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C5 Lost

The church bell rang, vibrating the air around.Chin stood in front of the statue Mary with a rosary in her hand, whispering words of prayer.The day was still young, leaves were already falling off trees ushering the new season.She heard a familiar voice coming from the far end of the church.It was that of a friend of hers.Well this was the third time in the year she stepped into a church. Although,her brothers are regular attendee. She turned only when she heard a thick masculine voice at her shoulder.

"What are you doing here this early.,"It was the priest assigned to that parish.

"I've unanswered questions."

"Unanswered questions?..like what?mind if you tell me."

"Well have been having mysterious events lately."

"Mysterious?like what?"

"I woke up one morning bleeding from my left shoulder-looks like I was stabbed with a knife."

"Can I have a look at the wound".He had a quizzical look on his face.

"Sure".She showed him the wound.

It wasn't just a knife stab but someone had cast an image on her skin-a bizzare image.Chin saw the look onhis face,it a look of sympathy at the same time horror.

"What is it?",she asked with a puzzled look on her face

"Possessed.....are you possessed?"

"No father I am not"

He believed otherwise."I percieve demons",his voice was firm and somewhat harsh.He had recognised the scar, "the mark of the beast--"

She tried to hold her laughter but couldn't."What beast?..Hillarious father"

He made the sign of the crucifix..."I must go..."

"But....."She knew it was pointless following him to found out what he meant..She turned to leave the church,something dropped on her shoulder, she touched it with her fingertip-It was bird poop..She could hear little kids laughing at it as she crossed the road.

The sun had now risen full in the skies. The time said a few minutes to the hour of nine, with the recent nightmare,plus the feeling I get as if I am been monitored by someone .It would be weird for someone to have termed it has been possessed,but we are in the 21st century CE-plus it sound like folklore .just a figment of my imagination' ,she thought as she walked home along the dusty path.She walked absent-mindly ,lost in her thoughts, the bark of a dog brought her back-to-earth-It was trailing behind her-the dog a stood right in front of her barking while the owner was running towards it, calling its name-Chin was bewildered, dogs are man's best friend they say but as of now she couldn't comprehend that statement .What on earth is making it bark at her?

"Oh my!Jay you scared the young lady', said to the owner to the dog who was calmer now. "Sorry for the misbehavour", he apologized.

"Oh! it's nothing. They can be weird at time" ,she said smiling at the dog owner

"Come along now" ,said the owner as he put the collar on its neck. The dog moved obediently, "we will be going now. .sorry again"

"Okay ..bye" ..Silly pet.

Legends have it that animals like dogs have a third eye vision. The inner eye which see another dimension beyond the physical. A vision which is beyond the normal human vision, percieving the very essence of the soul itself-more like seeing the unseen,thouhg few humans are capable of such...Hours later, by mid day, she was seated in her study, reading the book she had taken from her grandpa's library during her last vist .Though she couldn't fathom a word in i. It had different illustration, spells in forgotten languages, images and a blank sheet at the end of the end which seemed to be blank at first but after she wrote a sentence in it, numerous pages appeared. Suddenly she heard a voice, "The time has began", it said firmly..

"Is that you Mathew".. She obviously knew she was alone at home. She stared back at the book when no one responded.

Ding dong!!!

The door bell rang twice. Chin walked to answer whoever was at the door, but to her greatest suprise no one was there'must be the neighbour kids.. .Naughty children'. Her tummy rumbled, she walked to the kitchen to fix herself a meal.. The door bell rang again.

Ding dong!!!!

This time around she ignored it, cooked herself noodles and fried eggs and took it to her study room. The door bell rang a third time.

Ding dong!!!

She still paid no attention to it . As she placed the food on the table, she had a whisper in her ears. "Won't you welcome me in", it was close, very close.

She gasped and looked round the room. It was empty, no one was in sight save for herself. The curtain waved softly in the cool breeze that blew in through the window.

"Or am I not welcomed?".. It whisper softly

"Why should I?".. This is insane. How would anyone who just walked in believe her if she said she was not talking to herself.

"You have no choice over this, Chin".

