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C17 Report

'One is a meter in front, the other is a meter and a half! ' The information that was transmitted through his consciousness was all transferred into Xuan Daoqi's mind. Because the black wooden sword was too eye-catching on his back, Liu Yu put it away. Right now, the knife was the only one on Xuan Daoqi's body, and it belonged to Shui Xiyue. He said that the blade was incomparably sharp and was meant for Xuan Daoqi to protect himself, but he didn't expect it to be used at this moment.

Xuan Daoqi didn't make any sound as he approached the two of them. Unexpectedly, he was detected by the tall one. That person shouted, "Be careful, there is an enemy here!" The short one drew a big circle with his knife and stabbed at Xuan Daoqi.

Xuan Daoqi had brought out the cooling energy from his dantian, so the true energy flowing through his meridians made him even more comfortable in this hot place. Suddenly, a cold light flashed and Xuan Daoqi floated to his right; in this narrow corridor, what he relied on was his qinggong.

He saw Xuan Daoqi move left and right between the two of them, but even the two of them were unable to do anything to him.

Xuan Daoqi's thoughts became clearer because of the little girl's presence. He felt the tall man give the short man a glance, and the two of them quickly retreated. Because Xuan Daoqi was in the middle of them, the two of them left towards the opposite end of the corridor.

Xuan Daoqi took a look at both sides, and then extended his perception out. This was because when Xuan Daoqi used true qi, his perception would shrink to about three meters.

'Mmm, it ran away.' Xuan Daoqi said.

At this moment, the little girl's mother said to Xuan Daoqi, "Thank you, little brother. You even saved us twice." Then, she stood up and was about to bow when she weakly fell down after inhaling too much smoke.

'Mother! ' cried the little girl, rushing up to help her mother up, but she could not stand and fell to the ground.

'Ah! ' Xuan Daoqi cried out in alarm. He stretched out his hand to pull the two of them, but they both fell to the ground.

'Let's go! ' cried Maddocks, for he noticed that tongues of flame were already burning from both ends of the corridor.

At this moment, the two young women shook their heads and said, "Cough, cough …" We coughed... 'I can't pass any more... '

'Run... "Cough cough!"

"Mommy!" "Let's go together." The little girl choked on her words, desperately holding onto the young woman's hand, then turned to the other young woman and said, "Auntie!" Let's go... "Woo woo!"

"Hurry up!" 'If you're any slower, it'll be too late! ' Xuan Daoqi squatted down to help the young woman up.

Unexpectedly, she said, 'I can't take it anymore. Your aunt and I seem to have been poisoned and have long ago lost all our strength.

'Those two people just now … Right? ' Xuan Daoqi asked.

'Hm! ' The two of them nodded, and the aunt said, 'When we ran away with everyone, we felt a sudden sharp pain.

'Later... Body on... 'Strange at first, not painful but without power.' The mother continued.

'Hurry up and go... ' The girl's mother said, tears streaming down her pretty cheeks.

'I... "I'm not leaving!" The little girl cried.

'Xiao Ran! Listen... Even if you can't go back to Taiwan, you still have to live well. '

'Little Ran! ' Xuan Daoqi's mind went blank, and he couldn't even hear the words after that. He muttered to himself, "Little Ran …"

At this time, Xuan Daoqi felt dizzy. In a blur, he arrived at the lush green shore. Suddenly, he heard a joyous sound. He turned his head and suddenly heard a loud sound.

'This girl... '

'Little brother! '

He woke up Xuan Daoqi who seemed to be in a dream. He came back to his senses in a hurry and said awkwardly, 'What's the matter, Auntie?'

'Xiao Ran, follow this little brother in the future. 'Little brother, what's your name? '

'Mystical Dao.' But at this moment, Xuan Daoqi's thoughts were transmitted to someone.

'They're back. Eh... "Why is there only one person?" Xuan Daoqi sensed that there was a person within ten meters.

The two aunts had fallen to the floor with a groan, and Xuan Daoqi felt uncomfortable himself. Thinking that the smoke was too thick, he took Xiao Ran's hand and started walking in the opposite direction before the man could make a move.

'Mother... "Let me go!" The first words were to his mother, and the second was to Xuan Daoqi. She wanted to break free of his hand, but his hand was like an iron ring, holding her hand tightly.

Xuan Daoqi stopped and turned around indifferently, saying, 'If you continue to call out, then your mother's death isn't worth it.'

Xiao Ran looked at him blankly and said, "Mom told me to follow you..." "Then I'll listen to you."

"Hm!" "Let's hurry up and go." Xuan Daoqi said as he turned around and ran forward.

After running for a short while, Xuan Daoqi suddenly said, "Your name is Xiao Ran..." Right.

"Ah, how do you know?" 'But Xiao Ran is my nickname, Yanran is my name.' Yanran was surprised and explained.

'Shh, there's someone.' At this time, Xuan Daoqi's train of thought had already warned him that someone was coming. He saw that the transmitted image indicated that it was the tall person.

The people who were coming over seemed to have noticed Xuan Daoqi's existence as well. They moved slowly, wanting to kill him without realizing it.

Xuan Daoqi held Yanran's hand and looked at the tall man mockingly. Strangely, his thoughts became clearer after Xuan Daoqi held Yanran's hand. He even knew what Yanran was thinking.

"Hm?" Why stop? ' Yan Ran thought to herself.

Xuan Daoqi smiled and said, 'Because there are bad people in front of us!'

