condolences, while Shui Xu sent his disciples to welcome the representatives of the various sects. The representatives of each sect stayed for a while, before returning to their respective sects.

On the seventh day, the day when water was allowed to fall to the ground, and Hengshan Sect's Sect Leader, Yue Feng, and his disciples, Xuan Feng and Liu Yu, stayed in the Nine Sects because the relationship between Shui Xu and Yue Jian was not ordinary.

In addition to the previous representatives of the six sects, there were Shaolin, Wudang, Mount Song, Mount Hengshan, and Mount Tai, all of which gave a solemn and sorrowful feeling. When the hour came, the members of the Shui Family, dressed in mourning robes, were carried by strong men to the top of the mountain near the Nine Sects to be buried.

It was only at noon that the mysterious man saw Shui Xu and the others return. After a few words of consolation and condolences from the representatives of each sect, he left one after the other in the afternoon.

Shui Xu, Yue Jian, and Shui Xiyue sat in the main hall. The layout of the hall had returned to its original state.

'Brother Shui Xu, don't be sad! ' Yue Shan said.

'Woo! ' "Why wouldn't I be sad if you call me that!" Shui Xu said sorrowfully, wiping away the tears at the corners of his eyes.

'Ah! ' At this time, Shui Xiyue's eyes turned red from crying.

'You two... ' Yue Jian didn't know what to do. He looked at Shui Xu and Shui Xiyue and thought that he was going to lose a lot of head this time, so he shook his head.

Xuan Daoqi walked up to Shui Xiyue and gently said, "Don't cry anymore. It's the same for you, elder." Because he had been with Shui Xu for a long time, he and Shui Xiyue called him Grandfather.

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