Grief-stricken Tao/C8 Death by Blood Explosion
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Grief-stricken Tao/C8 Death by Blood Explosion
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C8 Death by Blood Explosion

Then his face changed and he shouted, 'Little Fatty, quick! Lu Qian is there!'

The two of them then ran towards the basement.

Just after Shui Ren and Yan Xie left, Xuan Daoqi and Shui Xiyue also arrived at the place where Shui Ren and Little Fatty had just chatted.

Shui Xiyue said, "Little Qi, did you hear that?"

'Mm, basement! '

'Then let's go. Shui Xiyue said happily.

Then the two of them walked to where Shui Ren and the other man had disappeared.

With a "kacha" sound, Lu Qian and the others turned on the flashlight.

'Sir, are you sure it's here? This basement was very dark, and Chen Shan Shan was a woman who was afraid of the dark, so she was very scared.

Lu Qian smiled and said, "That's right, that's how the map is drawn!" He also flashed the map in his hands.

'That... Who drew the map? ' Chen Shan asked with worry.

But Lu Qian said, "I painted it, what's wrong?"

'Ah … ' Chen Shan felt dizzy.

'Shan Shan, don't worry. Although I drew it, I sneaked in a few years ago. That's why I have this map. ' Lu Qian laughed.

'Thick, you! ' Chen Shan pinched Lu Qian's nose and protested.

Lu Qian hurriedly said, "There's someone here, Shan!"

'Ah! ' Only now did Chen Shan realize that she had lost her composure. She had actually forgotten that she still had someone by her side.

'It's all right, Miss Shan. We're used to it.' Everyone spoke in unison and burst into laughter.

'Hey, you guys... "I won't accept it." At the end of her sentence, Chen Shan's face became as red as a mosquito.

Brother He and his fellow apprentices were resting and meditating when they suddenly heard birds chirping in the woods. Brother He said in surprise, "Who's there for this gala?"

"Sou, sou …" With two air-piercing sounds, the Shui Clan disciple looked towards the dark sky and suddenly saw two black shadows streak across the starry sky and fall not far away from the palace.

After a few sounds, quite a number of the Shui Family disciples drew out their longswords. Brother He, on the other hand, trembled when he saw this and said, "Could it be …"

'An enemy? ' Little Ping asked.

On the other hand, Wei Xiang and Chu Yu hid behind the crowd because they didn't know martial arts.

When the shadow approached, an old man appeared; the old man was about fifty to sixty years old, he was wearing a Daoist robe, walking over with a grin on his face, with his tail resting casually on his shoulder; the young man was also in his thirties, wearing a Daoist robe as well as a long sword hanging from his waist, he was about one step behind the old Daoist.

When he saw the disciple clearly, Brother He respectfully said: "Greetings, Grand Master and Grand Master. Disciple He Zhong asks for respect!" He even knelt down.

Seeing that their senior apprentice-brother was kneeling down, and that it was their senior granduncle and senior uncle, all of them kneeled on the ground and called out: "Senior granduncle, senior uncle!"

'Get up, get up! 'he shouted. Only then did Brother He and the others stand up.

"What are you doing here?" 'How did so many people die, and so many disciples of my sect? What's going on? ' That Martial Uncle asked.

Brother He respectfully said, "Reporting to Martial Uncle, a few days ago, a person led a crowd to attack our sect. Master led us to resist. Today, many of our Junior Brothers have been reborn." Saying so, his face was filled with grief.

'Where is that person? What's his name? ' Martial Uncle asked.

'He's in the palace now, his name is Lu Qian.

"What?" "It's Lu Qian, the one who killed my wife!" the teacher raged.

The teacher called out, 'Huan Ri, come with me.' After saying that, he rushed out, and that Uncle, Huan Ri, also rushed out like a whirlwind.

'What do we do? ' Little Ping asked Brother He.

Brother He smiled and said, "With Martial Granduncle Huan and Martial Granduncle here, there is no need for us small fry to fight in the arena."

'Is it really all right? ' Little Ping asked worriedly.

