Half Moon/C2 Chapter 2
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Half Moon/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

"No way,i can't let that happen",said Moonlight

"The seven has decided,

Moonlight,you cann't change it",replied the Socceror of Nels town.

"But you're my good friend,you cann't let that happen........"

"This is beyond me,Moon-light...but there is a way.You would have to trap her spirit"


"You ask like a newborn child",he adjusted his wand,"

you are of a descendant that is one of the seven"

Moonlight was awed,it was the first time he had heard of it....

"Yes you,my good friend are endowed with the power of Sensory....."

"Who?,what is that?",he look puzzled.

"You really didn't know about this"

"No i didn't"

Though Moonlight was a bit older than the socceror but the tone in which he spoke made him look like an old wise man.

"Okay....Sensory is your ancestor,one of the seven.He controlled the human spirit or as it is said'the thread that holds the man and himself.Sen-sory was highly respected among them and would have been made the head among the seven..but five among them made Poltran the head,

so he left and wrote a book, called Nature's half.Find the book and it will tell you all you

need to know"

"Where is the book",he asked.

"Between the heavens and the Earth...life exist on the cold"

"It's on a mountain"


"How do you know all this and i don't"

"We at Nelstown,are like springs that wet the soil."


"Yes,come down to Nelstown.It's beautiful,good water and a lot of food

"Maybe one day my friend, but now there is no time..I've only seven days before i lose everything"

"Seven days!,that is a l9ng time....You must look between your heart to find what you want.A time would come when you would know what been Sensory's descendant means.."

"Only pain,Thamanes, misery upon misery."His tone was sad

"A thousand life

A single night

A soft whistle

Is nature's load".He chanted raising his hand above his head.

The skies began to move apart allowing a creature to fly


"That's your ride.You obviously weren't planning on climbing the mountain"

"Thanks Thamanes......

How is Elfer"

"Fine,she is fine"

The creature had the wings of an eagle and looked like a gaint Cheetah.....


The air was cold and frosty,strong wind ran around.

A door creeked open..

"Who's there?".A feminine voice said.Armed with a baseball bat and a torch-light,she looked around the room.A gentle cold breeze blew in.Roseline turned as she felt heavy breath on her shoulder and it her looking glass with the bat out of impluse.There was no one but she swore she felt the presence of someone..

"Who's there i say...Show yourself or else"

A loud laughter rang in her ears.."Or else what"

Fear gripped her,"You foul spirit"

The laughter rang again.It was deafenning and painful.

Two object flew in her direction.

"Let's play a little bit of baseball"

Roseline screamed as another object flew above her head.

She tried to run but was held back by unseen hands

"Going to were,my dear Roseline....The fun just started and you're trying to run away"

"Leave me alone",she pleaded.

"I cann't do that.It would be rude".

She was more than frightened and she hasn't still seen the face of the beign that is tormenting her,that is if it had a face at all and she didn't want to.

"You should be happy and enjoy the fun"

She tried to run again and this time she successed.As she rsn down the stairs,she slipped and rolled down the stairs, head boucing on each stairs till she reached the end.Blood oozed out of her head.She laid on the floor half dead

"You seem not to get it"

She was badly injured."Who are you".She said faintly.

"Your worst nightmare and it just began".A high pitched evil laughter rang round the building.

The flame in the fire place burnt furiously swallowing the wood.It was then she saw the face of the beign.It was hideous,it wore a blood red jacket that had a crescent moon pattern on it.Its' mouth was blood red,like it just finished festing on blood, and it face was half human and the other half was not visible..

She heard footsteps


"Oh god!',she whisphered.

It drew closer to her."Mom, mom......I heard your voice'.He stopped.The windows opened and two bats flew in.

It was dimly lit,he strained his eyes and caught sight of his mom lying half-dead on the floor at the end of the stairs. He ran to her."Mom,you're bleeding".He wrapped his hand around her and helped her to rest in a sitting position

"Oh well,guess who decided to join the fun"

His sense were alerted,"Who said that".

"Leave him alone",she screamed weakly.

"You shalln't speak without been asked to"

Roseline felt a spear stab her arm twice.Blood oozed out

Frightened he said,"You shalln't cause my mother any harm."

"And who are you to speak".

Two bats flew around him, bitting him repeatedly,sucking his blood.

"Get away from me."He tried to fight it off.

Laughters rang in the bulding.Roseline watched her son drop like withered leaves on the floor.

"No!".She let out an ear piercing scream.

The sun was begining to rise,yellow streaks of light rushed in through the window.

She heard a loud knock at the front door

"More company....... nice"

Dawn rose spectacularly,

"Mrs Roseline!!".Some-one called her name,then voices followed.She could hear siren blarring outstide.

