Grief-stricken Tao/C14 Capturing Rabbit
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Grief-stricken Tao/C14 Capturing Rabbit
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C14 Capturing Rabbit

'Brother Huan Ri, farewell! ' Xuan Feng said from Jiuzhaigou, which was not far from the Nine Sect.

"Oh, Jiuzhaigou." Illusion Sun said.

'Jiuzhaigou! ' Xuan Daoqi remembered that one day when he was at the Shui family, Shui Xiyue came over to chat with him while he was cultivating. He remembered that he hadn't asked where Shui Xiyue was, so he asked, "Xiyue, what is this place?" "So beautiful!"

"This is Jiuzhaigou Valley, our home is near Jiuzhaigou Valley." Shui Xiyue said.

'Will it be far? '

'No, I'll show you the Sparks! ' My favorite place. ' Shui Xiyue said happily as she pulled his hand.

The two of them flew toward the Jiuzhaigou Valley with Shui Xiyue in the lead and Xuan Daoqi following closely behind them.

When she saw that Xuan Daoqi's cultivation had reached the small success stage, Shui Xiyue said, "Little Qi, your cultivation has improved quite a bit!"

'It's all right! ' Xuan Daoqi said modestly.

Because Shui Xiyue had trained in the martial way for many years, and because Xuan Daoqi's power had increased dramatically, they didn't have to spend too much time before arriving at the 'sea of sparks' that Shui Xiyue had spoken of.

'Wow, so beautiful! The water is so clear! ' Xuan Daoqi crouched down and began to move the waters of the lake.

Xuan Daoqi saw that the Spark Sea was surrounded by mountains, and the water in the lake was as clear as a mirror. The lake water on the shore was green from the moss, and the closer they got to the center of the lake, the more blue the water became. The mountains near the Sea of Flames were overgrown with trees, standing on one side. In this emerald sea with the original ecological environment, clean and clean air and snow mountains, forests, lakes and a combination of wonderful, fantasy, beautiful natural scenery, the natural beauty of the; Mystical can not help but be fascinated by the view.

'This water is really pure and clean, crystal clear! ' Shui Xiyue looked at the lake with her beautiful eyes and said quietly.

"Well, the water in Taiwan is much less clear than this one!" Only the water on the mountain is so clear.

'So... That's why Jiuzhaigou came back without even looking at the water! ' Shui Xiyue said this was what her father had told her. Her father had even said that this was the place where he and her mother would meet.

'Father, mother... ' Shui Xiyue called out in her heart.

"Hm!" The water is so cold. " Xuan Daoqi began to clear the waterway.

'I come here when I think of my mother! ' Shui Xiyue said.

'Do you know where Jiuzhaigou came from? ' Without waiting for an answer, she said to herself, 'Because there are nine Tibetan villages in the surrounding mountains.' 'Also known as the Five Unique of Jiuzhaigou Valley are the peaks, the colorful forests, the green seas, the cascading waterfalls, and the Tibetan customs! '

'Wow, how do you know! ' Xuan Daoqi was surprised.

Shui Xiyue said dejectedly, "Father told me this!"

'Especially when autumn comes, the color of the leaves will change along with it, and the Lin Xiang will be even more colorful. Shui Xiyue said again.

Xuan Daoqi sighed and said, "It's a pity that it's summer now!" I can't see the autumn scenery. '

"Little Qi, do you know!?" The winter in Jiuzhaigou is the most beautiful! There was no freezing weather, only profound emotions! The winter Jiuzhaigou, the mountain range with light makeup, the lake with changing ice crystals, under the light of sunset and sunrise, is full of poetic feeling, creating a crystal clear "fairy tale world"! Shui Xiyue recited it like it was a script.

'It was your father who said it! ' Xuan Daoqi asked.

'No, I did. It was written on the book! Because I fell in love with this place where I miss my mother. ' "No," she said.

Seeing that Shui Xiyue was unhappy, Xuan Daoqi said, "Xiyue, don't think too much."

'Right, I want to bring you to see a big cat and bear! ' Shui Xiyue suddenly thought.

'Ah, a kitten. I've been wanting to watch it for a long time! ' Xuan Daoqi said happily, raising both hands in support.

