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C20 How Strange

Xuan Daoqi and Qing Shui obediently walked to Liu Yu's side.

Not long after, they heard a report from a disciple of Mount Heng informing them that no Adept Wu Dang had arrived.

At this time, he heard Daoist Master Dao say, "This Penniless Priest came too late."

As he spoke, everyone saw a green robed elder around the age of fifty or sixty walk into the hall. He wore a great sword at his waist, and his face was radiant; a girl around nine years old followed behind him.

"Oh, welcome. No one is real." Yue Jian rose from his seat, holding the old man's hand, letting him sit on the empty armchair.

Xiao Cheng and the rest who were standing at the side shouted out, "Adept!"

'You're courteous.' He sat down; the girl was standing beside him.

The moment the two of them sat down, the hall quietened down. No one spoke a word.

In the end, Yue Jian could not help but ask, "Mm, Dao Wu, who is that little kid beside you? It's pretty cute. "

Dao Wu smiled and said, "This is my disciple, Li Xiang Yu."

Yue Jian said 'oh' and called Li Xiangyu 'good bye.

The girl nodded to Dao Wu and said: "Hello Senior Masters and Senior Brothers."

'Ha ha! ' Yue Jian laughed.

'This girl's aptitude is not bad.' Since he could not find a topic to talk about, Yue Jian randomly picked a topic to talk about.

'Thank you! ' Li Xiang Yu said sweetly.

Dao Wu laughed twice and also said to Yue Jian, "In terms of aptitude, that little brother is truly the best. However, I wonder what his name is."

The crowd then shifted their gazes to Xuan Daoqi, and he was actually looking at Xuan Daoqi.

'Ah, it's me... My name is Xuan Daoqi. " Xuan Daoqi couldn't help but become nervous.

Dao Wu looked at Xuan Daoqi for a moment and said lightly, "Do you know that someone wants your head?"

Yue Jian and the others didn't say anything, because they knew it was too much of a shame to talk about them, so they told Xuan Daoqi that they were scolding locusts. There were many things that adults couldn't say, so they used children as a shield, and that was how it was, after all, a child's skin was thicker.

Xuan Daoqi didn't say anything, but that didn't mean Yan Ran was deaf. She nervously looked at him, while Xuan Daoqi only tightly held her hand. He thought to himself, 'Don't worry.'

'Mm … ' Yanran replied.

'Dao Wu, we all know the purpose of your visit. Yue Jianjun paused for a moment, then told him the whole story before he said, 'What do you think we should do about this?'

'What should I do? Just from your side of the story, hmph! " Suddenly, a dissatisfied voice came from outside the door.

Following that, he saw a tall and big man walk in. Dozens of people followed behind him, causing the hall to be packed to the point where not even a drop of water could trickle through. Xuan Daoqi and Yanran were pushed to the corner. Fortunately, they could still see Yue Yijian and the rest.

'You're come.' Dao Wu said to the tall man.

"Yes, please be the judge!" 'My son died in their hands! ' The tall and big man said in grief and indignation. Presumably, he should be that leader.

"Is that so?" "How come I saw your son forcefully snatching away a commoner?" Yue Shan said indifferently, looking completely at ease.

'Humph, which one of you... ' "Did you see it with your eyes?" Before he could say anything, he was interrupted.

'Stop! '

The tall man's words were interrupted by someone, and he was about to curse out at someone when he realized that Dao-Wu had interrupted him, too quiet to even dare to speak.

'Everyone, quiet up.' Daudet raised his hand and repressed the quarrel between the two.

'Adept, please deal with it! ' The tall man suddenly said respectfully.

'I wouldn't dare to deal with it, but I have my own opinions on it. Dao Wu lightly said, as if he was listening to a story and wanted to share his experience.

"Oh, I'd like to hear more about it." Yue Longjian said, thinking, "He is not like someone, who is Yue Longjian?" I am the Mount Hengshan Sect Leader!

