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C19 No One

"Yes, Grand Master. I understand!" After Xuan Daoqi finished, he turned to Yanran and said, 'From now on, I'll teach you .'

Yanran responded with a grunt, then lowered her head without a word.

'Oh, Little Zhen, you're here as well. Why aren't you talking.' Yue Jian inadvertently saw the disciple standing in the corner.

Yue Jian had taken in five apprentices, the eldest disciple Xiao Cheng, the second disciple Hou Shunji, the third disciple Wang Zhen, and the last disciples Xuan Feng and Liu Yu. Yue Jian had taken in five apprentices, the first disciple Xiao Cheng, the second disciple Hou Shunji, the third disciple Wang Zhen, and the last disciple Xuan Feng and Liu Yu.

'Mmm, Master, I have nothing else to say. Wang Zhen said.

At this moment, Xuan Daoqi heard the sound and turned to look at Wang Zhen, thinking of something familiar.

"Hey!" "Who are you?" One of them said, clad in red.

'My surname is Xuan, we are... ' His father said, and beside him was his unique mother.

Just as Dad was about to continue, another man in red interrupted him and said, 'Hey! What a beautiful woman! Let me enjoy it! "Haha …" As she spoke, she revealed an evil smile, causing her to hide into her mother's embrace in fear.

'Ah! ' When her mother heard such unbearable words, she cowered behind her father, shivering from time to time. Clearly, she was very afraid of these people.

When the red-clothed person noticed such a beautiful woman, he said, "If you let me down, I might let you go!" "Haha …"

'You... "You all …" Father seemed to be so angry that he couldn't speak.

Another red-clothed person who had not spoken since the beginning said calmly, "Kill them all!" In case there's too much trouble. "

"What!?" "So wasteful." The man from before said. Obviously, the one who didn't speak was their leader.

After that, their parents were killed by them. At that time, only one person escaped, and that person wanted to kill their parents. Xuan Daoqi always remembered his voice.

'You are... The person who killed my parents! ' Xuan Daoqi angrily raised his hand and pointed at Wang Zhen.

'Little Qi, don't spout nonsense! ' Xuan Feng said as he looked at Yue Jian's ugly face.

'Yes, he is, I'll always remember his voice, I'm sure he's the murderer! ' If not for Liu Yu pulling him, he would have already rushed over.

Wang Zhen's face did not look any better. When Yue Jian and the others came back, he saw Xuan Daoqi. Wang Zhen could not help but shout out, but Xuan Daoqi did not recognize him as the murderer of his parents, which made him feel more at ease. Xuan Daoqi did not say anything at the moment, afraid that his own voice would be exposed; he did not expect Yue Jian to ask him a question, forcing him to speak.

In the past, although Wang Zhen had always been by Lu Qian's side, Shui Xiyue and Xuan Daoqi had not recognized him. It was because of this that Wang Zhen had been able to survive for a long time.

'Little Zhen, is this true? ' Yue Shan asked with a sword in his hand. The immense pressure made it hard for Wang Zhen to breathe.

'I, I... ' Wang Zhen stammered.

'It's true! ' Yue Jian said angrily. From the looks of it, he knew that the matter was not simple.

When Wang Zhen realized that things were getting out of control, he immediately rushed out of the door. With a swoosh, Yue's sword made a sound, and Xuan Daoqi also rushed out after him, but arrived first later. When he saw Wang Zhen throwing something behind him, Xuan Daoqi, who was behind him, used his superior movement technique to chase after him, but was stopped by an unknown object, so he could only watch as Wang Zhen ran away.

As for the unknown object, it was only a piece of rag that Wang Zhen tore off from his body.

'Father, mother! ' Xuan Daoqi cried. He only regretted that his ability was insufficient to catch up with Wang Zhen.

At this moment, while Xuan Daoqi was sobbing, a pair of white feet walked up to him and said, 'Don't cry anymore. Weird, I don't know why Yanran doesn't like you crying.

'Yanran … ' Xuan Daoqi desperately rushed forward to hug the little girl.

