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C5 Burn Body

Lu Qian didn't get angry when he saw Shui Xiyue and said with a smile, "Little sister, did you kill those people?"

'Yes, how are you! ' It was Xuan Daoqi who was replying because he hated these people.

'That... They are... "How did he die?" Lu Qian asked Xuan Daoqi.

Xuan Daoqi looked at Lu Qian and held the sword in his hand tightly. He said, "Humph, why should I tell you... Big...?" Bad... "Eggs!" He even shouted at the end of his words.

Actually, Xuan Daoqi and Shui Xiyue were lucky enough to be able to kill so many people.

After they ran out of the door, they saw many red and green clothed people encircling and killing over a dozen of their own family members. In their fury, Shui Xiyue took the lead and rushed over to a nearby place, her small hand fished into her clothes and she held a bunch of hidden weapons. Looking at the concealed weapons, there were actually stones, toys, accessories and other things inside the weapons.

Of course, in this way, many red-clothed people and green-clothed people would discover them.

Because Xuan Daoqi saw that Shui Ren was not in danger for the time being, he and Shui Xiyue suddenly saw a large shining blade cutting towards them while Xuan Daoqi was deep in thought. In the nick of time, Xuan Daoqi raised the sword high in his panic, but he didn't expect that the sword would pierce a big hole through the enemy.

"Heh heh!" Little Qi, you're so funny! " Shui Xiyue was beaming with joy. When she saw her expression, she couldn't help but think of Xuan Daoqi's sorry state.

Xuan Daoqi couldn't help but reply, "Xiyue, what are you laughing about?"

'Yeah, look at his back.' Shui Xiyue pointed at the red-clothed man killed by Xuan Daoqi and walked over.

"What?" "Ah, this is …" Xuan Daoqi suddenly saw a hairpin stuck behind his back. He touched his head and said, 'What's going on?'

Shui Xiyue's expression was joyful as she said to Xuan Daoqi, "Yo, look …"

'Right, I saw it.' Xuan Daoqi nodded.

Shui Xiyue slowly said, "This hairpin is mine. Little Qi, what do you think is going on!?" As he finished speaking, he pulled out the hairpin and wiped off the blood on it before putting it away. He then spoke of his feelings of love.

"Oh, you're the one who helped me." Xuan Daoqi was the first to dispel his doubts.

Shui Xiyue said angrily, "That's right, Little Qi!"

'You cherish that hairpin, don't you? ' Xuan Daoqi couldn't help but ask.

Shui Xiyue sighed, "My mother left this for me. She's already dead."

As he said this, he actually wanted to cry. His tearful expression made Xuan Daoqi anxious.

He could only hurry and comfort her. Suddenly, he heard the Shui Clan disciples calling out to him. He raised his head and saw a few red-clothed people dashing towards him. He was so shocked that he pushed Shui Xiyue away.

With a "shua" sound, a wound appeared on his arm. Just as he was grimacing in pain, he saw another light figure hacking down on him. In a hurry, it ignored his face and rolled away.

"Ah!" "Woo …" A mournful cry.

Xuan Daoqi raised his head and saw that Shui Xiyue's longsword was stabbing a red-clothed person. He struggled for a moment before he reached out to grab Shui Xiyue by the neck and raised his sword as if he was about to throw it.

Xuan Daoqi let out a miserable cry, wanting to save Xiyue.

Just as Shui Xiyue was thrown out, Xuan Daoqi saw a heavily injured Shui Clan disciple wearing a bloodstained white robe standing behind the red-clothed person. With a 'swoosh', the red-clothed person was beheaded.

Seeing this scene, Xuan Daoqi was so scared that his soul shook. He couldn't even stand up and fell to the ground.

The other Shui Clan disciple picked up the fallen Shui Xiyue and said, "Young Hall Master, are you alright?"

"Ah!" "I'm fine, thank you, Big Brother Little Fatty!" Shui Xiyue thanked the Shui Clan disciple that was hugging her. It seemed that the person that was called Big Brother Little Fatty was not fat at all. He then saw Shui Xiyue say thanks to another Shui Clan disciple who had chopped off the head of the red-robed man. That person seemed to have come by the name of Brother He.

'Go... Go to hell. The remaining red-robed men charged forward, as if they had been caught off guard.

Unfortunately, they didn't notice that the people lying in ambush beside them had all lost their lives and turned into empty shells.

Xuan Daoqi looked at the arena. After he and Shui Xiyue's fight, there were only twenty or so people left dressed in red and green, and a few of them had been ambushed by the Shui Clan disciples. They were gradually gaining the upper hand.

Xuan Daoqi was scared to the point that his whole body was covered in cold sweat as he watched the enemy desperately fighting.

'Ah … ' After a blood-curdling screech, he saw a water clan disciple whose strength was unknown, whether it was carelessness or carelessness, knocked over his sword by a red-clothed person. Seeing that the disciple had regained his consciousness and quickly retreated, wanting to get his fellow sect members to save him, he did not know that a green-clothed person was coming towards him with a sword in his hand. In that instant, his soul broke apart; however, the water clan disciple who was trying to save him had his hand chopped off by someone at his side because he had opened his door.

At this moment, the red and green clothed people were overjoyed and gradually gained the upper hand. However, they were suppressed by the two miserable shrieks. It turned out that Brother He and Brother Little Fatty had joined hands to instantly kill two green clothed people, and a few more people had died under the sneak attack of Shui Xiyue.

This angered Hong and Lu Yi greatly, but they were not at a disadvantage. After a few continuous howls, they fled, and two of them ran towards Xuan Dao Qi.

Xuan Daoqi was shocked, he grabbed his sword and stabbed towards the first person who came over, but he didn't expect that that person didn't notice him, as his stomach was cut open, and he instantly suffered diarrhea. Under the pain, he counterattacked, but because he didn't have enough strength, only a small wound was left on Xuan Daoqi's body.