'I think... ' After saying half of his sentence, Dao Wu turned his head and looked at both sides. After looking at Yue Shan, he looked at the tall man and remained silent for a while. It seemed like he did not care much about this matter. Of course, he was most worried about his disciple Xuan Feng, and not Yue Jian; the tense situation was written all over his face, and even though he had already made all the preparations, he still had to pay a heavy price. However, he could only shake his head as he watched.

When the Sect Leader saw Daoyan speak, he became restless. Then, he saw Daoyan shake his head at him and couldn't help but say, "What exactly happened?"

Seeing him act this way, Daoyan said flatly, 'Let this go.

'Ah! ' Yue Jian and the Sect Leader exclaimed. The only difference was that Yue Jian wasn't very happy; however, the Sect Leader was surprised and didn't say anything else. He thought to himself: "How much money did he spend to get to the Dao?" How much money he spent, and in the end he didn't keep his promise. '

'You don't mean what you say! ' Right now, he didn't have the time to care about that.

'Sect Master Xu, why do you need to be even more wrong? ' Pathless.

'Smelly Taoist, don't think that you can just leave after taking the money! ' The current him looked completely different from before.

"Oh, bribe!" Yue Jian smirked.

"Cough, cough!" Dao Wu coughed twice and corrected him, "This Penniless Priest did not bribe you, but saved all of our people. I donated all of my money."

'How much? ' Yue Jian laughed and patted his shoulder.

'Hmph, no matter who you save, my money won't come back. My poor son … ' "Woo woo!" Sect Master Xu actually started sobbing at the end, causing the crowd to be in an uproar.

'Sect Master Xu! ' Dao Wu stood up and wanted to comfort Sect Leader Xu.

At this moment, Xuan Daoqi was thinking to Yanran, 'I think that the Sect Leader will sneak attack Dao uses.'

'Really? ' Yan Ran's words were transmitted to Xuan Daoqi by her thoughts. She thought to herself, 'Regardless of what happens, I must believe in oddities!' She didn't know why she trusted him so much. It was as if she trusted him from the bottom of her heart, as if she had trusted him from her previous life.

When Yanran woke up from her contemplation, she saw Xuan Daoqi's grateful eyes, which made her unable to make heads or tails of it. She did not know that Xuan Daoqi had long since figured out what she was thinking.

"Hmm, what's wrong?" "Strange, your face is so red!" Yanran transmitted her voice.

Xuan Daoqi suddenly came to a realization and said, 'No, it's OK.

Xuan Daoqi and Ye Xiao looked at each other. There was a huge change in the situation.

Sect Master Xu's face turned green and red as he shouted, "It's better if we don't do it. Brothers, die for them!"

'Woo, fuck! Who dares to sneak attack me.' After a strange shout, a man 'gulp!' He fell to the ground with a thud. The crowd moved aside in alarm, and an area around him became empty.

'Woo! Come out for laozi! ' The man on the ground stood up and said fiercely.

The crowd was in an uproar. At this time, he suddenly heard Sect Leader Xu shout: "Everyone is forbidden to move!"

Although he told people not to move, it did not mean that people would listen to him. Yue Jian and Dao Wuwu made their moves at the same time, pouncing towards Clan Master Xu, and the other disciples of Mount Hengshan made their moves with the little brother that he brought.

'Weird, you're back! ' Yan Ran said, avoiding a little brother's sneak attack.

'Hm! ' Xuan Daoqi pulled Yanran out of the hall. He had just ambushed a lackey because he saw that the lackey was about to take out his gun and shoot at Dao Wu, but Xuan Daoqi knocked him down onto the ground.

The sounds of battle could also be heard outside the house. Sect Leader Xu had brought a lot of people with him. There were at least forty people outside the house. Many of them were armed with weapons. Those who didn't have guns were armed with sabres and sticks.

He spread his thoughts and knew that five people within ten meters had come to kill him.