'Don't worry, just Illusory Sun Martial Uncle is already very powerful! ' Brother He said in adoration as his eyes flashed.

In the basement, no one knew what Lu Qian and his men were doing. He searched around for something. After a while, he heard a joyous voice.

'Sir, I've found it. The switch is here. one of his men shouted.

Lu Qian said, "What are you waiting for? Turn on the switch!"

'Oh yes! ' The subordinate said.

A small jingling sound came from the ceiling. It turned out to be the sound of a light bulb opening.

In an instant, the entire basement lit up, but when everyone looked, they saw that it was empty. There was nothing, except that the floor was made of wood.

Lu Qiancai praised, "It's really big!"

'About the size of a basketball court! ' Another subordinate said.

At this time, one of the red-clothed underlings exclaimed, "Eh?!" Why are there white lines? "Heh, there's another dotted line." he asked, pointing to the floor.

'The red line, the blue line! ' Another subordinate said.

The man in red from before laughed. 'It looks like a basketball court!'

Lu Qian looked at it and could not help but scold, "Idiot!" This is clearly a basketball court! '

'Right, this isn't the time to be thinking about this. We still have important things to do! ' Lu Qian suddenly shouted in anger.

As he finished speaking, he picked up the map and looked at it. Lu Qian was standing in the middle of the basketball court, walked three steps, stopped to look at the map, jumped five times to the left, and let out a strange cry. That's right, he actually jumped five times and let out a cry.

Then Lu Qian squatted down again and began pounding on the floor, the thumping clearly in everyone's ears.

What was even more bizarre was that Lu Qian actually started humming a song happily. It was his favorite song.

'Sir … ' Chen Shan lost her voice. She thought to herself, could it be that the adults went crazy because of that damned treasure trove? She said in a trembling voice, "It can't be!"

Although it was an order from his superior, he had already done his best, and the most important thing was naturally the treasure. As for the martial arts of the Shui Family that Little Yan mentioned, Lu Qiancai did not think much of it, in his eyes, the moves of the cult were the Supreme Code, whatever martial arts of the Shui Family, they were only used to deceive Shui Ren and Little Yan.

After finding the treasure trove, Lu Qian could revive the Demonic Sect and restore its former glory. This was the path that he wanted to pursue.

Just as Chen Shan was walking towards Lu Qian, she heard Lu Qian shouting happily, "I found it! Shan Shan, come and look!"

All of a sudden, everyone in the basement ran towards Lu Qian.

Lu Qian knocked on the floor, but a crisp sound came out. He smiled at Chen Shan and said, "Listen and see!"

'The planks are empty! ' Chen Shan was surprised.

Lu Qian smiled and used his broadsword to dig through the empty wooden board.

With a popping sound, the wooden board bounced off. Lu Qian took the board away to take a look, and in an instant, everyone, including Lu Qiandu, had a disappointed look on their faces. There was nothing on the board.

'How could this be? Everyone was thinking.

Chen Shan said in disappointment, 'Nothing!'

'Where's the treasure, mine... "Where is the treasure?" Lu Qian said dejectedly.

At this moment, the atmosphere suddenly changed.

"Crack!" 'Bang! 'For a split-second, he couldn't even see his own hand. All the lights had gone dark.

Everyone was flustered. Curses came from all directions. Lu Qian moved to the left and suddenly heard a sound breaking through the air. At this time, they suddenly heard someone moaning. Then, there was the sound of an object flying out.

When the lights were turned off, Lu Qian thought to himself, "Not good." Then he heard the sound of something being knocked away. He hastily grabbed Chen Shan Shan's hand, and the other person tightly held his hand.

Lu Qian transmitted his voice, "Shan Shan, lend me your zhenqi."

Chen Shan hummed and passed all of her Zhen Qi to Lu Qian.

Suddenly, Lu Qian felt a soft stream of zhenqi rushing towards him. Lu Qian hurriedly protected his heart meridian and guided Chen Shan Shan's zhenqi to her dantian. At this moment, Lu Qian felt the Yang energy in his dantian revolving, neither fighting nor fusing with each other.