She felt a chill run down her spine at the mention of her name. She tried to talk but couldn't find her voice. Her food was now cold by now.

"I believe you're hungry. Why don't you eat. It cold now but still delicious", said the voice in a fatherly tone.

She walked slowly to the door ready to dash out at any time. As she approached it, it shut on its own accord. It was locked.

"Going somewhere:.. A high pitched laughter followed.

Her eyes scanned the room for any object which she could use to defend herself. Her breathe was fast. The next thing she saw was the fast moving blade of and axe coming for her direction.


She ducked it and screamed. It hit against the door. She had nowhere to run to. She heard footstep coming closer to her,swiftly, she reached for the fork om the table. Her heart was racing fast.It feot like it was going to explode.She tried to speak but couldn't find her voice.She thought of a way of escape,decided to jump out the window to the first floor then to the ground.

Ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!!!

The windows shut against her.The voice drew nearer to her.The door knob clicked and it flung open..She felt a surge of hope.It was a friend of hers named Kelvin.

"Chin,why are you shaking like that."He was unaware of what is happening.

"Looks like someone came to join the party",said the voice mockingly

"Who said that?"Kelvin was alert.

Thud thud!!

Footsteps drew closer to him,Chin caught sight of a blade in the air.

She screamed."Kelvin look out",but it was late.


It struck through his neck cutting off his head.It feel down, splattering blood around while is body dropped down dead.Innocently he has walked into the devil's net and was caught.The door was ajar,Chin raced towards it with the footsteps trailing behind her.Outside the room,she met with the most hideous thing she had ever seen.It let out a high pitched laughter.She gasped for breathe.The air smelt rotten,years of decay mixed with odour of two days old corpse.She was sandwiched by the two-behind her was the faceless monster that had just beheaded her friend,Infront was what her mouth cannot describe.She felt like fainting and wished this was all a dream.They were drawing closer to her,she knew she had to think fast to escape alive.The kitchen was to her left,she remembered it had an exit door.Quickly she ran to it been followed by a knife that was thrown in her direction.It missed her by hairs breath.The door was about to close by the time she was at the entrance to the kitchen.She kicked it forcefully and ran in.Instinctively,she ran towards the exit door,almost hitting the gas cooker.It was locked like it should be.she gazed around for where to hide.There was a small space at the back of the refrigerator close to the wall.she hid there panting heavily.She could hear the footsteps drawing closer,hushed whispers with occasional evil laughters.she racked her brain for where the keys will be-It was in her room hung to nail on the wall.Suddenly,she felt something cold on her shoulders she tried not to scream. Implusively she jumped out of her hiding place.She felt a sharp pain on her shoulder.She had a deep cut on it,blood oozed out of it like water from a spring.She felt like she was dying

Ding ding!!.

The door bell rang and this time it was her younger brother Matthew.She managed to pull herself to answer it.she opened the door and passed out at the door mat. Alarmed, Matthew called the emergency unit and the Police.An ambulance drove in some minutes later followed by the police... Matt was concerned for his sister's well being and was shocked to find a dead body that was beheaded,on s closer look,he saw that it was Kelvin's body.


Matthew looked weirdly at

Chin.Obviously the event must have had an effect on her apart from the injury she sustained.

"A man-----you say-",said Matthew

"Yes and quit the look.I'm normal."

"Didn't say you aren't.It just that there is no other foot print & fingerprint apart from the both of you,plus the neighbours testified to not seeing anyone------I remember

something".He looked thoughtful

"What is it?"

"A blood red book with golden binding and the food you left untouched."


'She is still normal',he thought

"The book is so weird,i can't just place it.I flipped through it,read a little of it which sound like some religious stuff,ancient long forgotten religion but what was perculiar about it is the empty page which surprisingly,i

read about a future event about me on the previously empty pages and the empty pages kept increasing and so was the writings in it--All centered on me"

Chin had a quizzical look on her face.An idea had was popped into her head.The book was a time machine or maybe it was just magical.

"Oh!,i never knew".She lied.She was aware of the unending empty pages.

"Did i sound weird",he asked.

