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C4 Waste of Time

'Don't give up, Shui Ren! '

A familiar voice came to Shui Ren's mind. Shui Ren said excitedly, "Yes..." Is that you? ' His eyes returned to its former luster and he said happily: 'Little Yan!'

'Where are you? ' Shui Ren said happily. He, who was squatting down, immediately stood up.

A voice like Little Yan's said, 'Ren Lang! "Don't give up." Then he said, "You have to avenge me..." "Kill Lu Qian!"

Shui Ren said with a trembling voice: "Little Yan, the current me... There was no way he could defeat Lu Qian, let alone... KILL … Oh... "Woo …" He finally couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood, which made him look even more miserable. Shui Ren's white robe on his chest was drenched in red; it was all the blood he vomited.

The voice in his heart was anxious as he said anxiously, 'What's wrong, Ren Lang?'

Suppressing Shui Ren whose blood was surging, he said with a strong face, "I'm fine, Xiao Yan." After the light faded, a silver sword appeared in Shui Ren's hand; the Curse Transformation Sword was taught by Xiao Yan, and this technique originated from a cult. Thus, Shui Ren had always been unwilling to use this move, in fear of provoking trouble.

Now, there was no way out for Shui Ren.

Lu Qian was overjoyed to see that Shui Ren no longer had the will to fight, but he still cautiously approached Shui Ren, who had lost his will to fight.

When Lu Qian was about five meters away from Shui Ren, he suddenly felt the change in the water quality. At this moment, a large amount of material changes attacked him, and he was secretly surprised, but when Lu Qian saw Shui Ren running towards him, he immediately held his saber horizontally.

With a clang, Shui Ren appeared behind Lu Qian. With a "shua" sound, a long wound appeared on Lu Qian's back.

'Woo … ' Lu Qian covered the wound on his back with his left hand and looked at the blood on his left hand. The broadsword in his right hand was clenching and trembling.

Shui Ren did not answer him, and suddenly swung the silver white sword from left to right, sending a slightly bent sword aura flying towards Lu Qian; Lu Qian's right foot bent slightly, and he actually turned left until he was right in front of Shui Ren; Lu Qian turned left because he wanted to avoid that sword qi, and he also wanted to hit the thick saber blade on the sword qi, but the sword qi was cut off by Lu Qian after a short struggle; but Lu Qian was also not feeling well, and a trickle of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth, and at this time, Lu Qian saw Shui's silver sword coming straight towards his lower abdomen.

Lu Qian made a sound of "ah", his left hand quickly drew a circle, while his right hand held the broadsword tightly and waved downwards.

With a 'clang' sound, Lu Qian floated backwards, but this time, the difference was that Shui Ren did not retreat, instead, he arrived first. His body slightly leaned forward and actually arrived next to Lu Qian while smiling at him.

Lu Qian felt that something was amiss, he looked towards the arena and was stunned, but then he laughed; because Lu Qian discovered that he was surrounded by dozens of Shui Clan disciples, but he also saw that the remaining Shui Clan disciples were being held up by his subordinates, and the situation was extremely dangerous. Many of them were already seriously injured.

Thinking about this, Lu Qian couldn't help laughing out loud. He said, "I didn't expect I, Lu Qian, could be so powerful and have to be surrounded by so many powerful warriors. Haha …"

Shui Ren frowned, not understanding why Lu Qian had said that.

Actually, Lu Qian said this because he wanted to stall for time and wait for reinforcements to arrive.

Shui Ren ignored him and gave a look to the crowd, which were all trying to kill him. At this time, a loud whistle came from the left and dozens of people came charging in from the left. The one in the front was dressed in green, with long black hair, and it was actually a woman.

When Lu Qian saw this, he immediately rushed towards the left, where a Shui Clan disciple immediately raised his sword to block when he saw him rushing towards him; he thought that even Shui Ren would have to carefully receive this strike, let alone a Shui Clan disciple, only to see that disciple falling to the ground like a kite with its string cut, blood flowed out from his mouth and feet, a long knife wound on his chest, it was so deep that his bones could be seen.

"Whoosh!" "Shui Ren thrust his long sword towards the place where Lu Qian had fled, and then, with a terrible scream, Lu Qian's right shoulder was instantly drenched in blood. Shui Ren thrust his long sword towards the place where Lu Qian had fled, and with a loud scream, Lu Qian's right shoulder was instantly bleeding profusely.

'Old Li! "What happened to you …" An urgent voice sounded from behind Shui Ren.

Shui Ren didn't need to turn his head to know what was going on. The person called Old Li was someone who was killed by Lu Qian, but he heard Lu Qian say, "Help..." I Report... "Revenge!"

When Shui Ren heard this, Old Li had already stopped making any sounds. He was probably dead. Shui Ren subconsciously gripped the silver white sword in his hand tightly.

By this time, Lu Qian had already fled back to the side of the green robed lady. Shui Ren had been watching Lu Qian run away from the beginning, so he didn't chase after him.

Suddenly, he saw the girl in green holding onto Lu Qian as she asked anxiously, "Sir, you're injured …" Her expression slightly changed, and her delicate and pretty face constantly frowned, just like Lu Qian's woman.

Lu Qian looked at the woman who was helping him and said gently, "Shan Shan, I'm fine. It's just some flesh wounds." And then he laughed and said, 'It's him!' Pointing at Shui Ren, he said: "Shui Ren, ah Shui Ren, you think you can use the sect's techniques on yourself? You're courting death!" "Haha …"

Hearing Lu Qian's words, Shui Ren didn't have any reaction. He just quietly listened to what Lu Qian had to say.

