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C3 Be Careful

Seeing the dramatic change in front of him, Xuan Daoqi was also scared to the point of breaking out in cold sweat. If not for his prompt reminder, the ones who would have died at this moment would have been people from the Shui Family.

The disciples of the Shui Family all returned to their defense, defending their vital points. Time was running out for them to think, before they started to fight with the enemies in front of them.

After receiving this buffer, Shui Ren immediately rushed in front of that person, pulled out the long sword on his back, and stabbed towards that person's vital points.

That person was actually … the blue-clothed leader!

'Lu Qian, I will kill you! ' Shui Ren screamed like a madman. All sorts of memories suddenly surfaced in his mind.

Everything flashed through his mind. Scenes flew past his eyes one after another before finally coming to a stop. An image that a water user would never be able to forget … Memory.

His wife was lying in his arms and he could feel her life leaving her body bit by bit. Although his wife's body looked unharmed, he was very clear that all of her internal organs had been shattered by the power of his palm.

'Who is it …? Shui Ren asked weakly, trying to suppress his sadness.

"Yes..." "Woo …" The noble and elegant lady wanted to say who the one who hurt her was, but she couldn't stop herself from spitting out a mouthful of blood. Her spitting caused her face to turn even paler.

"Little Yan!" What's wrong with you? ' This time, Shui Ren became even more anxious, directly instructing her not to say anything more and carried Xiao Yan to the Nine Sects of the Shui Family, wanting to find someone to save her.

'Lu... "Humph, it's Lu Qian." Just when Shui Ren was about ten minutes away from Little Yan, she suddenly called out a name. If it weren't for Shui Ren sending Zhen Qi to Little Yan, she wouldn't have been able to hold on for a long time.

"Little Yan, who is he?" Is he the murderer? Although Shui Ren thought this way, he couldn't help but to ask and stop his steps to listen carefully to Little Yan.

Xiao Yan first looked deeply at Shui Ren, then said: 'It was Lu Qian who killed me... " After pausing for a moment, he continued, "He's my senior brother."

"What!?" "Lu Qian is also a member of the Demonic Sect!" Shui Ren cried out involuntarily, the shock in his heart could be seen.

The Demonic Sect was the most secretive sect in the world, and it had been in the ascendant for a while. Whoever offended a Demonic Sect member, no matter who it was, would suffer a calamity, especially the Sect Leader, whose kung fu was extremely high, his movement technique was also extremely strange, and no one could resist him until the four great experts — the Sleeping Immortal, the Evil God, the Old Daoist, and the Drunken Buddha — joined forces to attack and annihilate the entire Demonic Sect. Of course there would be those who escaped the net, like Xiao Yan and Lu Qian. The martial artists that surrounded and annihilated the cult were also heavily injured, with the exception of the Sleeping Immortal. On the other hand, because she had already married into the Shui family, Little Yan had escaped this calamity.

"Ah!" Until now... "You're still …" Little Yan gently shook her head, and said to Shui Ren.

Looking at Shui Ren, Xiao Yan lightly nodded her head, admitting it.

There was no difference between right and wrong, but for Little Yan, he could discard them.

"Then why did he injure you?" Shui Ren questioned. He couldn't think of any reason why.

'He used to like me, but I didn't mean anything to him... I just treat him like my brother. " Little Yan quietly talked about the past, and then she smiled and said, 'The greatest indication I can give him is to marry you.'

Hearing Little Yan's words, Shui Ren could not help but feel sore, he did not expect Little Yan to love him so much.

'He killed you just because of that? ' Shui Ren said angrily.

'Don't... ' Xiao Yan shook her head.

'It's the Shui Family's secret martial arts manual. Little Yan replied.

'My family's secret martial arts manual? ' Shui Ren Qi said, but his heart was in pain. Just for the secret manual?

'Woo … ' Just then, Shui Ren's face suddenly turned pale white, Xiao Yan looked at Shui Ren lovingly, and sighed: 'Ren Lang! "You're so dumb, even though you know that I have no cure, you still …" At this point, Little Yan couldn't help but cry; it turned out Shui Ren had always been sending Zhen Qi to Little Yan, at this point, Shui Ren's internal energy was already insufficient, there was a problem adjusting his Zhen Qi.

