HÖRNY BOSS/C5 I can't stop
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HÖRNY BOSS/C5 I can't stop
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C5 I can't stop


"I can't take this anymore! I'm sorry, I hope you will forgive me." I rasped when I paused the kiss to take a breath.

I had suggested a contract that lasted ten days because I knew by then, my doctor would be back and he would make control pills available for me.

If he had been around, all this wouldn't be happening. I have to do this because it's driving me nuts! And this lady is irresistible!!

I tore her polo shirt apart, and gasped at the beautiful sight before I took one of her breasts into my mouth. My hands slid into her bums and played with her ass.

"Oh fûck! You are dead!!" She shrieked, gripping my hair firmly.

That sound drove me wild, I sucked her breasts as if my life depended on it. I ran my tongue along her collar bone to her neck and gave her a love bite.

"Ouch!" Her loud moans filled the room.

"That's it, baby! You're driving me nuts!!" I shut her up with another deep and breathtaking kiss. The two of us were hungry for more and I loved it the more because she meets up with my cravings.

Just as my hands went down to her bums to open the button and unzip it, a bang came to her door accompanied by a loud voice and tore us apart.

"Vera?! Are you still there? Don't tell me you locked the door to eat that porridge alone! Aish!! I understand, I have an emergency, I will see you in the evening. Remember to keep some for me!!!"

I was kneeling on the floor, my eyes were fixed on hers as she clasped her mouth in shock when she thought the owner of the voice was already inside.

"It's a good thing… you locked the door. I didn't know… gosh!" She blew out a deep breath and shook her head.

I stood up reluctantly. "I… I'm such a jerk. I must look like a pervert to you now. I mean, how… when did it get to this… I'm so sorry. I think I have to go now. Who am I to trouble you with my own problems?" I took my suitcase and turned sharply to leave.

"What do you think you are about to do?"

Her voice stopped me in my tracks. My hand was already on the doorknob when she came to stand in front of me.

She removed my hand from the knob and pushed me over to the couch. I looked into her eyes and I saw that I had awakened the tigress in her. Those eyes burned with desire.

She came over and stood in front of me, shameless with only her bums short. I swallowed hard when my eyes caught her hot, round and pink nipples begging for a touch.

"You did this… yesterday! Do you know what you did to me? You make a girl wet and the next thing you want to go, just like that? I admit, I ran away yesterday because I knew it wasn't right, and I was afraid of your true intentions and your… penis' size. But I won't let you come here and do this and then go!" She pointed an angry finger at my face.

I sat up on the couch and forced my eyes off her nipples to look up at her face. "What exactly are you driving at? Please, go straight to the point. I…"

"To hell, you know what I am talking about, fool! Finish what you started or you are also trapped in here like you did to me yesterday, I always want to get even." She cut me off.

"I… well, I think you should read the contract conditions and see if you would really be able to meet my conditions before we…"

"What useless conditions? To hell with your contract and conditions or whatsoever! What I want now is you inside of me, hard, fast and furious!" She removed her shorts and stood naked in front of me.

"I… I really don't want to hurt you, or make you regret anything. I still think it would be better if you go through the…"

"What the fûck! I told you before that I don't want anything like that, I'm not that broke! It all ends today. Let's have that fun, then crazy and wild fûck that you so desperately desire. Maybe that will calm you down. It's just for today, you can get someone else to sign a contract with you for the rest of nine days."

Laughing mischievously, she goes back to the armchair and spreads her legs widely. That was her way of inviting me, and I couldn't run away from the tempting offer. Well, this endless craving for her would end after this deed is done.

I quickly stood up, tore away my t-shirt and flung it aside. I knelt down between her legs and lifted them up above my head and buried my face in her.

I threw control out of the window and ate her pūssy like a wild animal. She just awakened the beast in me and I am determined to unleash my harshness on her.

I didn't really mean to do that to her, but I couldn't help it. I couldn't stop myself even when I heard her pleas.

She threw her head backwards and gripped the arms of the chair. Her glorious moans filled my head and I didn't hear the pain behind it.

When I trailed kisses back to her lips, I inserted two of my fingers into her vagina and fingered her fiercely. I bit her lower lip as I couldn't get enough of her.

"Oh, fûck!" She grunted in pain as I gripped her hair and lurched her towards the wall.

Her head hit the wall and she cried out. "Jack… no! You are hurting me!!"

I know, I saw the tears and the blood… but I couldn't stop. Her legs squeaked, but I pinned her against the wall and took her from behind.

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