Grief-stricken Tao/C15 Mab Bean Curd
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Grief-stricken Tao/C15 Mab Bean Curd
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C15 Mab Bean Curd

'Haha … ' The crowd burst into laughter.

After a meal and a hearty meal, Xuan Daoqi listened to Xuan Feng and went to train.

As for the two strands of true energy, Huan Ri and Xuan Feng had discussed it before. At the beginning, both felt that it was not feasible, but after carefully inspecting Xuan Daoqi's body, they were greatly surprised. The true energy in his body did not fight nor merge with each other, but each of them had their own territory in his dantian, so they could be assured that he would continue to have these two strands of true energy.

After circulating a few rounds, he gradually began to feel the difference between the two types of true energy. The original true energy divided into two, becoming true energy that practiced the Nine Sect and Mount Hengshan Sect. As for the true energy that practiced the nine sect's martial arts, it gradually became icy cold, and the true energy used to cultivate the Mount Hengshan Sect's true energy became warm.

At this time, Xuan Daoqi suddenly felt a tiny bit of true energy overflowing from his Dantian. The true energy was so small that Xuan Daoqi was unable to feel its existence, and after a careful examination, Xuan Daoqi could feel that the true energy carried a trace of gentleness, and when he wanted to check again, the gentle energy had disappeared.

Xuan Daoqi felt that the sudden appearance of the Qi was strange, but could not think of a reason, so he just ignored it. He picked up the book that Huan Yang had given him, and flipped through it to see sword arts, internal energy, qinggong, and various chapters of the taiji diagram.

The sword arts were for attacking purposes; the internal energy was for mental cultivation, mainly for defense. Xuan Daoqi had long since finished reading the chapter on Qing Gong; the remaining Taiji diagram could only be practiced in batches after the internal energy had reached a certain degree.

By the time Xuan Daoqi finished reading the chapter on swordsmanship, half an hour had passed. He looked at his watch and saw that it was half past one. He then got up and walked to another tree.

'Ah, Little Qi, I was just about to call you when you came? ' Liu Yu said.

'Mmm, let's go. We should be able to get to Chengdu tonight! ' Yue Jian smiled as he glanced at Xuan Daoqi, then he stood up and walked towards the southeast.

On the way to Chengdu, Xuan Daoqi used the inner force and the inner force skill he had comprehended at noon; two strands of true energy flowed between Ren Du and Du, circulating through the meridians in his entire body, making him feel extremely comfortable. He was overjoyed as he forgot to rush to the front, throwing Yue Yijian and the others far behind him.

'Master, Little Qi's Qing Gong has improved by leaps and bounds again! ' Xuan Feng rushed to Yue Shan's side and asked.

'Mmm, this "Floating Thousand Li" is really powerful. As expected of the founder of the Nine Sects! ' Yue Jian sighed.

'Master said that the founder is... ' Xuan Feng asked, his steps still not stopping.

'It's one of the four great experts of today — White-brow! '

'He is... ' Xuan Feng asked.

Yue Jian looked at Xuan Daoqi who was at the front and said, "The White-browed Old Daoist is Shui Xu's master, Little Qi's grand master!".

'Truly powerful. No wonder Qing Gong had its own unique side! ' Xuan Feng asked.

'Not only Qing Gong, but also inner force defense. Yue Shan added, and increased his speed as he rushed out, Xuan Feng followed closely behind.

As he was leading the group, he suddenly heard someone call for help. He suddenly stopped moving, carefully identifying the source of the sound.

Yue Jian was the first to approach Xuan Daoqi. He asked, "Little Qi, what's wrong?" Xuan Feng and Liu Yu arrived shortly after.

'Shh... ' Xuan Daoqi raised his index finger to his lips, signalling Yue Jian and the others not to speak.

At this moment, Yue Jian also heard a weak voice saying: "Someone is calling for help!"

Xuan Daoqi made a sound of agreement, and then rushed towards the dense forest on the left. The rest of the people also followed suit.

Just when Xuan Daoqi ran into the dense forest, Xuan Feng rushed in front of him and said, "Little Qi, there might be some danger up ahead. Don't get too close." With a swoosh, he rushed towards the source of the sound.

'Ah, don't... "Put..." A faint resistance sound entered Xuan Feng's ears.

'It's a woman... ' After Xuan Feng heard it, he increased his speed and dashed out of the forest.

"Oh, the clearing between the trees!" Xuan Daoqi also rushed out of the dense forest.

When Xuan Feng ran out of the forest, he saw the entire scene. Five men were grabbing two young women, and their clothes were all messed up. It seemed that anyone could tell what was happening.

'Who is it? ' The leader of the group said.

Xuan Feng ignored the person and circled behind the five of them like a ghost. Without saying a word, he struck one of them in the back, and Xuan Feng's fists struck out at lightning speed; that person's back was hit several times, causing him to be sent flying while spitting out blood.

The leader of the group was unperturbed. He turned around, took out a gun, and fired at Xuan Feng.

'Bang! ' He grabbed onto the other person's hand and squeezed hard. After that person cried out in grief, he heard the sound of bones shattering and the sound of a pistol falling out.

It turned out that after that person saw the situation clearly, he took out his gun and wanted to beat Xuan Feng to death. However, he didn't expect that he would be discovered by that person and his right hand was crippled by Xuan Feng.

'Damn it! ' He fired two more shots at Xuan Feng, only to see Xuan Feng grab the person whose right hand had been crippled to block the bullets.

"Puff puff!" After two strikes, the person who was hit twitched and fell limply to the ground.

