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C9 Trouble

Shui Ren's hands began to swell, and then the veins in his arms began to bulge. Blood was flowing to his heart, but they were all flowing to his heart. Soon, Shui Ren's body had doubled in size and his skin was black.

'Woo … ' Shui Ren wailed, wanted to vomit but was unable to spit it out. It was obvious that Shui Ren was about to die from blood explosion. It was just a matter of time.

When Lu Qian saw it, he was in a good mood and said, "Shui Ren, did you know? Ever since you used my sect's martial arts, you still have about 20 years to live, but..." After saying that, he looked at Shui Ren, frowned, and smiled. Your face sure is ugly, haha … '

Lu Qian continued, "But, do you know? "There's a taboo in this method. It's that you can only increase your power by 10% every year. You've surpassed it..."

'How will it... ' Little Fatty Brother asked nervously.

'Then your remaining lifespan... With each day! "In other words, Shui Ren only has about 20 days of life left, haha …"

'You... How would I know … "This, this …" Shui Ren said in distress, thinking that since Little Yan didn't say it, could it be that she had forgotten, or …

Lu Qian laughed maniacally and said, "This method is used to deal with greedy people. As for where this came from..." Suddenly, he sent a sound transmission and said, 'Only the Sect Leader knows about this... "Secret." Then he laughed again.

'You are... "Evil, evil …" Shui Ren, on the other hand, couldn't say anything. Because of Lu Qian's sudden improvement in cultivation, Shui Ren could only support himself with sadness.

The little fatty brother wanted to help Shui Ren, but it was as if all the strength in his body had been sucked out. He could only muster his true qi and close his eyes, cursing his own incompetence as he shed tears.

'Little Qi, why is it so dark here? ' At this moment, the three of them heard Shui Xiyue's voice.

Shui Ren's hands were caught by Lu Qian, and he tried to pull them away, but to no avail. When he heard his daughter's voice, he sighed and said weakly: "Little Fatty..." "Run, take Yue'er away, quick …"

Little Fatso had gathered a bit of his zhen qi, and was not satisfied with what his Master had said. His two fingers on his right hand pierced into Lu Qian's waist, but were repelled by Lu Qian's and Shui Ren's zhen qi and fell to the ground.

Big Brother Fatty looked at Shui Ren unwillingly and said sorrowfully, "Master …"

'Quick... ' Shui Ren said miserably. He had a rough idea about what Little Fatty Bro had done. He smiled bitterly and said, "Little Yan, I'll go accompany you!"

However, there were footsteps outside.

'Eh, there's a sound! ' Shui Xiyue said curiously.

Big brother Little Fatty looked at Shui Ren, then resolutely ran out. He thought to himself that he had to at least protect the young palace master. He saw three figures flash in front of Shui Xiyue. Needless to say, they were Lu Qian's subordinates, but she didn't know it. She shouted, "Young Hall Master, be careful!"

However, it was too late. Just as Shui Xiyue was about to die, two figures appeared before her.

"It's Senior, Senior!" After big brother Little Fatty saw this, he said happily.

'Tap, tap, tap! ' After three sounds, all of Lu Qian's men were sent flying. They should have been sent flying by grand-teacher.

After a loud bang, there was the sound of something smashing into the wall. Everyone looked towards the source of the sound.

'Master... He didn't know where he got the strength to run to, but he saw Shui Ren fly out like a kite with its string cut.

That teacher shouted, "Lu Qian, where are you? Get the hell out here!" He suddenly felt a strange air that seemed like something evil and exclaimed: 'It's actually comparable to the Illusory Sun.'

'Haha … ' The sound of laughter came from that weird aura.

'Lu Qian, it's you! ' Master said, because he saw Lu Qian.

Lu Qian laughed, "I was wondering who it was, but it turns out to be you — Shui Xu!"

"Oh, I haven't seen you for a few years. I didn't expect your skill to increase so much!"

'Ha ha... "Of course!" He laughed.