She felt a surge of hope,she turned to look at the monster that had tormented her all night long,but it was gone and before she knew what had happened,she woke up in a hosptial bed a month later...


Sunlight streaked in through the windows,a cool breeze played at the curtain.

The door opened,a nurse walked in.

"How are you feeling today"

"I'm fine",she replied.

"Your husband was here in the evening yesterday,but you were asleep.So he left a note that he would be back in the afternoon"..

"Okay....what about my son?"

"Oh!,he was discharged a

week ago."

She looked relieved.Although she cann't remember what happened that day because she was in coma for a month

and suffered from temporary

memory loss for two weeks before she regained her memory.Her son had a minir fracture which had healed by now.

"Okay,i'll be back to check up on you later....You'll be good to go in no time",the

nurse smiled.

She smiled back,"Okay,thanks"

The door was closed..


Cars ran across Midway lane which lead to the highway

A car was parked at a fast food

resturant halfway from the u-turn.It was a black car

"What have i done?".The driver soloquised.'You've got to stop this Moonlight.They cann't ruin your whole life just

like that',he thought.'But first i have to vist my wife at the hospital like i promised'.

He drove out,intersceting the two-way lane leading to Olives

hospital.He looked through the rear mirror,he could see a truck trying to overtake a mini-

bus behind him,but on a futher

look the truck seemed out of control and the minibus was only giving way for it.Quickly he drove out of the road and parked his car because the truck has toppled over causing

traffic but he needed to be back at the hospital as he had promised.

"Move it, you idiot!",yelled


"Old fool,i won't blame you.Why didn't you vist the optician for eye check".A driver yelled back.

It went on like that for an hour till the traffic Police helped clear the road.The hospital bulding was ahead,

Moonlight could see the bulding through the front screen.Finally after a hetic day he would be meeting his wife today as planned.He parked his car on the drive way close to a tree and motioned for the

building.It was a three storey building with a grass lawn at its' leftside and an array of daffidol round it.The ground leading to the entrance door was interlocked.Doors opened,

Moonlight was seated at the waiting hall.He spoke with a nurse and headed off to the ward his wife was in but she wasn't there.He asked a nurse about her where about

"Okay,yes she just came out of the ER some hours ago.

The doctor would like to speak

with you",she said.

Speedily he sped off to the doctor'office.The doctor Mr Frank as norms was seated in his office.

"Mr Moonlight",he placed the file that was in his hand on a table,"She is room 316."

They walked to ward 316,

Moonlight kept a cool face.He was prepared for the worst.

He stopped at her bed.His wife

was died

"Unfortunately",the doctor said,"we lost her.We tried all we could.She died thirity minutes ago"..


Lightenning flashed repeatedly moving back and forth.The air was quiet except for repeated thundering and ghostly howl.Moonlight stood in a graveyard,tears flowing down his cheeks at he looked at the grave of his lovely wife

"Today is your birthday Roseline.Happy birthday!.We all miss you.I wished i could have prevented all this".He knelt down and placed the flowers in his hand on the grave."I know you're not dead.

I would join you soon but i've

something to do first".Having said that,he got up and left.

At the entrance of the cementary,an owl perched on the tree that was there

"What do you want",said Moonlight

The owl fly around for awhile and transfigured to a woman

"Cann't i just check on you and besides you know i've been caused.The graveyard are

my home",she replied.

"I don't need you.....Tell

death that he would pay for all

he had done.The Sparrows would be history when am done."

"Shhhh....be careful about hat you say

"I'm fear myself.Why should i be afraid".

"I'm done talking...deliver my message to your master... Moonlight is awakening the spirits,the night blood will run like springs.


Lucia.....",he said magically

The winds became violently, cycling decayed leaves and dirt In the air accompinied by lightening and thundering.

"You are-- Sensory's descendant".

"Send my message to your master".The Owl took flight, Moonlight took to his heels as trees fell violently to the ground.He knew he had crossed the line. Night was drawing near, getting to his horse,he saddled it as a gentle breeze played around his coat.

"Come on boy".He struck the horse and it took off.

The moon rose over the sky in its half form. Stars twinkled in the sky,peace above but not below. The horse came to a halt close to a farm house. A shadow ran past,multiple images flashed before his eyes.

"You can't scare me.....".An evil laughter rang in the air,so evil was it that the stars hid themselves.

Footsteps followed"Oh moonlight...you just can't learn,can you?"

He planted his feet firmly on the ground."show yourself if you're of the cult"

Faces began to appear, frightening and deadly causing the trees to weep

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