Lu Qian carried Chen Shan and held her in his arms. Because she had lost her true qi, she was now much more fragile than an ordinary person. Lu Qian twirled the two strands of true qi to the left and right of her body.

Before the lights in the basement went out, Shui Ren and Little Fatty were already there. They didn't say anything as they watched Lu Qian digging. When they were disappointed, they told Little Fatty to turn off the lights and launch a sneak attack.

Shui Ren remembered the positions of Lu Qian and his men and tried to kill Lu Qian in the dark. He didn't expect that Lu Qian's men would be killed by mistake while he was hiding.

When his attack missed, Shui Ren immediately slammed his left hand on the ground and flew out, hiding in a corner and waiting for another sneak attack.

He heard a sound coming from another corner. It was the little fatty brother attacking Lu Qian.

Although Shui Ren knew that this disciple of his, Little Fatty, had night vision, he knew that it was not appropriate. He hurriedly rushed towards the source of the sound.

Chen Shan's cultivation was on par with Lu Qian's. After Lu Qian borrowed Chen Shan's zhenqi, his power had doubled. In the darkness, he could see even more clearly, so when he saw little fatty brother attacking him, he pretended not to see him and quickly retreated.

Shui Ren's palms formed, silently attacking Lu Qian, but Lu Qian coincidentally evaded and could only temporarily wait for the next opportunity.

'Retreat! ' Lu Qian shouted.

Shui Ren did not expect Lu Qian to suddenly shout; in this darkness, the most avoided thing was a voice. Shui Ren and Little Fatty were overjoyed, with Lu Qian's voice as the center, they attacked him from both sides.

Actually, Lu Qian only shouted because he wanted to lure Shui Ren and Gu Ruoyun into taking the bait.

'Hold me tight! ' Lu Qian whispered to Chen Shan Shan.

'Mm … ' she said weakly, hugging Lu Qian's neck.

Lu Qian circulated the two streams of Zhen Qi in his body to his left and right, and then poured the Zhen Qi in his dantian into his left and right hands, accumulating it into his sleeves, and said with a sound transmission, "Shan Shan, I am going to give them a big gift! "Ha …"

This time, Chen Shan didn't say anything. She quietly slept in Lu Qian's embrace, her arms still hugging him.

Just as Shui Ren and Little Fatty were putting their palms against Lu Qian's hands, they suddenly felt that Lu Qian's true qi had collapsed after a while, and the two were overjoyed as they forcefully pushed their energies into Lu Qian's body, but in the next second, they felt Lu Qian's Qi rushing towards them like a torrent, it was too late for the two of them to pull back their hands.

'Haha … ' Lu Qian laughed crazily, spinning the Yin and Yang Qi around to trap Shui Ren and Shui Yang, and also trying to eat Shui Ren and Little Fatty's zhen Qi.

The three of them were actually battling with true energy. As long as someone was distracted, they would be severely injured or else all the meridians in their body would explode and they would die in serious cases.

The two men felt as if their zhenqi were sinking into the sea. They felt powerless and unable to resist, so they gathered their strength to protect their heart.

Fatty brother spat out a mouthful of blood and looked at Lu Qian and Shui Ren in shock. The two of them looked completely different. Lu Qian was calm and focused, his vision sharp as a torch. His power had increased tremendously while Shui Ren was bleeding from the corner of his mouth with an extremely ugly expression.

This distraction, coupled with his low cultivation base, finally made him unable to hold on any longer. Blood spurted out of his mouth like a fountain, and Lu Qian's Yin Yang Qi rushed in; seeing that he was about to die from the blood explosion, he sighed in his heart, "Could it be..." Is today my death date? '

Little Fatty brother heard his master scream and withdrew his true energy, causing Lu Qian's pressure to greatly increase. Little Fatty brother dropped to the ground and asked, "Did Master save me?" He looked at Shui Ren. At this moment, he tried his best to resist, but something strange happened in the next second.

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