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Liu Yu, who was on the verge of tears, turned around like a whirlwind upon hearing Xuan Daoqi's voice and said joyfully, "Ah, it's you …" Little Qi! Where are you going? ' He hugged Mystical Dodge, and the fragrance of LiuYu's body made him feel much more comfortable.

'Ah, this little girl is... ' LiuYu turned his head and saw Yanran. He couldn't help but exclaim in surprise, "Little Qi, she …"

Xuan Daoqi was unwilling to leave his wife's arms, so he held Yanran's hand and proudly said, "Her name is Yanran, I saved her from a bad person!"

At this moment, LiuYu also thought of the scene from that day and said, "So you're that day's little girl!" Then he turned to Maddocks and said, 'Little Qi, it turns out you slipped into the fire. Do you know it's dangerous?'

'Mistress, I'm sorry. I just wanted to save Yanran … ' Xuan Daoqi whispered in a low voice, and from time to time, he would steal a miaow.

'Don't scold him... ' Yanran stood at the side with a look of wanting to cry.

'Hmm, forget it. It's good as long as you're fine. When Liu Yu saw this, his heart softened.

Not long after, Yue Jian and Xuan Feng returned, unable to find the Mysterious Daoqi. They asked at the same time, "Where are you going?"

When he saw them, he told them how he had run into the fire.

At this time of night, Xuan Daoqi was quietly lying on the bed with Yue Jian and Xuan Feng by his side, while Liu Yu and Yanran were sleeping together.

After Xuan Daoqi explained and the little girl nodded, Yue Jian and the others agreed to follow Yanran back to Mount Hengshan.

'Yanran... It looks like that woman. " Xuan Daoqi got up and went to the window to talk alone.

Slowly, the image of a young girl appeared in his mind.

The young girl had a pair of bright eyes that were as clear as willow branches in the night sky. Her small, firm nose and vermilion cherry lips formed a beautiful face. Her fair skin was more translucent than snow.

If one looked carefully at her, they would see that she also had an outstanding temperament. Her appearance was like a fairy, and her temperament was like an orchid. This was the portrayal of her by Xuan Daoqi.

'Who is she? ' Xuan Daoqi muttered to himself.

'Why did I see her... will have an urge to hug her... '

'And why do I know her name... "Xiao Ran?"

A bunch of questions caused Xuan Daoqi's small head to explode. However, what was certain was that under the impact of those thoughts, the young girl he saw was indeed somewhat similar to Yanran. He also had the impulse to hug her and learn her name.

'Ai, so annoying... ' He went back to his bed and fell down. After a long time, he said in a dreamy voice, "I won't let go of him again..." "Little Ran …"

The next morning, Yue Yijian and the others set out from Chengdu with the goal of reaching Mount Hengshan in the east.

Yue Jian and the others avoided the main streets and specially picked out the backwater of the countryside. Along the way, Yue Jian carried Yanran on his back, and because of the Mystic Daoqi's enlightenment, his skill greatly increased. His qinggong increased by a lot, and he soon arrived at the 'True Buddha Mountain'.

"After leaving the True Buddha Mountain, it's Chongqing!" Xuan Feng asked.

"Those security guards are so troublesome. It's as if the fire yesterday caused a storm in the city. There's a bunch of people standing here and there!" Yue Jian cursed, and then flew out again.

Xuan Daoqi and the others followed closely behind, and in the next second, they disappeared.

Toward noon they reached Chongqing, but instead of going into the city, they stayed away from it.

The reason why Yue Jian and the rest didn't enter the city was not because of the public security arrest, but because they needed to be careful and avoid trouble. They found a good place to rest, and Xuan Feng went back into the forest.

Xuan Daoqi and Yanran also followed Liu Yu to pick up the tree branches. When they returned, Xuan Feng was nowhere to be seen.

'Hmm, Little Qi, do you want to go and take a look? ' Yue Shan said.

'Humph! ' Xuan Daoqi nodded to Yue Jian first, then said to Liu Yu, "Martial Aunt, let's go see Master."