'Bad guy... "Why didn't I see that …" Then, she cried out "Ah!" Xuan Daoqi quickly covered her small mouth, but the tall man still heard her. He panicked and had no choice but to take action.

Xuan Daoqi let go of Yanran's small hand and rushed forward. As he expected, his thoughts had become blurry, but it was enough. He drew out his knife and poured his cool zhenqi into it. He turned it in a circle, just in time to meet the tall man.

With a loud shout, Xuan Daoqi stomped on the wall around the corner and spun his body around. The small knife arrived in front of the tall man's eyes, but the tall man wasn't nervous. Instead, he advanced a few steps forward and used his bare hands.

Xuan Daoqi thought that it was best if you didn't have a weapon, but he still paid attention to the tall man's palm. When he stopped, the blade in his hand slashed forward, but he only heard a "chi" sound.

Shocked, Xuan Daoqi thought of Xuan Feng's words.

'Little Qi, listen carefully. When you can't get any benefits even with a weapon, use the sect's move "Returning Wind to the Wild Goose Sword"! '

'How do I use it? ' Xuan Daoqi asked.

'Like this... ' Xuan Feng twirled his fingers a few times, and then said: "When using the Fallen Goose Sword, the more rounds the body turns, the better!"

'Really? '

'Also, I need to use my true qi! '

'True qi. Xuan Daoqi said.

'Mmm, I'll just extend my Qi out of my body and gather it at the tip of the sword. After that, I'll rotate my body and stab the sword into the enemy's body.

'It's that simple! '

Xuan Feng smiled and said, "If it was that simple, then no one would need to practice martial arts."

Thinking of this, Xuan Daoqi kicked back and instantly opened up some distance. His thoughts once again spread out in all directions, and this time he saw the short man also rushing towards him.

Xuan Daoqi received the latest scene, and when he saw that the short man was only four meters away from Yanran, he immediately stopped thinking and retracted all of his thoughts, suppressing his fiery true qi. His whole body was filled with a water-like aura, which actually lowered the temperature of the surrounding air by a lot, and even formed a layer of frost on his body.

The tall one looked at Xuan Daoqi with reverence. He had never seen 'Frosting of Qi' before, at least for now, so he couldn't help but take a step back.

Seeing him take a step back, Xuan Daoqi gathered his thoughts and started rotating. He murmured, 'Hope is work.'

In the next second, Xuan Daoqi had already rotated in front of the tall man. The tall man was so shocked that he took a few steps back, and then Xuan Daoqi locked his entire focus on the tall man and swung his sword.

With a "hiss", Xuan Daoqi effortlessly cut a deep wound on the tall man's chest, and fell to the ground along with the blood.

'Woo woo... ' "Let's go..." The tall one said this to the short one, of course; there was a fervor in his eyes when he looked at the tall one, and he had no idea what he was thinking before he died.

Suddenly, a warning sound came from his heart. A piercing sound came from behind as Xuan Daoqi dodged to the left to avoid this strike.

'Qing Gong again … ' The short one sneered, unconsciously using a little more strength in his hand.

Xuan Daoqi took a punch when the two were crossing paths. However, the short one's arm was also cut. Both of them stood on their respective sides as Xuan Daoqi looked at the short one from afar.

"Kid, who are you? Why are you obstructing our way, and even harming our people? ' the short one said.

'Hmph … ' Xuan Daoqi snorted coldly and said, "The fire was set by you."

"Haha!" "Of course, who else would it be!"

Xuan Daoqi then asked, 'How did you find them?'

'What are you guys doing? I've told you so much, but... ' Hehe! You seem to think too highly of yourself. ' He took a deep breath, greedily sucked up the last of the oxygen, and said, 'We have a way to catch up on people on the spot, no matter where you go.'

'Oh, it looks like I'm going to kill you.' Xuan Daoqi said slowly.

'Ha ha, just based on...

Xuan Daoqi then carried the movement technique to its highest point, and in a flash, he arrived in front of the short man. When the man was surprised, Xuan Daoqi easily stabbed the knife into the man's heart.

Unexpectedly, the short guy reached into his arms, and Xuan Daoqi didn't know what he was going to do for a second. After a second, an unknown powder fell from the sky. Xuan Daoqi quickly pushed the short guy away and pulled out the knife.

Xuan Daoqi wiped off the blood on his knife and said, "Fortunately, I didn't touch that thing. However, it shouldn't be a good thing."

'You're awesome! ' The little girl smiled and ran over to hug him.

'Hm! ' Xuan Daoqi awkwardly replied, thinking that if he hadn't met you, he wouldn't have been able to easily defeat the enemy with that strange 'thought' feeling. Before, Xuan Daoqi could only fight one of them to a standstill, and now, even if both of them joined forces, he wouldn't be able to defeat Xuan Daoqi.

Holding Yanran's hand, Xuan Daoqi picked up the little girl who had the same figure as him. Because he had been practicing recently, he could easily pick up Yanran and say, 'Hold tight!' In the next second, he was no longer in the corridor, but using the "Thousand Li Floating Technique".

Outside the restaurant, there were quite a few people watching. This fire had also attracted a few reporters.

'At first, it was due to human factors, but unfortunately, four corpses were found in the fire. Two of them were confirmed to be Taiwanese tourists, and the whereabouts of a little girl is unknown … ' A female reporter reported dutifully.

Mystery scuttled out from the shadows and arrived in front of the restaurant. She saw Liu Yu, who was in a hurry.

"Mistress!" Xuan Daoqi stepped forward and called out.

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