'Hey, who's that on you? 'Could it be that you're using some evil trick again?! ' Master - Shui Xu asked.

"Cough..." "Then …" Lu Qian said embarrassedly, thinking to himself, "Even Shan can see how high his cultivation base is."

'What does that sound like? '

'Are you done yet!? ' He hated this water void the most in the entire Nine Sects.

"Oh, I've thought of it. It's called the 'Power Plus', isn't it? Haha … "How unpleasant, who took it?" Shui Xu laughed.

'Go to hell! ' Lu Qian finally couldn't take it anymore and rushed over.

'Grand Master, don't let Lu Qian escape … He was killed... Master... "Father …" Little fatty brother cried.

"What?" "Kill little Ren!" Shui Xu said in astonishment.

At this time, Lu Qian had already arrived in front of Shui Xu, with his broadsword already in his hand.

"You killed Junior Brother Shui!" Huan Ri suddenly appeared and said to Lu Qian.

Shui Xu said, "Huan Ri, beat him up!" After he finished speaking, he picked up his pitifully crying granddaughter and said while crying, "Elder, I want to see dad, wuu …

"Yes, Master!" Huan Ri said softly.

Shui Xu didn't say anything as he looked at Xuan Daoqi. He then carried Shui Xiyue into the darkness, with Xuan Daoqi following closely behind.

All of a sudden, the thumping sounds stopped. It turned out to be Lu Qian's remaining men gathering over.

With two bangs, two of the men were killed on the spot by Shui Xu. The people at the back suddenly felt a warm liquid on their bodies.

The water ignored them, walking into the darkness.

Lu Qian naturally understood what was going on. He roared and swung his saber at Huan Ri. With a "Zheng" sound, his broadsword actually couldn't cut through the air and stopped in mid-air.

"Ya!" Lu Qian was angry, but he could not move at all with all his strength.

The thick saber was grasped in Huan Ri's hand. He used his left index finger and middle finger to easily grab it. Huan Ri then smiled at Lu Qian.

"Lu Qian, your power is on par with mine, but you can't beat me..."

"Oh!" "Then tell me about it."

Huan Ri let go of his thick saber and said, "Firstly, the martial arts I learned are not afraid of swords or blades, because that would only make me stronger." 'Secondly, your current advantage should be that you use your Yin Yang Qi to deal with me, and not the thick blade. Although I know it's an evil blade, it's useless. '

"Oh, is there anything else?" Lu Qian was shocked and thought, 'To think that he even knows about the Evil Blade. This Huan Ri is not simple!'

Huan Ri smiled and said, "I haven't thought of it yet!"

'Hmph … ' Lu Qian snorted and waved his left hand. Immediately, a spell was cast in the air; it was even faster and more skillful than Shui Ren's. After a burst of light from the spell, the thick saber in Lu Qian's hand changed.

"Are you ready, Huan Ri?" 'Just Lu Qian? Does it have to take so long? ' Shui Xu's voice came from afar, sounding a little impatient.

Huan Ri respectfully said: "Master, I will be faster!"

At this moment, a small jingling sound came from the ceiling, followed by light from all directions. It turned out that Xuan Daoqi had received instructions from Shui Xu to turn on the light.

'Ah, Daddy... ' Shui Xiyue mourned.

'Little Ren, you're dead... "Good …" He looked at the person who was no longer complete.

Xuan Daoqi didn't dare to look at it again. His stomach violently contracted. He felt nauseous as he painfully held onto the wall and shrank to the side.

Shui Ren looked as if he had been blown away by an explosion, the skin all over his body had been turned over, not a single part of his body was intact.

Xuan Daoqi had just taken a glance, and Shui Xiyue's situation was similar to his. He couldn't help but say, "So sad …" He thought of his parents.

Then Shui Xu shouted, 'Huan Ri, go away... 'I'll kill him myself! ' Then he rushed over.

Huan Ri moved to one side, and then his hand went to Lu Qian's shoulder.