'Little Qi, your master might not be able to catch half of this. LiuYu pursed his lips into a smile as he walked into the forest.

Just as Xuan Daoqi was about to follow him, he felt a tug on his shirt. When he turned around, he saw Yanran frowning at him. Xuan Daoqi said, "You want to go with me?"

Yanran nodded softly and replied, "Yes!"

Just as Xuan Daoqi was about to speak, Yue Jian said, "Let her go. I can see that Yanran loves to stick to you."

After walking for a while, Xuan Daoqi, who was leading Yan Ran, sensed that there was something moving in front of them on the left, like a bird, but it was too fat; after entering the forest, Xuan Daoqi let out a sense of thought and let it spread out. In order to increase its effect, he even held Yan Ran's hand, causing her to blush for a long time, until Xuan Daoqi said to her, 'Yan Ran …' "There's one thing that's so strange...

'What is it? ' Yanran responded to the voice in her heart. She was no longer surprised by the voice that suddenly sounded in her heart.

'When I met you, I had the ability to know what was happening within ten meters of me. Xuan Daoqi did not tell anyone about this matter, not even to Yue Yijian and the other two.

'Really? Why doesn't Yanran feel it? '

As he spoke, he approached the object and wondered if it was behind the stone. He then said to Yanran, 'That's strange, what ability is this?'

This time, Yanran did not speak.

Xuan Daoqi released his white hand and quickly moved behind the rock.

When Yanran saw his hands reach out, she immediately heard a burst of crowing.

"Ah, a chicken!" Yanran said happily.

'Mm, let's go! ' Xuan Daoqi grabbed the feet of the pheasant with one hand, and with the other he took her hand as they walked back.

She smiled sweetly and followed him.

"Ah, Mistress, what do you think I found?" Munduki said to LiuYu in an air of pride, because he saw that she was empty-handed.

"Oh, wild chicken, Little Qi, you're amazing." Liu Yu praised after clearly seeing the item in Xuan Daoqi's hand.

'Mmmm. Xuan Daoqi said happily.

"Mistress, what's behind you?" Yanran asked.

LiuYu laughed, "Oh, sharp eyes. That's right. These are wild mushrooms used to cook soup." Then she crouched down in front of a tree and pulled at the mushrooms beside the roots.

'Yanran came to help .' Yanran ran ran over.

Liu Yu smiled at her and said, "Sure!"

Since there was one more Yanran and they were afraid that someone would harm Yanran, everyone no longer had the mood to play. In the evening, they arrived at the foot of Mount Hengshan.

Hengshan, also known as Nanyue, is one of the five mountains, located in Hengshan County, Hunan Province. Because the climate is better than the other four mountains, everywhere is bamboo, green all year round, exotic flowers and plants, four hours of incense, the natural scenery is very beautiful, so it has the name of Nan Yue.

Mount Hengshan is magnificent, stretching for hundreds of kilometers, known as the 72 peaks, of which five are most famous: Zhu Rong, Tian Zhu, Rong, Zi Ji, and Shishou; Zhu Rong Feng is the highest peak of Mount Hengshan, 1290 meters above sea level. The Four Absolutes of the Southern Mountains were: the height of Zhu Rong Mountain, the depth of Fang Guang Temple, the beauty of the Scripture Temple, and the wonder of the Water Curtain Cave.

When Yue Jian returned to Mount Hengshan, he happily told Xuan Daoqi and Yanran, 'We have Zhu Rong Palace on Mount Hengshan, which was built by the Ming Dynasty. The west side of Zhu Rong Peak is expected to be on a cloudless night.

'The misty clouds of Mount Hengshan are comparable to Mount Huangshan. Xuan Feng said at this moment. He was also in an extremely good mood.

'It's good to be home. It's great to be home. Liu Yu said, his long hair fluttering in the wind.

In the blink of an eye, the clearly visible mountain peaks were actually covered by balls of smoke, and their bodies gradually dimmed down. At this time, the tourists themselves also felt as if they were riding on clouds, only feeling that plumes and plumes of white smoke were drifting in front of their chests, flowing between their fingers, as if they could catch them but were unable to do so.