After the people on both sides loudly cursed, he let go of the two young women who had been caught and also took out his pistol to shoot at Xuan Feng. Xuan Feng continued to dodge while opening the bag at his waist.

'Haha, I was wondering what it was. It's actually a three-section stick! ' The leader of the group laughed.

After Xuan Feng took out his weapon, the remaining three people surrounded Xuan Feng, and the sound of gunfire rang out again. Xuan Feng pulled out three sticks and pressed them inside, before turning them into a stick. At the end of the stick, there was a spearhead.

During this time, after Xuan Feng finished off a person with his sneak attack, Yue Jian and Liu Yu also took action at the same time, only to see that the person in the lead seemed to have sensed the danger, and turned around and shot at Yue Yu. However, the latter's figure suddenly became distorted, and for some reason, Yue Feng's sword had already crippled his hand in the next second, causing the gun to fly out in a perfect curve, falling onto the ground along with the person's wails.

Xuan Daoqi watched as Liu Yu knocked out the remaining person, and Xuan Feng mercilessly stabbed his long spear at that person. After that person cried out in grief, the entire matter came to an end.

'Thank you! ' One of the young women said gratefully.

'Yes, if it wasn't for you, we really wouldn't know what to do! ' Another young woman said as she straightened her clothes.

It turned out that when they were playing around in the vicinity, due to their looks, they were caught by the five people who passed by. When they were in despair, they saw Yue Yijian and the others had saved them.

Just as Xuan Feng was about to speak, a female voice rang out: "Mom!" Following which, he saw a six or seven year old little girl run over, running towards another young woman's embrace.

Xuan Daoqi looked closely at the girl. She had bright eyes, eyes that were as clear as willow water, a small nose, red cherry lips that formed a beautiful face, and her skin was whiter than snow. She was as fair as Shui Xiyue.

At this moment, many voices came from all directions and surrounded the area.

"Here!" I just heard a gunshot. '

"Is that so?" "You guys go over there and take a look, and you'll also have to go over there to take a look. Everyone else, follow me!"

'Yes, sir.'

Following that, that group of people came over.

'It's the Public Security! ' Liu Yu said.

'Let's go. If we provoke them, things won't be good! ' Yue Jian said, and was about to leave.

'Wait a minute, what should we do? ' The young woman from before said anxiously. From the looks of it, she was about to cry.

'You don't have to be afraid, because you're tourists, so they'll probably protect you.' Xuan Feng asked.

'But... "These people!" The young woman pointed at the people on the ground as her eyes turned red.

'Mmm, Master, what do you think? Xuan Feng said. He could hear the footsteps getting closer and closer.

'Take them away! ' Yue Shan weighed the pros and cons.

Yue Jian said goodbye and carried one of the women out of the forest. Xuan Feng carried the little girl, while Liu Yu carried the mother and Xuan Daoqi out of the forest.

After returning to their original location, the young woman told him that their tour group was in the vicinity, so Yue Yijian and the others brought them to the vicinity of their group before leaving.

'Remember! "Don't tell anyone about what happened today!" Yue Zhong warned her.

'Well, we know! ' The two women said, knowing how troublesome this was.

'Hm! ' Yue Jian was satisfied, he then left with the rest.

After Yue Jian and the others left, a young woman said happily: "It's martial arts! They know martial arts!" He thought it was true, but there was no wire.

'Hmm, let's go back quickly. The tour guide is looking for us! ' The little girl's mother said, thinking about her companion's happiness, because her heart was also very excited.

'All right! ' The young woman laughed.

'Why take them away, Master? ' At this moment, they were less than ten minutes away from Chengdu.

'Little Feng, if I don't take them away, what do you think they will do? ' Yue Jian asked back.

'Of course I'm afraid of being misunderstood! ' Xuan Daoqi interjected with a smile.

'I'm afraid that the public security officer will bring them back to interrogate them.' Xuan Feng asked.

'Only a little, 'he said. Yue Jian continued, 'Because they can't find the murderer, maybe they will bring them back to the regiment; maybe they will think they are lying and capture them for the sake of their accomplices; or maybe...' As he said that, Yue Shan stopped talking.

'Or what? ' Xuan Feng asked, not sure what would happen to the two girls.

Xuan Daoqi said quietly, 'In any case, there's no one there. There's no guarantee that anyone will be able to guarantee their lives. Someone might have ulterior motives. If they were to see a pervert looking to steal wealth, then...'

'What's wrong? ' Xuan Feng sensed that something was wrong with Xuan Daoqi.

'I remember my father and mother died the same way.' He remembered that his mother had also been killed because of this.

'Alright, Little Qi, I'll take you to eat something yummy later. Liu Yu consoled.

"Hm!" "Thank you, Mistress!" He swept through the haze.

Since they were very close to Chengdu now, they didn't use any light arts. They slowly walked onto the street and headed towards the city center. Night quickly descended.

Very quickly, Yue Yijian and the rest stopped in front of a restaurant. At that moment, Yue Jian said: "Come, let's go in!"

After they entered, a waitress led them to their seats.

After they sat down, the waitress handed them a menu and said, "What would you like to order?"

LiuYu took the menu, looked at it and ordered a few dishes. The waitress took the menu and said, "Everyone, please wait." After that, he left.

In an instant, the dishes were served.

Xuan Daoqi looked at the dishes being served and couldn't help pointing at the first dish and asked, "What is that?"

"Oh, this is' Mab Tofu '!" Xuan Feng asked.

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