Grief-stricken Tao/C2 Shui Clan Disciple
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Grief-stricken Tao/C2 Shui Clan Disciple
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C2 Shui Clan Disciple

'We'll bury your parents.' She paused for a moment, then said, "Wait, I'll bring you to see my father again."

'Mmmm. Xuan Daoqi nodded in agreement. Otherwise, he wouldn't know what to do.

Somewhere in Jiuzhaigou Valley, there was a palace. It was the Nine Sects that rose up in the martial arts world, and it had a deep relationship with the Wudang Sect. The disciples mainly trained in Tao techniques.

At this moment, the broken pillars and scattered fragments covered the gorgeous palace with droplets of blood. Around the palace, there were corpses scattered everywhere.

The guards in charge of the palace felt as heavy as a dark night. They raised their vigilance to the highest level, paying attention to their surroundings at all times in order to ensure their safety.

Within the white palace, a thirty year old white robed cultivator scolded the people kneeling in front of him. As for the people kneeling, they had no choice but to be taught a lesson by the white robed cultivator.

'What about Xiao Yue? ' The white-robed Daoist then asked, 'Where did she go?' After pausing for a while, he said furiously, 'What do you guys think?'

The person kneeling at the very front said, "Disciple does not know... The young Asgard Mistress is going to … "Where did it go?" The white-robed Daoist angrily reprimanded him after he finished speaking with great difficulty.

The white-robed cultivator shouted, "Hurry up and go find him!" The veins on his face bulged out, causing the man's expression to turn savage. He caused everyone to immediately retreat out of the door to search for the young Asgard Mistress.

At that moment, everyone heard a familiar voice coming from the doorway.

'I'm back, Dad! ' Just as everyone was about to leave, Shui Xiyue's voice came from outside the door.

The retreating figures immediately divided into two, standing on both sides as they said: "Little Palace Mistress!"

"En!" Shui Xiyue ran towards the man's side in response to their greetings.

When the white-robed cultivator heard Shui Xiyue's voice, he immediately revealed a smile and spread his arms. He hugged the charging Shui Xiyue and said, "Good boy!" You little rascal... "Where did you run off to?" He touched Shui Xiyue's head, showing her how much he doted on her.

"Daddy!" I'm bored in my room... So, I ran out to play. ' As she spoke, she stuck out her tongue, pretending to be innocent.

"That's it!" Haven't you met a bad person? ' the white-robed man asked, looking into her pure eyes.

"There is!" There were three bad guys, and one of them was beaten away by me. ' As she spoke, Shui Xiyue couldn't help but laugh, not forgetting the way that villain had run away.

The man said curiously, "Oh!" 'What about the other two bad guys? '

'That... Those two are dead. ' Shui Xiyue lowered her head, not daring to look at her father.

The white-robed man's expression slightly changed as he said to Shui Xiyue, "Did you kill him?"

'It's not me.' she whispered.

After hearing Shui Xiyue deny it, the man let out a sigh of relief and softly said, "Who killed him?"

"Yes..." Yes... ' Shui Xiyue hesitated and didn't dare to say that it was Xuan Daoqi who killed them.

'Xiao Yue, just say who it is! ' the man in white asked softly.

'It's me! ' The voice came from the door, causing everyone in the hall to look towards the door, only to see a five to six-year-old boy. Everyone couldn't help but be surprised; it was Xuan Daoqi who had followed Shui Xiyue home, and had stayed at the door until Shui Xiyue's father asked him about it, and when he saw that she was in a difficult situation, he couldn't help but say it out loud.

Xiyue's father asked, "You're the little kid?" However, thinking that it was possible, he decided to ask the little child in front of him, so he instructed the people in the hall to leave.

Just as Xuan Daoqi wanted to explain, Shui Xiyue, who saw this scene, nervously said to her father, 'Father, you spared Little Qi. It's not his fault!' She ran to him and opened her little arms, trying to protect him.