As for the woman named Shan Shan, she was actually Lu Qian's woman with the surname Chen. Hearing Lu Qian's words, she curiously said, "Sir!" That... Why does he look like he's all right? ' He looked at the bloodstain on Shui Ren's shirt, but could not find any wound, so he said: 'Could he have suffered from severe internal injuries?'

Lu Qian said, "Yes, oh..." "No, no!"

"Lord, what are you talking about?" Chen Shan said in annoyance, as she didn't understand what Lu Qian was saying.

Shui Ren, on the other hand, remained silent.

Lu Qian didn't care about him and just said, "Him!" 'Although it looks fine on the surface, but... ' He smiled at Shui Ren and said, 'You should know what's coming next!'

Shui Ren's expression changed slightly as he stared at Lu Qian.

Seeing Shui Ren like that, Lu Qian couldn't help but say in surprise, "Could it be..." Younger Sister Yan, she … Didn't I tell you? '

Hearing Lu Qianzheng call Xiao Yan from the shadows, Shui Ren's face changed, with veins popping on his forehead, he shouted angrily: "I forbid you to call Xiao Yan!"

Lu Qian didn't think much of it and directly said, "Shuiren!" Originally, your skill was on par with mine, but … 'After you were injured by me, you only had less than twenty percent of your power left. Although your power had greatly increased after using "Transforming the Void into the Real" from my sect, you won't have much time left! '

"There's no point in talking any further. Let's fight first!" With that, Shui Ren suddenly rushed forward, heading straight for Lu Qian.

Suddenly, Lu Qian saw more than ten red and green clothed people surrounding him from the left and right, and they were all fighting with Shui Ren in an instant.

'Eh... 'It's too quiet! ' When Lu Qian looked into the arena, he found that the atmosphere had changed drastically.

'Ah! ' Chen Shan lost her voice.

Only now did Lu Qian realize that the more than thirty men who were fighting against the tens of Shui Clan disciples were now quietly lying on the ground, not moving at all.

Lu Qian couldn't help but take a small step back, looking like he couldn't stand stably.

"Lord!" Chen Shan wrapped her arm around Lu Qian's and said in a trembling voice while supporting his body. Just as she was about to say something, she noticed Lu Qian Meng was staring at something. When she followed his gaze, she noticed two children standing in front of her.

"Ah!" Chen Shan cried out. Her beautiful face lost all color as she realized the seriousness of the situation.

One of them was a man and the other was a woman. The man was tired, the sword in his hand was dripping with fresh red blood, trembling as he looked at Lu Qian, the sword in his hand was trembling, his chest was heaving up and down, he was gasping for breath, the wounds on his body were obvious.

On the other hand, the little girl was much more relaxed. Although her small body was dyed blood-red, her breath was even and it was hard to tell if she was tired or not. With a casual swing of her long sword, it was actually quite relaxed.

Behind them, there were more than twenty Shui Clan disciples standing or sitting. Although they looked tired, their fighting spirit was high and they could not be underestimated.

And his own men had been killed without him even realizing it. Not a single one of them had survived.

These two were naturally Xuan Daoqi and Shui Xiyue!

The wind blew gently, carrying along with it a fallen leaf. It also caused Shui Xiyue's long hair to float in the wind, causing her clothes to flutter in the wind.

Xuan Daoqi was stunned by what he saw. So the scenery here was this beautiful!

He really wanted to ask where this place was, but he felt that this was not the right time to do so; so he looked at Lu Qian, only to see that his clothes were torn in many places, and that the wound on his shoulder had already stopped bleeding; beside Lu Qian stood a green-clothed girl with a strange expression, looking straight at him and Xiyue; Xuan Daoqi only felt nervous, and unconsciously gripped his sword tightly.

'Daddy! ' When Shui Ren heard Shui Xiyue's shout, his body stifled for a moment as he stared in astonishment at Shui Xiyue. Why did his daughter come here and play with her in such a dirty manner?

'Xiao Yue! Hurry up and go home. Just leave this place to Father. ' Shui Ren waved his left hand, signaling Shui Xiyue to return.

Lu Qian, who had been silent all this time, laughed. He pulled his high pitch voice and said, "I'll give it to you?" "Stop joking around!" After a pause, he said, "You're about to die, and you're still spouting nonsense!" "Haha …"

When Shui Xiyue heard Lu Qian's mocking, her cheeks puffed up as she angrily said, "You villain, keep saying bad things about father!"

"That's right!" What do you mean? It's as though Xiyue's father is going to die. Xuan Daoqi who was standing at the side could not help but ask, the question on his face becoming more serious.

Shui Ren also returned to Xuan Daoqi and Shui Xiyue at this time. As for the remaining red and green clothed people, there were only nine. This was Lu Qian's final battle prowess here. They naturally returned to Lu Qian's back.

Lu Qian looked at Shui Ren, and the corners of his mouth curled up as he laughed, "According to my sect's secret martial arts manual, anyone who uses" Transforming the Void into the Real "will have their lifespan shortened by one year based on their own cultivation. "And you, Shui Ren..." At this time, Lu Qian pointed at Shui Ren and continued: "Your cultivation is about 50% higher than mine, but you are wasting your time and don't have the chance to kill me. You have already used about 13 years of your lifespan, and that sword - the Mysterious Wood Sword!"

'Ha ha... Yet another ten years wasted! "You're dead for sure!" Lu Qian laughed crazily. Even Chen Shan, who was beside him, frowned and looked at him.

This time, Lu Qian got Shui Xiyue angry and shouted, "You're lying! Daddy will be fine!"

After Shui Ren heard this, his body shook violently as he turned around and smiled at Shui Xiyue.

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