On the other hand, Lu Qian was like a calm old monk, not moving at all. He didn't know that the situation was extremely dangerous at the moment.

'Master, be careful of that evil blade! ' Huan Ri noticed the change in the thick-backed knife and reminded him.

'Humph... "What evil blade, watch how I take care of it!" Shui Xu gritted his teeth.

When he was one meter away from Lu Qian, the red light on Lu Qian's broadsword suddenly intensified. The light disappeared in a flash, and what was revealed was a bizarre looking long saber; the blade was about the length of two broadswords, and the lines on the sabre's surface could be clearly seen. Lu Qian held it in his hand, but it did not seem to be heavy at all.

'Ah! ' Shui Xu's attack contained a strong power, but it was blocked by Lu Qian and he couldn't help but exclaim in surprise.

In fact, Lu Qian wasn't much better off. He had received a lot of shock from the tail and also had to protect Chen Shan Shan who was in his arms. He had suffered a lot of internal injuries.

Lu Qian felt a sweet sensation in his throat as if he was about to vomit blood. He suppressed the urge to vomit blood and looked at the water.

He saw Shui Xu pull back his tail and leave his palms empty. His left hand was above his right hand, and he drew a semicircle along the clock, then his left hand above his right, and then a circle appeared out of thin air. Shui Xu raised his right hand and drew an S-shaped line in the middle of the circle.

'Taiji! ' Before Shui Xu finished drawing the picture, Lu Qian was astonished; he thought that if he were to finish this map, Lu Qian would not be able to finish it all.

'Master, be careful! ' Huan Ri reminded.

Following that, he saw two points of water void in the circle, and a Tai Chi was completed.

'Taiji diagram! ' Lu Qian cried out involuntarily. He knew that something was wrong. He didn't expect that this water void was actually cultivated to the highest realm, the Tai Chi diagram.

Taichi divided into three layers. The first layer was known as' Condensing Void '. When one was learning this layer, one had to learn to draw solid lines in the air. Most disciples of the Shui clan were at the early and middle stages, while Brother He and Brother Little Fatty were at the high level.

When learning this level for Tai Chi on the second level, one had to quickly draw Tai Chi, which consumed a lot of true energy. When a line was circular, it had to bend and bend; when the water was at the initial stage of Tai Chi, the sun would break through to the upper stage of Tai Chi.

The final level was the 'Taiji diagram'. As long as one continued to cultivate it, it would not be difficult to ascend to the Immortal Realm; however, Shui Xu was only at the first stage of the Taiji diagram.

Buzz! Lu Qian's evil sword stopped in the air and collided with the Taiji diagram in the water.

The two of them fought with each other, and suddenly, the Taiji diagram radiated light everywhere. Lu Qian used his evil saber to block the light as he quickly retreated, waking up Chen Shan Shan who was in his embrace.

"Shan Shan!" Lu Qian shouted, looking at her with a rare smile as she slept.

Chen Shan moaned softly as she woke up.

'Get behind me, I'll carry you! '

'What's going on? Chen Shan was surprised.

Lu Qian said, "We are escaping for our lives!" "Hee hee!"

Shan Shan immediately climbed behind Lu Qian, wrapped her arms around his neck, her ample breasts tightly pressed against his back, and wrapped her slender and long legs around his waist. She said in a greasy voice, "I'll leave my life in your hands!"

'Ha! ' Shui Xu followed closely behind with the Taiji diagram protecting him.

Lu Qian walked around the basement, but what gave him a headache was the Illusory Sun, which was guarding the door.

"Lord, why are you here..." "Round and round!" Chen Shan Shan almost laughed out loud.

Before Lu Qian could reply, he heard Shui Xu shout behind him, "Lu Qian brat, stop right there!"

'Hmph … ' Lu Qian snorted coldly and said to Chen Shan Shan, "The person at the door is rather troublesome..."

'That person... ' She was surprised and said, 'Why haven't I seen him before? Is he very strong?'

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