Grief-stricken Tao/C13 Go Further and Further away
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Grief-stricken Tao/C13 Go Further and Further away
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C13 Go Further and Further away

'Alright, stop crying. As for the Dao of Water … even if she was called Shui Xiyue wouldn't cry.

'Mm, you still have the ability! ' Yue Jian gave Xuan Daoqi a thumbs up and praised.

Seeing Xuan Daoqi nod in thanks, Yue Jian seemed to have thought of something and said, "That's right, Brother Shui Xu, has this kid still not learned kung fu?" He pointed to Xuan Daoqi and asked.

'It seems like there isn't any! ' He had also helped the nine sects many times, and in Shui Xu's heart, he had already treated Xuan Daoqi as his own grandson. He had wanted to teach Xuan Daoqi martial arts for a long time, but because of Shui Ruo's future plans, he had delayed it until now.

'That... "One..." Yue Shan's sword squeaked.

"Just say what it is!" Shui Xu said, thinking that when his old friend had such an expression, he would usually ask for something.

'Fine, I'll tell you! ' Yue Jian made up his mind and said: "This kid's muscles and bones are amazing, and he is better than my two disciples. I guess he is even better than your disciple Huan Ri!".

Shui Xu laughed and said, "That's right!" I think so too. "

'I want to teach him martial arts! ' Yue Jian looked at Shui Xu and said, meaning that he wanted this disciple.

'Oh, you mean this.' Shui Xu said with a smile. After a while, he said: 'That's exactly what I meant!'

'Then can I... "Hehe!" Yue Jian gave a meaningful smile.

'Of course you can, but... '

'But what? ' Yue Longjian asked nervously, thinking that as long as his request wasn't too excessive, I would still try my best to agree. After all, Xuan Daoqi was a rare talent in a hundred years.

'Eunuch Yue, my elder means … ' Shui Xiyue looked at Shui Xu, who nodded with a smile, then continued, "He wants Little Qi to take on two masters at the same time! "Do you think my elder is greedy?" Then he burst out laughing.

"Hu!" Yue Susu let out a sigh of relief and said, "I thought it was some big matter. Let's talk about it. I'll agree to your conditions, haha..."

"Heh heh!" "Eunuch Yue agreed!" Shui Xiyue was surprised and happy at the same time. She didn't expect Yue Jian to accept Xuan Daoqi as his two masters at the same time. She was happy that Xuan Daoqi's future martial arts would definitely be very strong.

"Brother Yue, you're the one who said that!" The Dao of Water.

'What's wrong with that!? ' Yue Jian said.

"Then let's call Little Qi as my elder's master and Eunuch Yue's master, what do you say!" Shui Xiyue clapped her hands.

"Oh, that won't do." Shui Xu and Yue Jian said at the same time.

When Shui Xiyue heard this, she puzzledly asked, "If it's not the two of you, then who do you call Little Qi?" I'm confused by all of you! '

Shui Xu smiled and said, "I want Little Qi to take Huan Ri as my master."

'Martial Uncle Huan Ri? ' Shui Xiyue was puzzled.

"Oh, you have good eyes, Brother Shui Xu!" And I want him to become my disciple, Xuan Feng! " Yue Jian said.

'Ah! ' Xuan Daoqi was shocked by the sudden appearance of someone taking him as his master.

'Hey, you have a unique eye! ' Shui Xu laughed.

'Then it's a deal! ' Yue Shan said.

"Ha, Huan Ri!" Shui Xu shouted, and then he saw Huan Ri walk out.

'Xuan Feng! ' Yue Jian also shouted out, and Xuan Feng and his wife Liu Yu came out together.

'Oh, you said so, didn't you! ' Without even thinking, Shui Xiyue knew that they had already agreed on this matter.

'Haha … ' Both Shui Xu and Yue Shan laughed together.

"Oh!" "Feng'er, hurry up and sit down!" Yue Jian said as he pointed to a chair.

'You too! ' Shui Xu said to Huan Ri and saw Huan Ri sitting together with Xuan Feng.

"Little Qi, what are you doing!?" "Hurry up and go over there!" Shui Xiyue called out, indicating for Xuan Daoqi to go over and take her as his master.