In the blink of an eye, three years had passed. Xuan Daoqi and Yu Yanran had learned the martial arts of the Nine Sects and Mount Heng Sect.

Three years later, what happened in Chengdu, Sichuan, followed one after another.

After sending out the purple jade hairpin, the relationship between Xuan Daoqi and Yu Yanran deepened, and the Xuan Spirit toyed with it.

Through the hatred of his son, a gang leader surnamed Xu came to Hengshan,

He also invited the Sect Leader of the Wudang Sect to come and help.

Then he got to know his little disciple, Li Xiangyu.

Yue Jian and Dao Wu combined their powers to deal with the Blood Demon, an elder of the Devil Sect who was using a fake name.

However, he had allowed the blood demon to gain the upper hand.

Xuan Daoqi, one man, one sword, entered the blood demon's aura field.

Inside, Xuan Daoqi finally managed to master two martial arts techniques.

After the defeat of the Blood Demon, Li Xiang Yu used her sword to assassinate him.

In order to save her, Xuan Daoqi had thought for a very long time.

Even though she was no match for the palms of the blood demons, she eventually fainted in Yu Yanran's arms.

Little did he know that this kind of action had already stolen the heart of a woman.

They didn't know that after asking the sect master, the Blood Demon General had led his troops to attack Mount Hengshan …

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, three years had passed.

Three years was not a long, nor a short, three years passed just like that; it was summer again, and now was the time for the children to be happy, because it was summer vacation.

With a swoosh, on the grassy Hengshan, a human figure flew past like the wind and disappeared in the blink of an eye. It only stopped at the side of the pool and the afterimage gradually faded away.

In front of the afterimage, a white-clothed girl was sitting by the pool. Because her back was to the person behind her, when she heard the sound, she stood up happily and turned around, revealing a beautiful face. From the looks of it, she was around nine years old.

She shook her head slightly, and the hair on top of her head moved along with her. The girl had a pair of bright eyes that were as clear as the stars in the night sky; her small, firm nose and vermilion cherry lips formed a beautiful face. If one looked at her carefully, they would discover that the girl had an extraordinary temperament, just like an orchid.

But at this time, the girl slightly opened her eyes and said, "Strange."

'Mm, it's me, Yanran. The shadow faded to reveal a boy of about nine, wearing a black T-shirt and baggy shorts. The boy was smiling, his short hair fluttering in the wind, and the bangs of his left forehead.

'Where did it go? ' Yanran asked, her bangs flapping in front of her cold eyes.

'Down the down.' As the boy called Qi said this, he walked up to Yanran. He was actually a little shorter than her; the boy was, of course, Xuan Daoqi.

'Mmmm. She blinked at the boy, at the man who was with her.

Xuan Daoqi took something out of his pocket and brought it in front of her eyes. Then, he heard her startled cry out and happily laughed.

'Mm, this is for you, is it good? I bought it from the bottom of the mountain. '

Yanran slightly nodded her head and said, "Yes, it looks good." She took it and squinted at it.

'Such a beautiful thing should be worn by a beautiful person. Then he took it and put it on for Yanran.

That thing sparkled under the sun. The color of the amethysts was as dazzling as the sun. It looked really nice on Yanran's head.

'This purple jade hairpin looks good, but so does man.' Xuan Daoqi said.

'Strange... ' Yanran couldn't help but feel shy, and her expression was extremely cute.

Xuan Daoqi looked at Yanran in fascination, but was interrupted at this moment.

"Brother … Sister!" Suddenly, a voice came from afar.

Before Xuan Daoqi could turn around, a gust of wind blew over with a fragrant smell.

'Little Spirit. Xuan Daoqi said, and had no choice but to throw out his arms to hug the newcomer.

At this moment, Yanran also said, "Little Spirit, you always love to pester your brother."

The girl called Little Spirit looked about seven or eight years old. She was clean and white, and looked like Liu Yu. She was glued to Xuan Daoqi's body. After hearing what Yan Ran said, she said coquettishly, "Sister..." I like brother. "

'Hmm, forget it, Yanran. Why are you looking for me? ' Xuan Daoqi first stopped Yanran from speaking, then he asked the girl in his embrace.