'Ha... Xiao Yue, Daddy won't kill him. ' After a pause, he turned his head and said to Xuan Daoqi, 'What's your name?'

'Xuan Daoqi, what about you? '

'Ha... Ha … My name is Shui Ren. " The man called Shui Ren giggled as he looked at Xuan Daoqi.

Shui Xiyue threw herself into Shui Ruo's arms and said, "Father, can you let Little Qi learn our family's martial arts?"

Shui Ren doubtfully asked Shui Xiyue, "Xuan Daoqi doesn't know martial arts?" "Mmm." Shui Xiyue nodded in response.

'That won't do! ' Shui Ren resolutely rejected his daughter's suggestion and continued, "If he were to kill someone at such a young age and learn kung fu and grow up, what would happen? "We have to see how we're doing when we choose a disciple. He can't do it."

'But Little Qi is very pitiful! I caused his parents to die! ' Shui Xiyue wanted to continue to plead for Xuan Daoqi, but she didn't hesitate to cry at the same time in order to gain her father's sympathy.

'Father won't let Little Qi practice martial arts. I can promise you anything else. Shui Ren said gently to Xiyue; it was obvious that Shui Xiyue's plea had failed.

'That... Can you... Let Little Qi live in our house? ' Shui Xiyue still wanted to continue to help Xuan Daoqi in the end; after all, she was responsible for the deaths of Xuan Daoqi's parents.

"Hm!" "Xiao Yue, I can promise you that." Shui Ren happily agreed. After all, it was not a difficult task. It would not be too much of a burden for the Shui family to have one more person to eat with less people.

When she heard her father's reply, Shui Xiyue happily thanked him.

Towards Xuan Daoqi's thanks, Shui Ren could only wave his hand and reply. Shui Xiyue happily took Xuan Daoqi and left.

And so, Xuan Daoqi stayed with Shui Xiyue.

After the bath, Xuan Daoqi changed into Shui Family's personal white clothes, and was led to his room by a maid. When Xuan Daoqi saw that the five-year-old girl seemed like she had something to say, he couldn't help but ask, "Mm!?" Do you have something to say to me? '

The maid then opened her mouth and said, "Yes, young master!" The servant girl's name is Diao Kou. '… After a short pause, he continued, "The 'hag' is the young maid of Palace Head Xiyue. If there's anything you need, you can look for her." After he finished speaking, he bowed and left the room.

Xuan Daoqi watched as he closed the door behind him and quietly laid on his bed, thinking about how he, his father, and his mother would fly together on a plane to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. Thinking about how Xuan Daoqi started to cry, and how his parents had been killed by bad people, he couldn't help but clench his small hand.

In his dreams, Xuan Daoqi dreamed of his parents many times. He wanted to grab his mother's hand, but he couldn't shake her hand no matter what, so he called out for his father. Meanwhile, his father held his mother's white hand as they walked further and further away.

The competition continued. The biggest crisis of the Shui family was not over yet. The matter of the Mysterious Daoqi was just an interlude. No one could have imagined that the appearance of the Mysterious Daoqi had brought about the biggest change that affected everyone.

For example, the danger of the Nine Sects still hadn't been resolved. On the second day after Xuan Daoqi arrived at the Shui Family, the blue-robed man that had besieged the Nine Sects led the green-clad and red-clothed men to guard the various paths leading to the Nine Sects.

'Kill ah... ' "Charge!" Early in the morning, Xuan Daoqi was awakened by the constant shouting and killing. He anxiously got up from his bed and quickly ran to the window, opening his eyes to see the disciples and servants of the Shui Family fighting against the people in green and red; the people in red numbered around seventy, while the people of the Shui Family numbered only forty or fifty.

About ten minutes later, Xuan Daoqi saw Shui Ren in white running out of the palace gate.

As soon as Shui Ren broke into the enemy ranks, he took the life of a green-clad man and sent him flying. Suddenly, Shui Ren shot to the left like an arrow released from a bow. because he saw a person, a person he was interested in...