Phew, it's a good thing that no one is holding a gun.' Xuan Daoqi kicked a person away, used his movement technique and ran back to the room with Yanran. "Inside, Xuan Daoqi grabbed the black wooden sword hanging on the wall and passed it to Yanran.

'Let's go help! ' He took the girl's hand and ran out.

For the past three years, Xuan Daoqi had taught all the martial arts he knew to Yanran. Although Yanran had only studied martial arts for three years, she had already surpassed Xuan Daoqi's spirit which had been learning martial arts since she was young.

Xuan Daoqi would often call Shui Xiyue at the Nine Sects School, and when he held the black wood sword, he would think of the girl who was a year older than him. Xuan Daoqi heard from her that she had broken through the first layer of Tai Chi to the next layer, and was now on the same level as Little Fatty Brother and Little Ping; while Brother He had already reached the initial stage of Tai Chi, and was even more powerful than Shui Ren; Shui Xu was still at the initial stage of Tai Chi.

And Huan Ri, whom he hadn't seen for a long time, came to Mount Hengshan from a year ago and brought his wife, Shifting Star, who was only in her twenties and was quite beautiful. After being questioned by Xuan Daoqi, she found out that Shifting Star was a member of the Hua Shan Sect.

And Huan Ri also told him about how he went to Mount Hua to discuss about the sword, saying that the four great experts had all come, and of course, the outstanding disciples of the various sects had all come to challenge him, but in the end, the new four great masters were still the same group; Huan Ri also went to pay respects to his master, Abbot Whitebrow, and said, "Huan Ri, if you continue to work hard, you should be able to surpass your master in less than ten years."

With that, the white-browed man left with flying white brows; Huan Ri was astonished, 'Could it be that Master has already broken through to the upper levels of the Tai Chi Diagram — Ascending to the Immortal!'

When learning this level, one had to learn to draw solid lines in the void. On the second level, when learning this level, one had to quickly draw Tai Chi, which consumed a great deal of true qi, making the lines round and curved; and on the last level, where the Tai Chi diagram learned this level, it was already complete. As long as one continued to cultivate, it was not difficult to become an immortal.

After staying in Mount Hengshan for a month, Huan Ri left for the Nine Sects. During this time, Huan Ri taught many of the martial arts of the Nine Sects, and he also learned all of the Mysterious Daoqi.

Strangely, ever since the appearance of the small wisp of Zhen Qi three years ago, it had carried a gentle feeling and disappeared when Mystic Daoqi was about to check it out; however, after the arrival of the Star Shifting Art, the gentle Qi had suddenly appeared again.

When Xuan Daoqi was practicing that move, Xuan Daoqi unconsciously used a strange move. Xuan Daoqi then asked, "Little Qi, who did you learn that move from?"

When Xuan Daoqi saw how the Star Shifting had lost his composure, he panicked and said, "Mistress, I don't know. I..."

And Shifting Star also saw that Munduki didn't seem to be lying, so he said, 'I don't know who you learned it from, but it seems to be... The martial arts of the Hua Shan Sect.

Flowermont? I didn't learn it! ' Xuan Daoqi said with shock in his eyes.

Shifting Star frowned and said, 'That should be right. That's Mount Hua mantra - the Primordius mantra.'

'Primordius Art? ' This time it was his turn to frown.

At this point, Shifting Star stopped talking. After a long time, he said, 'Practice on your own!' With that, he left.

After that, Xuan Daoqi's internal energy had a change. That gentle energy had suddenly turned into masculine true qi, and was then merged with the fire like energy. For the suddenly strengthening yang true qi, the water like energy was not fused with it, and thus, Xuan Daoqi only had two kinds of true qi left in his body.

After the Star Shifting Art had been checked over and over again, she confirmed that the masculine zhenqi was Hua Shan's Primordius Art. She was surprised as she said, "Although it is a Primordius Art, it is not extremely masculine. Instead, it is feminine."

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