'Hmph, is there a reason why I'm looking for you? ' Little Spirit said angrily as she left Xuan Daoqi's embrace.

"Oh, is that so? Then let's go, Yanran." Xuan Daoqi held onto a white hand, as if he was about to leave.

Yan Ran nodded as she smiled at Little Spirit and left with Xuan Daoqi.

Little Spirit saw that he left as soon as he said it, and said anxiously: "Brother!"

'What is it now? ' He stopped.

'Sigh, I knew that I wouldn't be able to deceive my brother. Little Spirit said.

'It's Master. Xuan Daoqi looked at Yanran in surprise, while the latter looked at him in confusion.

Master won't look for him at this time, Mystic Daoqi thought.

'Little Qi, come on.' Xuan Feng said the moment he saw Xuan Daoqi.

Xuan Daoqi held hands with Yanran as they crossed the threshold towards Xuan Feng. Little Spirit followed behind her; there were three people inside: the Mount Hengshan Sect Leader Yue Jian and Xuan Feng's wife.

Actually, Little Spirit was the daughter of Xuan Feng and his wife. Her name was Xuan Ling. Xuan Ling was their junior sister, but in private, she called the two of them elder brothers and elder sister. Because the youngest person in Mount Heng was already over twenty years old, when Xuan Ling saw the two of them, she happily called them elder brother and elder sister.

'Master, you're looking for me.' Xuan Daoqi asked.

Xuan Feng acknowledged with an unsightly expression on his face.

The three Mystics could not see what was going on, so the Mystical Spirit said, "Father, what happened?"

Xuan Feng didn't answer, but Yue Zhong said, "Little Qi."


Yue Jian said, "The trouble we caused in Sichuan is here."

'Sichuan, disaster? ' Xuan Daoqi looked at Yanran with suspicion in his eyes, but she was also nervous.

'However, as far as I know, they have been looking for us since three years ago. At that time, they did not dare to come looking for us. Why have they only just arrived now? ' Xuan Daoqi said.

'With external aide.' Xuan Feng suddenly asked.

'Who is it? ' Yanran looked at Yue Susu and said.

Yue Jian looked at Yanran and said, "Wu Dang!"

In Dan Jiang Kou City, northwest of Hubei Province, Taoism is famous mountain-Taihe Mountain, also known as Wudang Mountain.

Within the main hall, the sound of people conversing could be heard.

"Senior Brother, I'm going to Mount Hengshan tomorrow." A fifty to sixty-year-old azure-robed elder said.

And in front of the azure-robed old man was a blue-robed old man. He said, "Then junior brother, be careful."

"Yes, I will pay attention." The azure-robed old man said.

"Junior brother, will your disciple go?"

The old man in green said, "Senior is talking about..."

'Little Yu, 'he said. The blue-robed elder said calmly.

"Senior Brother, I have this intention as well."

'Well, then take her.'

"Yes." He withdrew from the main hall.

These two people were naturally Wu Dang's men. As for the blue-clothed old man, he was the Sect Leader of Wu Dang, Dao Zhenren. As for the blue-clothed old man, he was Dao Zhen.

The next day, Xuan Daoqi woke up early and bumped into Yanran outside the door. Actually, he didn't find it strange at all, as his thoughts had already told him.

"Morning." Xuan Daoqi said.

'Well, you're early too, weird.' Today, she was wearing a white dress that accentuated her skin color. Her jet-black hair was scattered all over her snow-white shoulders, making her seem unkempt.

'Let's go.' He held out his hand.

Seeing this, Yanran raised her hand to grab the Xuan Dao Qi and followed him.

After washing up and eating breakfast, the two of them arrived at the great hall. Almost everyone was there. Yue Jian was sitting on the left side of the room with a teacher's chair reserved for the Wu Dang person. On the left was Master Bai, Xiao Cheng, Second Martial Uncle Shunji, Master Xuan Feng, Aunt Liu Yu and Spirit Master Xuan Ling; on the right was no one.

'Little Qi, Yanran is here. Liu Yu called out.

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