This time, Shui Ren rushed towards the enemy lines, taking care of seven or eight red and green clothed people along the way. The enemies surrounding Shui Ren immediately formed a circle, first retreating a step, then raising their swords to attack Shui Ren.


'Ah … ' Seeing that Shui Ruo was in danger, Xuan Daoqi couldn't help but shout out loud.

At this moment, Shui Ren immediately stopped and picked up the sword that had fallen to the side. The owner of the sword had long since passed away; when Shui Ren raised the sword, the red and green men surrounding Shui Ren had already brought the sword's tip in front of him, giving off a frightening cold glow; Shui Ren kicked the person who was facing him at a crooked angle, while the green-clothed enemy, who had lost his center of gravity, staggered as he thrust the sword in his hand towards his companion's heart, even though their eyes were wide open and unable to change the truth.

"Wah!" "So powerful." Xuan Daoqi watched Shui Dazhi's ingenious method as he evaded the enemy's sneak attack and counterattacked. At the same time, he was dancing in joy, as if he had won the battle on his own.

The men in red and green who were attacking Shui Ren saw the little episode, but did not hesitate at all. They all pointed their weapons at Shui Ren.

The same enemy, the smell of blood in the air caused them all to kill to the point of losing their lives. Seeing this situation, the water would not dare to fight back and would not be able to escape for a while.

Someone said, 'It's easier to do things when there are a lot of people.'

At this moment, Shui Ren believed that these people were only manipulated by a moment of anger. As long as it was a long time, they would eventually be defeated, and now all they needed to do was hold on; however, the situation would have a different development. As long as the enemy used human tactics, Shui Ren would not have to play.

'Little Qi! ' "Eh …" Shui Xiyue ran to the door of Xuan Daoqi's room, wanting to see what Xuan Daoqi was doing. How could she have known that Xuan Daoqi was watching the battle in the plaza and had forgotten about it?

'Wa... ' Within the room, Xuan Daoqi stared fixedly at Shui Ren's movement and movement technique. He didn't even know that Shui Xiyue had come to his side.

Shui Ren stabbed the sword into his back, raising his power to the maximum.

"Ah …" Shui Ren shouted. His hands turned into palms as he pushed them out to the left and right. The place where his palms landed was definitely not a place where he could defeat that person in a single strike.

In the blink of an eye, Shui Ren was out of the encirclement. There were a few corpses lying on the ground, they were the people that were besieging Shui Ren. Shui Ren, who had escaped, immediately rushed towards the person he was interested in …

"Ah!" "Crap..." Xuan Daoqi and Shui Xiyue yelled almost at the same time.

Just when Shui Ren was about ten meters away from 'that person', a burst of murderous shouts came from all directions. It turned out that the enemy leader had called for the remaining four or five men in red and green to deal with Shui Ren together.

'Quick, save Master! ' It was unknown who shouted this, but the thirty-odd disciples of the Shui family immediately rushed to Shui Ren's trapped place. The red and green clothed people wanted to kill Shui Ren, but the Shui Clan disciples wanting to save Shui Ren would have to see who was faster.

'Wrong... ' Xuan Daoqi looked at the change in the square with a puzzled expression. Logically speaking, the enemy wasn't that stupid. They couldn't kill him or even surround him, so why did they have to go through so much trouble to kill him? Was it because the enemies were attacking even harder, or was it because …

'Ah … ' The nearby Shui Xiyue gaped in shock as she looked at Xuan Daoqi, who was clenching his small fist tightly. He watched as the disciples of the Shui clan thrust their long swords towards the vital parts of the enemy, while the red and green clothed men were completely unaware that the greatest danger was coming from behind them. All they wanted to do was kill Shui Ren.

'I've been tricked... 'Be careful of the enemy in front of you! ' Xuan Daoqi shouted with all of his strength. The Shui disciples broke out in a cold sweat when they heard this, because the enemy in front of them suddenly turned around and sneaked an attack on the Shui disciples behind them.

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