Shui Ren shook his head and said gently: "I'm fine, Little Yan."

After pausing for a while, he said, "That bastard Lu Qian killed you for the sake of my Shui Family's martial arts?"

'Woo! ' Right... If I don't tell him, he'll... "Then..." The last two words that Xiao Yan wanted to say, 'Kill me', had not come out yet. Little Yan endured the pain in her body and wanted to see the person she loved the most. Maybe it was because she was in so much pain that her body had gone numb, so she smiled.

"Ah …" "Sob, sob …" Shui Ren hugged Xiao Yan tightly, tears that he had never experienced in his life flowing down his face. Although he knew that she was dead, Shui Ren still hugged her tightly, afraid that he would lose her if he wasn't careful.

The mournful wails of the wind stopped in this distant memory.

'I'll kill you... ' Shui Ren thought to himself as he stabbed the blue-clothed leader – Lu Qian's throat, chest, and lower body. Lu Qian had to be killed to avenge his wife.

Lu Qian used a demonic footwork technique to avoid Shui Ren's attacks, causing Shui Ren's moves to miss.

Shui Ren staggered in midair, almost falling to the ground.

Xuan Daoqi, who was in the room, said to Shui Xiyue, "Your father is a little strange?"

Shui Xiyue didn't say a word as she stared at Shui Ren on the square. It was clear that she also thought the same.

Lu Qian turned around and pulled out a thick saber from his back. He pointed it at Shui Ren and said, "Shui Ren, give up on resisting!" You have no chance at all. '

Shui Ren could faintly feel that there was something unusual about this blade, but he could not tell what it was. He could only feel that this blade was a little evil.

But when Shui Ren heard Lu Qian's words, he said furiously: "The hatred of killing my wife..." And then he said one word at a time, "No..." Available... No... "Report!" Then, Shui Ren rushed forward and quickly rushed in front of Lu Qian, raising his long sword and thrusting it towards Lu Qian's right hand which held the saber, wanting to force Lu Qian to lift the saber to block his attack. At that time, Shui Ren would gather all the strength in his left hand and give Lu Qian a ruthless palm strike, causing him to lose his life and at the very least, cause him to vomit blood.

Just as the long sword was next to Lu Qian's right hand, Lu Qian turned his right wrist to avoid Shui Ren's long sword at a slight distance, and swung the saber towards Shui Ren's left shoulder. Shui Ren did not expect Lu Qian to fail in his counterattack, so he forcibly avoided the blade.

Lu Qian used his thick saber to turn right and sweep behind him. Dang! Shui Ren, who was about to sneak an attack, raised his sword to block the saber. As he could not endure the force, he also retreated like Lu Qian, instantly opening up a distance between them.

Xuan Daoqi sighed, "Father Xiyue can't beat that Lu Qian!" Looking at the changes on the arena, he tried his best to think of a way to change Shui Ren's disadvantage.

Shui Ren shouted loudly and rushed to Lu Qian's side, only to see Lu Qian swing his broadsword, appearing to be full of holes, but the truth was that he did not; Shui Ren arced to the corner of Lu Qian's left hand and took Lu Qian's left chest; unexpectedly, after cutting his clothes, Shui Ren's long sword was cut in half by Lu Qian's broadsword, and Qian Lu's broadsword was slicing towards Shui Ren's waist at high speed. Shui Ren immediately used his broken sword to block the sabre's momentum.

Lu Qian saw that he could not afford to miss the opportunity. He quickly raised his broadsword and shook it.

Shui Ren looked at Lu Qian who was about three meters away. He poured his true qi into the broken sword and quickly threw the broken sword at Lu Qian's broadsword. At this moment, it was the broadsword that was threatening Shui Ren; as long as the broadsword was destroyed, Shui Ren would have a chance of winning. Lu Qian looked at the broken sword falling straight down and his speed became faster and faster. What made his head hurt was that the broken sword had already locked onto him and Lu Qian was unable to breathe due to the pressure.