"Obviously yes,but at least now someone understands"

"Understand what?"

"The book is from grandpa's library.I found it there.Strange things been happening to me ever since that day"

"Interesting".He is captivated.

"Yes bro.It's very complicated"

The door opened,a nurse followed by two men and a woman walked in.

"Chin".It is her father.

Both siblings made eye contact

,telling each other that they would continue their discussion later.

"Dad,you're here".She frowned when she saw her mom,"What is she doing here."

"Chill,relax Chin",said Matthew.

She sighed."Okay"

"Good day Miss Chin".The last man finally spoke a word.

Chin hasn't seen his face before.She was interested in what he had to say.

"Good day Sir".Her voice was natural.She felt pain in her hand as she moved it to shake hands with him in a buisness-like manner.

"Careful.You don't want to

add more stress than expected

to it",said Matthew in a concerned tone.

She smiled."Okay----So if i may

ask,who are you?"

"Officer Lucky Flint but you can call me Lucky.Every-

-one calls me Lucky.I am here to take your statement apartaining the death of Mr Kelvin,your friend and particularly how you too ended up in the hospital".

Matthew and Chin had eye contact .They both seem to communicate to each other through that means.He knew that no one would believe Chin,if she narrated the event as it happened because definitely

it would sound strange and would make anyone conclude that she has psychological and mental issues.

Chin took in a deep breath.

"Well it happened that Kelvin borrowed a book from me a week before that day and he told me that he would return it that day---Do you believe in sorcery or magic"

"No i don't",replied the Policeman,"Would you mind carrying on with your narrative".

She could see the look in her father's eye.She knew he must be wondering what that has to do with the event

"So as i was saying,that day i had woken up and went to church not too far from our residence.I just felt like going to church,it not that i do so on a regular but that day had me going there--You know what they do in church right".Her last sentence was referring to Officer Lucky

He smiled."Yeah i know"

"Okay.I had a little chit chat with one of the priest.I had told him about my nightmare and strange events.

He said i am demon-possesed hilarious"

Even though he was enjoying her narrative,she was taking much time to get to the point which is why he is there.

He felt like laughing."would you mind getting to the point.It

the reason i'm here"

"Chill...I'm getting to there.

So,i went home,went through a book i had taken from my grandpa...Pretty weird book",

She whispered the phrase."I

felt hungry and cooked some noddles&fried eggs..While i did that the door bell rang.I thought it would be Matthew at the door,so i went to answer it.On opening the door,

no one was there.I went back to check on my food,the doorbell rang again but this time around i ignored it,well because i felt it was some naughty children up to their mischief,probably the neighbours-Those kids are so naughty-It rang a third time and i still ignored it.I dished the food i cooked in a plate,

took it to my study room and it was then i heard a voice.It said 'Am i not welcomed'.The voice was sharp and clear.

Sorry it was 'won't you welcome me in' that it said.

"Totally i was frightened cause i was the only one at home....Well paranormal right.

So i was tormented by this creature like a man who had a huge axe in my own house.

Kelvin came to return the book

that day.He must had looked round the house and didn't find me,so he checked the study room.I was inside frightened,he opened the door

,walked in without noticing the presence of another apart from mine.This man raised his axe and the next thing i knew was seeing Kelvin's head flying

like a golf ball off his neck----"

"So,you're saying that,this man or creature tried to kill you or rather Kelvin's death was caused by a Paranormal Event",He interrupted her narrative and gave her father a quizzical look,"Are you sure she is normal..mentally"

"Yes she is my daughter and yes she is.Though i too i'm

applaud by the story she just narrated"

"You can't say for sure".

This time it was her mother that spoke

"So what are you saying".

Her father was irritated.

"What Chin here said is unbelievable,you can't just cook up that and dish it out expecting us to swallow it in--"

Matthew was not liking where this was heading to."But she is injured,mom"

"Yes i know but it doesn't make sense.You can't tell the police that and i'm sure you aren't planning on telling that to the court..