However, they saw Xuan Daoqi standing there at a loss on what to do. His appearance was extremely ugly, and everyone present had seen it.

'What's wrong? Are you not willing, Little Qi?! ' Yue Jian said nervously, thinking that he would like to learn kung fu.

Mystical shook his head and said, 'I... "If you don't know how to acknowledge a master, how can you?"

Liu Yu suddenly burst out laughing as these words were spoken. Because Xuan Daoqi's appearance was just too adorable.

'So, you don't know how to do it! ' Shui Xiyue said with sudden realization.

"Phew …" He then saw Yue Jian heave a sigh of relief and said, "Go over there and kneel down, kowtow three times, and call him Master again!"

"Yes!" Xuan Daoqi walked to the front of Illusory Sun and Xuan Feng and knelt down, kowtowing three times in succession. He then knelt down and greeted Illusory Sun and Xuan Feng, who were sitting on the chair, as master.

'Alright, quickly get up! ' After Phantom Sun spoke, Xuan Daoqi immediately stood there.

'Good, this is great! ' Yue Jian clapped his hands in gratitude.

In the midst of all this joy, Xuan Daoqi had taken Huan Ri and Xuan Feng as his masters.

A week later, at a certain location in Fujian Province, there were five figures standing by the sea. The crisscrossing shadows were even longer because of the moonlight.

One of them said, 'Sir, you're leaving, aren't you?'

"Yes!" I'm going back to Taiwan to report my mission to headquarters as a failure. ' His clothes flapped in the sea breeze, causing the rain to fall.

'En, Wang Zhen! ' That lord said.

"Yes, my lord!" The man from before answered.

'You are a pawn that my sect will leave in the Hengshan Sect. As long as you take down Mount Hengshan or become the Sect Leader, I will definitely not treat you unfairly! ' That adult said.

"Yes, my lord. I will definitely do it!" Wang Zhen said.

"Haha!" 'I must revive the Demonic Sect and return to the great scenery of that year! ' So, he was the Sect Leader of the Demonic Sect, Lu Qian. The one beside him was naturally Chen Shan Shan and his three subordinates.

After a while, Wang Zhen shouted, "Sir, the boat is here!"

'Mmm, I'm leaving! ' Lu Qian, Chen Shan and two of his underlings went on board, but Wang Zhen did not.

Very soon, Wang Zhen was unable to see the smuggled fishing boat. After a while, he returned on his way back to Mount Hengshan.

In the following days, in the Nine Sects, Huan Ri and Xuan Feng took turns to teach the Mysterious Daoqi inner force cultivation method, while he, a gifted genius, quickly learned how to find inner force based on his talent.

"Close your eyes and think of nothing. Take a deep breath, and you will feel a surge of air rising!" Huan Ri said.

As for Mystic Daoqi, he was sitting on a big rock, practicing his martial arts. With the guidance of Illusory Sun, he quickly grasped the trick and nodded to it.

'Well, very good. Now that you're exhaling, do you feel that air sinking? ' As Huan Ri continued to speak, Xuan Daoqi nodded.

'Next, move the steam to the left and to the right. '

Xuan Daoqi closed his eyes and shook his head, "I can't move."

"Oh, I forgot. You need to practice more!" Huan Ri smacked his head and laughed. He said, "Practice a bit more and then left."

The next day, Xuan Feng came to teach Xuan Daoqi, and he taught him how to control qi.

'Little Qi, listen carefully. You have to grasp the direction of the flow of your Qi! Like this... ' Xuan Feng then grabbed Xuan Daoqi's hand and said. Xuan Daoqi felt a small wave of energy rush up from the tip of his finger as Xuan Daoqi exerted his strength, and the energy flowed along his meridians, sometimes changing up and down, sometimes changing left and right; Xuan Daoqi felt that Xuan Feng had guided his energy into his own dantian, and he could feel that his energy and Xuan Feng's energy were incompatible, maintaining a certain distance from each other, neither attacking nor merging with each other.

Next, Xuan Feng taught him how to use Qi to enter and exit the Dantian, and how to use Qi to leave that Qi inside Xuan Daoqi's body. Then, he said: 'If you want to learn Mount Hengshan's martial arts, you must rely on this Qi. In the future, you will have two different types of true qi.

