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Grief-stricken Tao/C6 Good Idea
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C6 Good Idea

"Oh, yeah..." Shan Shan! I've come up with a brilliant plan. ' Lu Qian said happily.

'What kind of brilliant scheme is this? ' Chen Shan asked softly.

Lu Qian gestured for Chen Shan Shan to put her ear close to his ear. She slightly shifted her body, and occasionally frowned when she heard this.

'Xiao Yue, this is your favorite cuisine. A straightforward voice came from the Shui family's main door.

Then a little girl's voice said, with a sweet smile, 'Thank you, Daddy!'

Xuan Daoqi sat beside Shui Xiyue, looking at Shui Ren and Shui Xiyue; he couldn't help but think of his parents, how his father had played with him, and how his mother had meticulously taken care of him; he couldn't help but cry out, "Mother …"

Shui Ren looked at Xuan Daoqi and Shui Xiyue said in astonishment, "Little Qi, what's wrong with you?"

You... Thinking about Mom and Dad? '

Xuan Daoqi was silent as he looked down at his hands.

Now, no one can hold their hand, just hold the air, who can hold their hand, resolutely walk down?

Xuan Daoqi suddenly saw a pair of small white hands grabbing onto him, and he asked in concern, "Heh!?" "What's wrong with you, Little Qi!"

'No, it's fine. Xuan Daoqi broke free from his grasp.

"Oh!" She replied, "Little Qi, just treat my father as your father …" "As for mother …" After thinking for a moment, he smiled and said, "I'll be your mother!"

Xuan Daoqi only thought it was funny, but he soon laughed along with Shui Xiyue and swept away the gloom in his heart.

Just then, Shui Ren suddenly stopped smiling and frowned, "Strange!"

Shui Xiyue curiously asked, "Father, what's wrong?"

'The insects don't squeak.' The insects in front of the gate were the first to stop moving.

Xuan Daoqi also questioned, 'The bugs really aren't screeching anymore!'

Shui Ren suddenly stood up and said: "Someone's coming!"

'How do you know? ' Xuan Daoqi asked.

Shui Ren, who had heard the enemy only a hundred paces away, explained to Xuan Daoqi that 'in summer, the insects chirp and the birds chirp, even more so at night, when the night is still and the insects don't chirp as long as someone walks through the grass or the woods.' He said to Xuan Daoqi, 'The insects chirp and the birds chirp in the summer, and the night is very quiet and the insects don't chirp when someone walks through the grass.'

'Yes, that's right! ' Xuan Daoqi said, this kind of experience was something he had before.

'So... ' Shui Ren continued, 'Now that the bugs are so quiet, someone must be passing by, and... It's very quiet all around. Maybe a lot of people are coming our way. '

With that, he retreated and shouted, "Disciples of the nine sects, listen up! Prepare to fight from all positions!"

Shui Xiyue then shouted, "Father, be careful!"

It wasn't until Shui Ren was outside the door that he muttered to himself, 'What the hell... 'An enemy or a friend! '

All of a sudden, the quiet Shui Family immediately became lively. It must have been the disciples of the Shui Family rushing to all sorts of dangerous places. After a while, it became quiet again. It was evident that the Shui Family disciples were moving quickly.

At this moment, Xuan Daoqi had also arrived at his room. He could only see darkness outside the window, but nothing could be seen.

There were two little girls standing behind Shui Xiyue. They looked exactly the same; naturally, they were the same twins; he had already seen her after Xuan Daoqi came back, so he was truly shocked back then. Why were there two of them? It was only after a perfunctory explanation that she realized her sister was the best.

She only heard Shui Xiyue mutter, 'Why would someone come?'

'Asgard Master... "Ah!"

Shui Xiyue shook her head and said that it was fine. Then, she and Xuan Daoqi looked out of the window at the plaza.

'That's right! ' Xuan Daoqi said something he didn't understand, causing Shui Xiyue to frown and say, "What?"

Looking at Xuan Daoqi's face, Xuan Daoqi suddenly smiled and frowned. Xuan Daoqi laughed because he had guessed that there would be someone coming tonight. Then, he thought, if it was an enemy, then what would happen?