As a result, they played until the sun went down before returning home. Of course, they would be scolded by the water.

At this moment, Xuan Daoqi came back to reality from his memories, and he heard Huan Ri reply, 'Well, good, I want to head north to Mount Hua, and I want to head northeast.

'Mmm, goodbye! ' Yue Jian and Xuan Feng said in unison.

'Right, Master Huan Ri, why are you going to Mount Hua? ' Xuan Daoqi asked.

"Haha!" He was going to participate in the once-a-decade "Flowermont Swordplay"! Yue Jian laughed.

"Ah, Martial Uncle Yue, I was just there to observe!" Huan Ri quickly explained.

'Good, good, good. Watch! ' Yue Jian laughed again.

"Then Martial Uncle Yue, I'll be leaving first!" Huan Ri nodded his head slightly. Huan Ri then told Xuan Daoqi that he had to train seriously and listen to Xuan Feng before heading northeast.

Yue Jian looked at Huan Ri's shrinking figure and could not help but say in surprise: "Huan Ri's cultivation has increased tremendously again. The Shui family's Qing Gong is indeed extraordinary!"

"That's right!" I am truly happy for Brother Huan Ri. ' Xuan Feng said happily.

At this moment, he heard LiuYu say, "Master, it's time for us to leave!"

'Mm, let's go! ' Yue Jian Dao

'Master, let's first head south to Chengdu, then head east to Mount Hengshan. Xuan Feng suggested.

'It's up to you.' Yue Jian said.

'Right, you should be able to practice your Qing Gong now! ' Xuan Feng said to Xuan Daoqi, who nodded without saying a word.

Xuan Daoqi looked at the spot where Huan Ri had disappeared, wondering when he would be able to see his master again.

Along the way, Xuan Daoqi, Yue Yijian and the others ran frantically. After about thirty minutes, they arrived at a certain place. If it wasn't for Xuan Daoqi's low cultivation base, Yue Yanzhi and the others could arrive in less than ten minutes.

'Where is this place? Xuan Daoqi asked.

'Xiao Qi, this is the 'Yellow Dragon' at Jiuzhaigou Valley! ' Liu Yu walked to his side and explained. He ruffled his hair that had been blown by the wind, and within his cold star-like eyes, there was the shadow of Xuan Daoqi.

'Hm! ' Mystic Daoqi thought that his mistress looked very much like his mother, and could not help but blush again. He quickly changed the topic and said, 'Why is the river flowing in a cave?'

"Oh, this is something!" LiuYu kept him guessing.

'Tell me, Mistress! ' Xuan Daoqi pulled Liu Yu's hand and said coquettishly.

'Ha ha! ' Yue Jian laughed and said: 'Little Yu, tell him!'

After Liu Yu said yes to his master, he said, "Huang Long is located in Songpan County, the autonomous prefecture of the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Clans. He is called Cai Chi, Xue Shan, Canyon, and Lin Si Jue in the vicinity of Jiuzhaigou Valley."

'Why is it the same as Jiuzhaigou? What's so special about it? Xuan Daoqi frowned.

'Heh, I don't know about that! ' Liu Yu said, and continued: 'Under the snow cauldron on the main peak of the mountain, which has been snowing all year round, there is an elevation of about 3145 to 3578 meters, a 3.6km long golden calcareous body rolls down, like a giant golden dragon rushing out of a jungle, this is the Yellow Dragon!'

A burst of clapping sounds came from behind him. Xuan Daoqi turned around and saw Xuan Feng clapping. He said, "Little Yu, you've given a good explanation!"

'Hm! ' Liu Yu said as he looked at Xuan Feng with a smile.

'What next? ' Xuan Daoqi asked.

Liu Yu pinched Xuan Daoqi's face before saying unhappily, "You're too thick!" He continued, "What you just saw was the Body of Calamity! And the ones with holes on them is Cai Pond. I heard that there are more than 3,400 such holes! '

Maddocks nodded and said, "Oh! "So many!" He thought that there were many wonders that he had never seen before.