After watching the Xuan Daoqi practice for a while, Xuan Feng left him alone.

After a month, Huan Ri and Xuan Feng inspected the Xuan Dao Qi and said joyfully, "I didn't expect him to learn so quickly. He's even stronger than me!"

'Mm, not bad, not bad! ' Illusion Sun said.

'Everyone is here! ' Behind her were Shui Xu, Yue Jian, and Liu Yu.

'Master! ' Huan Ri and Xuan Feng said in unison.

'I have one thing to announce, tomorrow I'm going back to Mount Hengshan! ' Yue Jian said.

'What about Little Qi? ' Xuan Feng asked.

Yue Jian said, "Little Qi, follow us back to Mount Hengshan!"

At this moment, Shui Xu said, 'Didn't Huan Ri say you were going to Mount Hua? 'Go at this time, and leave Little Qi to Little Feng.'

"Yes, Master!" Illusion Sun said.

'Little Qi, you're leaving. I'll never see you again! ' The corners of Shui Xiyue's eyes welled up with tears.

'I'll come back and see you! ' Xuan Daoqi said.

'Good, hook hand! ' She stretched out her pinky with her right hand.

'Hm! '

Both of them were smiling and clasping their hands.

The next morning, Shui Xiyue woke up very early. In her daze, she saw the sword that Shui Ren had conjured — the Mysterious Wood Sword. When Shui Xiyue saw the black wooden sword, she couldn't help but think of her father. Feeling a twinge of heartache, she grabbed the black wooden sword and ran out of the room.

'Mistress! ' When she saw the approaching Shui Xiyue, she said, "Young Master is waiting for you!"

'Hm! ' Shui Xiyue acknowledged, then continued to run out of the door.

The moment they left the main gate, Shui Xiyue saw Shui Xu and the others in the plaza. When Little Fatty saw Shui Xiyue, he smiled and said, "Little Palace Master, you've only just arrived! Everyone is waiting for you. "

'Well, I'm sorry! ' Shui Xiyue said, embarrassed.

'Oh, that's all right! ' Xuan Daoqi said as he took a few steps forward.

'I won't be able to see you.' Shui Xiyue walked in front of Xuan Daoqi, who was still holding the black wooden sword.

'I'll be back, I promise! ' he said, smiling confidently.

'Mm, you have to remember our agreement! ' "No," she said.

'That's right! ' Shui Xiyue suddenly thought of something and said, "This sword is for you!"

'Mystic Wood Sword! ' 'Didn't your father leave it to you? '

'Yes, but every time I see it, I think of my dad, so... ' She started to speak but then stopped, as if she still had something to say.

'So what? ' Xuan Daoqi asked.

Shui Xiyue said, "If I give it to you, I won't think of anything sad."

"Good!" "I understand." Xuan Daoqi reached out to pick up the sword she handed to him.

'That... Goodbye! " After all, everyone had been together for a month and a half, and based on their calculations, their summer vacation was about to end. In just a few days, they would go to school.

When she thought of this, Shui Xiyue suddenly asked, "Little Qi, have you gone to primary school yet?"

'I'm about to enter the country's first grade. He thought he would never be able to go back to Taiwan to study.

'Hey, don't worry, we'll help Xiaoqi register it! ' Shui Xu suddenly said.

'Read it near Hengshan.' Yue Shan added.

"Oh!" Shui Xiyue said.

'By the way, call me when you miss me! ' Xuan Daoqi said.

'Good! ' she replied.

'It's about time, time for us to go, Little Qi! ' Liu Yu reminded him, then walked over and took his hand.

'Break! ' Xuan Daoqi waved his hand.

'Break! ' She was very reluctant.

Shui Xu, Brother He, Little Fatty brother and Little Ping stood in a row and waved together, saying, "Goodbye!" "Come back and play when you're free."

"Goodbye, Brother Shui Xu!" Yue Shan said.

As the two walked farther and farther away until they couldn't see Shui Xiyue, Xuan Daoqi felt that his face was wet. He reached out his hand to wipe it. He realized that he was crying.

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