Suddenly, a breeze blew by. Wherever the wind passed, the sky would be gray and white, cloudy and clear. The fog dissipated, and the distant mountain peaks could be clearly seen again.

The ancients said, "If you don't step foot in the palace, you won't be able to understand how high you are." Han Yuyun, a literary scholar of the Tang Dynasty, said, "Zhu Rong rose from the ground with a hundred thousand zhang in order to see the light smoke."

Xuan Daoqi suddenly heard the poem and immediately acknowledged it. He turned his head and saw Yanran chanting.

'Mm, well said! ' Yue Yijian and the rest had a whole new level of respect for Yanran.

Just as Xuan Daoqi wanted to praise Yanran, he suddenly heard a voice from the top of the mountain, "Please come back, Master!"

He saw a person running down the mountain. That person looked to be about 3-6 years old, with an ordinary appearance. He quickly walked to Yue Yijian's side and said: "Master!"

'Mmm, Little Cheng. Yue Jian said. He paused for a moment and then said to the man called Xiao Cheng, 'This boy is Xiao Feng's disciple called Xuan Daoqi, and this little girl was brought here by Xiao Qiao.'

It turned out that the person was Xiao Cheng, the eldest disciple of Yue Jian. He looked at both of them and said in surprise, "What a beautiful piece of jade, and it's even two pieces at that." He then said to Xuan Feng, "Junior Brother, congratulations on receiving two disciples."

'Eldest Brother must be joking. Xuan Feng smiled.

"Haha!" Let's talk about it when we get back. " Yue Jian said and flew up the mountain.

"Yes!" Xiao Cheng and Xuan Feng replied in unison.

Xuan Daoqi and Yanran followed everyone up the mountain.

"Oh, so there's this passage." At this moment, everyone was already gathered in the hall.

Yue Jian sat in the middle, and the Xuan Feng couple took turns to talk about what had happened a few days ago.

The man behind Xiao Cheng said, "This Yanran's aptitude is already not bad. I didn't expect that Xiaoqi's aptitude would be even better. Chi chi!"

'Thank you, second senior brother, for your praise.' Xuan Feng bowed.

'Hey, we're all seniors, why are you being so courteous? ' His name was Hou Shunji, and he was Yue Jian's disciple.

'Haha, that's true.

After a burst of laughter, Xuan Daoqi said, "Master, I want to teach Yanran martial arts."

'Ah! ' Yue Jian was surprised and said, "Why?"

'I want to teach herself.' Xuan Daoqi said as he tightly held onto Yanran's hand.

Yue Jian looked into Xuan Daoqi's eyes as if there was something he couldn't clearly see inside; the two had been silent for a long time, causing the people in the hall to not even dare to breathe loudly. After a few minutes Yue Jian finally said: "Alright, Hengshan Sect's martial arts will be taught by you."

'Thank you, Master. Xuan Daoqi was overjoyed as he knelt down and kowtowed.

'Ah, there's no need for that.' With a wave of Yue Jian's right hand, an invisible force helped him up.

'Also, the martial arts of the nine sects can also be teached.' Yue Zhong asked again.

Xuan Daoqi was overjoyed, "It's really possible?"

'Hm! ' Yue Jian nodded his head firmly.

At this moment, Xuan Feng said, "Of course. Although the martial arts of the nine sects cannot be taught to each other without permission, but there is an exception. The direct disciples can impart martial arts skills to them, which is not part of the rules."

"Successor?" "What is that?" Xuan Daoqi asked in puzzlement.

'Xiao Qi, the main disciple is from the biggest faction, in the end, he's still the head disciple of the head disciple, do you understand? ' Liu Yu said in an amiable manner.

'Mmm, so I'm the eldest disciple. Xuan Daoqi was suddenly enlightened, and he even stroked his hair.

Yue Yang coughed and said, "The White-browed Daoist only accepted one disciple, and that is Brother Shui Xu. Brother Shui Xu only has two disciples, the eldest disciple Huan Ri and his own son Shui Ren, and Little Qi is Huan Ri's first disciple, so of course you're the direct disciple."

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