Chin looked frustrated,

sometimes she wondered if this was really the woman that gave birth to her because she had never believed a word

she say.Well maybe cause she is an expert at lying and been deceitful or is it just that she is a self righteous person

"Okay.I've heard your statement Chin.The Police would do their investigation".He took his leave.

"Okay",her father shook hands with the officer before he left.

"I have to go now,Chin.I have business to attend to,you just take care of yourself"

"Bye dad"

"Bye".He left.

Chin was the older of her siblings,but most times she like their junior because of how her father related with her.

"My child"

"Don't 'my child' me"

"You shouldn't talk to your mother like that"

"And you shouldn't raise your voice in a hospital,mom.This is a hospital and you are disturbing other patient plus your presence is giving me a headache"

She knew that Chin wanted her to leave.She reached for the door


"Well don't get me involved in this"

"You too Matthew",she opened the door and left.

Chin sighed in relief,if everyone don't believe a word she say,she always knew Matthew had her back


Chin stopped to catch her breath her right side at a tree.She looked around to be sure she was safe.Sweat prickled down her skin. She could hear the loud beating of her heart.Her legs felt weak and was tired of supporting her weight.

Everywhere was silent except for the sound made by breeze running through the leaves of the trees.She was exhausted and tired.She was beginning to calm down when something jumped on her.She leaped and screamed turning to look at it.It was just a squirrel.She tiring to calm her impluse when suddenly she had footsteps and a soft whisper

"You can't hid'

She turned to her right and like wild fire,her impluse accelerated.She

could feel the strong flow of adrenaline in her system and didn't know when she took flight.She could hear voices screaming in her head for her to run faster.Her heart felt like it was going to break forth from her chest at any moment.Survival was the only thing on her mind.Her leg hit against a stone as she ran and she fell.

The grass caught her fall,she laid on weak and tired and wondered if this was her goodbye.Chin breathed heavily the scent of the grass.She could hear the symphony of crickets while a lot went through her mind.

It was drawing nearer.She had a soft whispher."Accept it Chin"

Instantly she got up,her eyes caught the sparkle of the sword of her purser in the moonlight followed by a speech in a foreign language.She

couldn't find her voice.Her body seems to fail her at this moment.She stood like a pole unable to move.

"Give up Chin".It sounded soft,

ebbing her strength away.

Cold chill ran down her spine,she couldn't tell if she was dying slowly. She heard a soft click,the presence seemed to draw closer to her.She shook in fear and wished it would all end.She saw the sword slice the air,swinging and what held it was coming to her direction.

'Run,run!!',a voice screamed in her head.Her heart began to race,Chin

caught sight of a shadow coming her direction.Were they two she thought.

Whichever they are,she had to think fast before they get to where she is.A

strong breeze has began to blow all over.

"Give up Chin",it had a deathly tone.She look her left and right and took to her heels to her right,jumping over every hurdle that came her way.

She ran like an antelope escaping its'

predator..She could her heart beating loudly against her chest.

"Give up Chin".It followed after her.Chin ran as fast as her legs can carry her,not minding her she was running to.

"Argh!".Her leg braced against a thorn bush and it bleed.She cared less about it and didn't stop her running till she got to the edge of a cliff.Chin halted at the edge almost falling off.She knew she had reached a deade end.The trees waved in tge direction of the arising wind.A waterfall was on the other side.She knew that if she jumped over the cliff,

she wouldn't se mother earth again.

"Give up Chin".the voice came again.It was getting closer.

Chin clutched her necklace in her tightly to her chest,she could see a shadow approaching from in between the trees.She panted and was sweating profusely in the cold night.

Fuvvvvvvvv!!,the breeze blew

The air was cold and calm,stars twinkled around the skies.

"You can run but you cann't hide",it had a wizardly tone and echoed.

Chin knew that she only had one action to take and it had to be done fast.She felt the presence drawing closer to her.A sword was drawn out,

Chin ducked and finally jumped up the cliff screaming aloud .Her impluses racing at high speed----

A woodpecker poked its' beak at a glass window.

"No!!----",Chin woke up frightenned.Her gaze swept round the room before she became calm and discovered that it was only a dream.

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