Shui Ren stood at the entrance of the palace, looking at the invisible figures. He could only vaguely see the black mass of figures. Strangely, their steps were abnormally slow.

"Master!" Do you know who these people are? ' There were only two people standing behind Shui Ren. These words were naturally said by the one on the left.

Shui Ren shook his head and said, "I don't know either."

After a moment of silence, Shui Ren suddenly said, "Little Jun, you and Little Fatty should be careful."

The two people behind Shui Ren said in unison, "Thank you, master. We will be careful. You be careful too."

'Hm! ' Shui Ren replied and continued looking ahead.

The two of them were Brother He and Brother Little Fatty, who had saved Shui Xiyue before. They were the elites of the nine sects, and their cultivation were only below Shui Ren's. Some people even said that the two of them together could defeat Shui Ren.

Tonight was truly a quiet night, so quiet that even Xuan Daoqi could hear his own heartbeat.

The two of them looked out of the window, holding the long sword in their hands. Suddenly, they spoke at the same time as they cried out: "Mistress, Young Master, look!"

'Hm! ' Xuan Daoqi humphed, took a deep breath, and said in shock, "This, this is..." "What is it?"

Shui Xiyue's body couldn't help but tremble and her legs went soft. She actually couldn't stand still as she said in astonishment, "Big Brother Li … "He …"

Luckily, she was supported by Chu Yu from behind, and he called out to her, "Mistress!"

Xuan Daoqi was silent as he stared at the approaching person.

'He... "Why are they here?" Her pale face was filled with doubt and fear.

He saw figures scattered across the forest, clearly visible under the moonlight.

Xuan Daoqi gritted his teeth and said, "That's right, they're already dead!"

"Master!" Old Li, he … There are also many seniors and juniors … Brother He said in disbelief as his face changed.

Big Brother Little Fatty, who was standing at the side, said doubtfully, "Also …" "Lu Qian's men!"

Shui Ren quietly watched as the group of people walked over, his face was getting uglier and uglier, and he yelled: 'Lu Qian! "You bastard, you actually did something that defies the heavens!"

A deep sound quickly echoed out, echoing within the forest.

Those people weren't affected in the slightest. They kept walking towards Shui Ren with abnormally slow steps.

Xuan Daoqi looked at this group of people. No, they should be called dead. There were actually no less than a hundred of them.

'Many, many, many... ' As he spoke, he couldn't help but be stunned.

"There should be more than two hundred..." I heard it from Dad. ' Shui Xiyue suddenly said as she remembered the number of casualties.

'What should I do? ' Shui Xiyue said with a trembling voice.

Xuan Daoqi didn't say anything as he thought to himself, 'How would I know what to do with this kind of thing!?'

A minute passed, and the corpses had taken only a dozen or so steps, their clothes tattered, some headless, some with missing hands, their wounds scarred; among them were the disciples of the Shui family, the red and green men, all of them covered in trees; more than two hundred bodies had already emerged from the woods, and it was a terrible sight to behold.

Seeing that no one responded, Shui Ren took out his silver white sword, which was the black wood sword Lu Qian was talking about, and shouted: "Lu Qian! "Get the hell out here!"

'Haha … ' A sound came from behind the corpse.

He saw the corpse stop and split into two, leaving a deep path. Footsteps could be heard from the end of the darkness.

Shui Ren stared at the black shadow and clenched his Mystic Wood Sword tightly.

A man dressed in blue came out of the crowd with a thick saber at his waist and a devilish smile on his handsome face. Of course, this person was Lu Qian.

"Hey, Brother Shui Ren, I'm back!" "Haha …" Lu Qian was still laughing.

Shui Ren said angrily, "Lu Qian, you actually did such a heinous thing!"

"Oh, wicked ways and wicked ways. Today, I'm going to exterminate these nine sects!" Lu Qian said loudly. Then, he raised both of his hands and looked up at the bright moon. With a clench of his fingers, he actually started laughing out loud.

'You're crazy! ' Shui Ren roared as he waved his sword, charging towards Lu Qian who was in front of the corpse.