'Ah! ' Xuan Daoqi and Shui Xiyue were called out together, and Shui Xiyue lost her voice because the change in the situation was too great. Suddenly, the situation took a turn for the worst, and suddenly, Lu Qian was attacked again.

Xuan Daoqi had already guessed that there would be at least three kinds of changes on the battlefield. First, the broken sword successfully restrained Lu Qian, so that he would have to deal with it with all his might, and at that time, he wouldn't be able to do anything about it; second, if Lu Qian did the same, he would just abandon his broadsword like he did with the water, and both of them would die; if he attacked Shui Ren, then Shui Ren would at most be on equal footing with him; third, Lu Qian would be able to smoothly fly away the broken sword, and then he would have enough time to deal with Shui Ren. What was worse was that Shui Ren was still in the air and had no power to escape from Lu Qian, so he was safe. However, the Mysterious Daoqi couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

At the same time, a bigger change was sweeping across the field.

He saw Shui Ren descending at high speed. Just as the broken sword met with the thick saber, Shui Ren used the power of the broken sword and floated towards the right. Shui Ren moved to the right because there was a big tree on the right, which was a good place to avoid Lu Qian's pursuit.

Just as Lu Qian was about to step on the treetops, an explosion suddenly came from the left. Lu Qian had actually broken the broken sword; the broken sword had exploded because of the Qi that had been poured into it. The Qi was no longer stable, and now that Lu Qian had blocked it, the two Qi had clashed, causing the broken sword to naturally explode.

Seeing that things had already reached this point, Xuan Daoqi shouted, "Xiyue!" Fast... Bring your weapon! Your father is in danger! '

"Hm!" Can Little Qi use a sword? ' Shui Xiyue immediately ran out of the room and disappeared outside the door. The last figure whispered, "Father, wait for me …"

Just when Xuan Daoqi realized that something was wrong, Lu Qian was stepping toward Shui Ren with his broadsword in hand. With every step he took, the pressure on Shui Ren increased, and Shui Ren, seeing how Lu Qian effortlessly destroyed the broken sword, finally couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

It turned out that when Shui Ren and Lu Qian were fighting, he had already suffered internal injuries, and he had been suppressing his internal injuries, causing them to worsen and increase them. Seeing Lu Qian acting like he was uninjured, and having the thought of not being able to take revenge for Xiao Yan, he was disappointed, and spat out the blood that he had been feeling depressed about for a long time.

Seeing Shui Ren was at a disadvantage, the Shui Clan disciples who were fighting with the green and red clothed people on the plaza made a hand gesture, separating out dozens of people to be the vanguard, first stopping Lu Qian, and then the rest of them with their backs to each other. Seeing that about half of the Shui Family disciples had gone to rescue Shui Ren, the remaining thirty to forty people in red and green clothes immediately surrounded the dozens of Shui Family disciples who were fighting alone.

At this time, it was as if time had stopped. The Shui Clan disciples in the arena could almost hear their own heartbeats. Seeing the gradually approaching red, green clothed man, and Lu Qian's clear backs, they all had a terrifying illusion.

After a long time, he finally saw Shui Xiyue's figure running out of the palace door. She was dressed in white and had a white cloth wrapped around her waist, which would have been difficult to find if he hadn't observed her carefully. Her white hands were carrying two long swords as she ran towards Xuan Daoqi.

Shui Xiyue sighed and said, "Nuo! Little Qi's for you. " He threw one of the long swords to Xuan Daoqi, and then flew past him.

Xuan Daoqi immediately followed behind Shui Xiyue and took the first step of his life. If he took this step, he wouldn't be able to turn back.

However, Xuan Daoqi didn't notice that there was a pair of small figures next to the gate. It was the young maid he saw yesterday, standing there with her head bowed. Beside her stood a little girl who looked exactly the same as her, looking just as nervous as her head.

Then, he heard the young master clench his fists and say in a small voice: "Mistress, Young Master, please be careful!"

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