Then LiuYu said: 'On the body of the calligraphy, layers of colorful ponds, such as red and green rippling, the waterfall of the terraces, the flowing gold of the purplish green, the plumes of the calcareous beach, the rolling jade of the flying beads, and the colorful colors, constitute a magnificent and fantastic fantasy landscape, known as the human jade pool, which is the most spectacular view of calligraphy in the world.'

As he walked back and forth, he looked down at the colourful pools below him. There was red and green, as his wife had said, and the river was trapped in a series of winding stone walls. Beyond the stone walls was a white stone floor that was a little lower than the river itself; the river was emerald green, and the rest of the world was gray.

As for Xuan Daoqi, he looked down from the top of his head. In the primeval forest, the river water was like a giant dragon soaring in the sky, and the layers of colored pools were like the scales of a giant dragon, reflecting the snow-white mountain peaks.

At this moment, Chu Wenyue sighed. 'It is said that Taoist Huang Long cultivated to become an immortal here, so this mountain water has this immortal aura and the success of the Yellow Dragon County's Great Yu in controlling the water has been preserved here.

After seeing the Yellow Dragon, Xuan Daoqi and the others wriggled south again, passing by from time to time, and when there was someone else they would walk slowly, and when there was someone else they would do light work, and run freely, and be as happy as horses that had escaped from their horses; they would rest here at the Fourth Aunt's Mount, where they would rest for a while; and after resting, Xuan Daoqi would look out at the distant mountains, which were precipitous, pointed to the blue sky, covered with snow, and illuminated by silver, and he would feel intoxicated.

'Little Qi, what are you looking at? ' Liu Yu asked lovingly. In fact, in her heart, she already thought of Xuan Dao Qi as her own, and Xuan Feng was the same.

"Oh, mistress, this Fourth Aunt Mountain is so beautiful!" Xuan Daoqi sighed, thinking to himself that he didn't expect to see so many wonderful things today.

'Little Qi, do you see that group of beautiful mountains with the southern European scenery called the Chinese Alps? ' LiuYu said.

"Mistress, you're so awesome!" 'How do you know everything!? '

'Oh, that's nothing. I'm just very knowledgeable.

'So that's how it is. In the future, I'll be as knowledgeable as Mistress. Xuan Daoqi said seriously.

'Ha ha, our Little Qi is ambitious! ' Xuan Feng said, and walked over to help Xuan Daoqi check if there was anything wrong with his body. After a moment, he said in surprise, "Little Qi, your skill has not improved, but …"

'But what? ' Xuan Daoqi and Yue Jian said at the same time. The two of them were very worried and kept looking at Xuan Feng.

"Oh, don't worry, Master. Xiao Qi is fine!" Xuan Feng turned his head to Yue Jian and said. Seeing that the latter was relieved, he then turned back to Xuan Daoqi and said, "However, why is your Qing Gong improving so fast?"

Xuan Daoqi then said, 'I don't know either, but Master Huan Ri took a manual of the Nine Sects' mantra and told me that it contained all of Master's notes and experiences, and that I should practice more. He also said that the Shui Family's Qing Gong had its own unique side, even Master Huan Ri could not find its shortcomings! '

"Oh!" 'Shui Family's Qing Gong is indeed extraordinary, no wonder people call it Qing Gong and defense, it's already considered the strongest amongst the Nine Sects! ' Xuan Feng sighed and then called Xuan Daoqi to rest for a while.

After resting for a while, they continued to head south.

On the way to bed, the sun was already high in the sky and the sun was shining, so he had to rest on the spot.

Xuan Feng took out the dry rations and dashed into the woods; Liu Yu was nearby picking up firewood. Xuan Dao shouted that he wanted to follow, but Liu Yu had no choice but to let him follow.

When they returned, they saw that Xuan Feng had already cut open the stomach of the wild rabbit he caught and brought it to the stream to be washed.

When Xuan Daoqi saw this, he said, "So Master went to capture a rabbit!"

They were just about to start a fire when Xuan Daoqi smelled a fragrance wafting out from the rabbit meat. When the rabbit meat turned golden in color, Liu Yu took out some seasonings and sprinkled it on the meat evenly, causing the fragrance to become even stronger, luring Xuan Daoqi to yell 'Gu Gu!' in his stomach.

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