Lu Qian's left foot stomped on the ground. He avoided Shui Ren's sword qi and retreated into the group of corpses. He laughed out loud, "Brother Shui Ren, you can just play with my men."

As Shui Ren entered the mass of corpses, he suddenly saw bloody hands reaching for him.

"Hiss!" With a 'bang', the sword fell from the sky. The corpse hands danced in the air as they separated from the corpses.

"Roar!" The corpse wailed in agony. Those who had no hands charged at Shui Ren or kicked both of its legs. Those who had hands grabbed the swords and sabers by its side, slashing them towards Shui Ren's body.

Seeing that, Brother He weirdly cried out and scolded: "Ah, if I had known, I wouldn't have buried my weapon here."

Big Brother Little Fatty said solemnly, "Old He, let's go!" After which, he rushed forward.

Brother He grumbled before following along.

As for the Shui Clan disciples who were waiting nearby, they did not make any move. Perhaps they were waiting for Shui Ren's orders.

Shui Ren and his men who were like wolves in a flock of sheep took out a pile of dead bodies in a matter of seconds. However, the corpses did not show any signs of fighting prowess and turned into a pile of dead bodies within a few seconds.

Xuan Daoqi said in surprise, 'No way, don't tell me those corpses couldn't withstand a single blow?' and make an exaggerated face.

As for Shui Xiyue, she no longer spoke.

Instead, he said curiously, "Yi, their movements have become faster."

Of course, Shui Ren had also noticed the changes in the corpses. After he picked up a dead body, he hurriedly shouted: "Little He, Little Fatty, let's go!"

Just as they were about to retreat, the surrounding corpses suddenly increased their power, grabbing onto Shui Ren's jumping feet. Shui Ren was terrified, and it took a lot of effort before he managed to force the surrounding corpses to retreat several steps.

'Shocking … ' A shout came from the left, and when Shui Ren saw the corpses lying on the ground, he saw Little He and Little Fatty and they all gathered around Shui Ren.

The three of them had their backs to each other as they carefully looked at the corpse.

'Clank! Clank! ' With a sound, Shui Ren cut down a green-clothed corpse, and before the corpse of the green-clothed corpse, he even managed to block it for a while.

Shui Ren was astounded. 'Oh, I've become stronger!'

"Yes, Master!" They are becoming more and more flexible. ' Big brother Little Fatty sighed.

'What should I do? "Master!" Brother He was beating up corpses as he spoke.

Shui Ren looked at the corpse and casually said, 'I don't know.'

The expressions of Brother He and Brother Little Fatty were as stiff as the face of a corpse.

Just as Shui Xiyue was watching anxiously, she suddenly heard Xuan Daoqi shout, "I thought of it!"

'What?! ' Shui Xiyue was shocked.

Xuan Daoqi couldn't hide his excitement as he slowly said, "That is..." Xiyue, your ears are here! "Then..."

Shui Xiyue leaned her ear against the side of Xuan Daoqi's mouth and kept nodding.

After she finished speaking, Shui Xiyue happily ran out of the room.

After a while, Xuan Daoqi also walked out of the room, followed closely behind with his head bowed.

'Woo … ' A low hum came from the palace, loud and clear in the night.

'Master, it's a retreat order! ' Little fatty brother was surprised.

Shui Yueqi said, 'Who gave the order?' He lifted his foot and kicked a dead body into the air.

'Let's go back and take a look, Master! ' Brother He shouted.

Shui Ren violently smashed the head of a dead body and after seeing the headless body struggle for a moment, his body shook before falling down.

Shui Ren said, "Retreat first!"

In the vast sea of people, he suddenly saw three people jumping up and down. A moment later, Shui Ren and the others had returned to the main entrance.

The group of corpses suddenly lost their target and stood still. It was extremely strange.

'Who called me back? ' He suddenly saw Xuan Daoqi and Shui Xiyue waiting for him at the gate.

'Dad, Little Qi has a good idea! ' Shui Xiyue smiled sweetly. He suddenly leaned on Shui Ren and whispered, 'It's for that...' As he spoke, he pointed at the corpse.

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