After Xuan Daoqi unexpectedly 'killed' a person, the person at the back had already discovered him. However, that person realized that he was just a little kid, so he casually made a cut, wanting to easily kill him. However, he didn't know that he was running out of energy.

Xuan Daoqi did not panic, but carefully took note of the direction of the blade and carefully dodged it. He ran behind that person and stabbed down with all his might; he had learned this from Shui Ren, and unexpectedly succeeded in stabbing that person to death. That person, on the other hand, could not believe his eyes, and died with a hesitant expression on his face.

Xuan Daoqi was panting heavily. After seeing that all of the red and green people had been killed, he ran over to meet her.

"Ah!" Little Qi, you're so awesome, you can kill those bad guys even if you don't know martial arts! ' Shui Xiyue said happily and patted Xuan Daoqi's shoulder to show her encouragement.

Maddocks blushed and said, "Nothing." After pausing for a moment, he seemed to have thought of something and said to Shui Xiyue, "Let's go see your father."

"Hm!" Let's go. " Shui Xiyue looked at Shui Ren, then followed Xuan Daoqi over to Shui Ren.

Thinking of this, Xuan Daoqi looked at Lu Qian and angrily said, "I'm going to die, big bad guy!"

Lu Qian was startled for a moment. He didn't expect to be scolded without any sense of direction. He didn't get angry immediately. Instead, he smiled at Xuan Daoqi and said, "It doesn't matter. I also know that they are too stupid. Ai!"

Lu Qian turned around and looked at the person behind him. His woman, Chen Shan Shan, had a nervous expression and short breath, which made her tall breasts even more attractive. Behind her, there were three green-clothed men and six red-clothed men.

'Humph! What do you think this place is? If you want to come, you can come. What's more … The debt between you and me has yet to be settled! ' Shui Ren said angrily at Lu Qian.

Lu Qian said in shock, "Oh!" I want to go, but what can you do to me, haha … '

Shui Ren didn't say anything more. He rushed to Lu Qian and swung his sword; Lu Qian was smiling at Shui Ren.

"Clang!" With a sharp sound, Shui Ren was pushed back. Suddenly, he saw Lu Qian float backward, giving a long howl. Then, he saw Chen Shan Shan leading the group and disappearing into the forest.

Shui Ren steadied his body at this moment. It was too late to chase after them. He could only shake his head helplessly and say: 'Forget it!'

Shui Xiyue exhaled and secretly glanced at Xuan Daoqi, only to discover that Xuan Daoqi was looking in the direction of Lu Qian's group. His eyes were flashing with splendor, and he was unconsciously smiling.

And she didn't think so, so she left with the others.

About six hours after the departure of Lu Qian's group, Xuan Daoqi was alone in his room. As expected, after washing up, he felt much more relaxed and comfortable, and the wounds on his body had already been bandaged. After fighting with Lu Qian's group, he had stayed here the entire time.

'Little Qi has eaten. Shui Xiyue called out.

Xuan Daoqi nodded. He jumped down from the bed and followed behind Shui Xiyue. Along the way, Xuan Daoqi asked her a lot of questions.

Xuan Daoji thought for a moment, then said, "Xiyue, where are you letting those dead people go?"

'According to my father, it seems to be in a small clearing by the woods.' she said.

'Oh, I know.' Xuan Daoqi said.

Shui Xiyue suddenly stopped and turned around. "Little Qi, why are you asking me these questions?"

"Oh, no..." Nothing... Really! ' Xuan Daoqi saw that Shui Xiyue did not believe him, so he could only give her a perfunctory reply. He then pulled Shui Xiyue's small hand and walked away.

'Sir, it's here... ' A female voice came from the forest.

It was currently dark and the night wind blew gently, bringing with it a strong stench of blood, causing one to feel nauseous.

"Hm!" "That's right, this is the place!" The man called Master spoke softly as he looked at the newly dug tombs. There were at least a hundred tombs; his demonic eyes stared at the tombstones in front of the tombs. They were filled with names he had never heard of, but most of the tombstones did not have names written on them.

After a while, the man said, 'You guys stay nearby and wait.

"Yes!" He saw dozens of people walking out of the forest, heading towards the high ground, the most dangerous place.

Suddenly, he heard that adult say, "Shan Shan, you stand guard over me."

"Yes, my lord!" Shan Shan replied and walked to the side.

He only heard the man mutter, "Humph, I will make you..." He's scared, just you wait and see! "Shui Ren, haha …"

It turned out that the woman called Shan Shan was Chen Shan. By her side was naturally Lu Qian, who had been ordered to attack the nine sects. They should have already left by now, so why did they suddenly appear here?

Of course, Lu Qian wasn't willing to give up just like that. He deliberately made Shui Ren think that they had already left and ran back in a big circle, secretly observing the nine sects; he then found out that they were carrying the corpses and looking for survivors. If it was one of them, they would move into the palace to give him first aid.

Although Lu Qian was extremely angry and wanted to rush out to save his men, he was stopped by Chen Shan Shan.

'I killed you... Shan Shan, what are you doing? "Don't hold me back!" Lu Qian was struggling nonstop. His appearance looked like he was angry, which scared Chen Shan so much that he jumped up and down.

Chen Shan's face was aggrieved as she sobbed, "Sir, I..." Don't you... ' But he still held onto the corner of Lu Qian's clothes.

The Shui Clan disciples did not burn the corpses, but only buried them. After about ten seconds, Lu Qian suddenly shouted, "I've thought of it, I've thought of it!"

Chen Shan Shan quickly covered Lu Qian's mouth and whispered, "Sir, lower your voice a bit, someone will hear you!"

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