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C1 Wedding Day

Harlequin's POV

I smiled as I saw the reflection of myself in the mirror. Mum was making sure my wedding gown fitted properly so there weren't any loose edges.

Meanwhile, the make up artist did wonders on my face while Eline,my best friend, placed the tiara on my head, right next to the veil.

I can't believe it's actually my wedding today. Before I go on, it would be rude for me not to introduce myself.

My name is Harlequin Anastasia Vladimir. I'm both an American and Russian.

My dad moved from Russia to New York where he met and married my mum. I've never been to Russia before, I was born and bred in New York. I've always asked Daddy to let us go on a vacation to Russia and sadly, he always refused me but when I got fed up and questioned why he continuously refused to let us visit our homeland, he told me Russia's a very dangerous place and it would simply be too dangerous for us there.

I asked mum about what he meant by dangerous and she only ever gave me vague answers saying Dad only wanted the best for us and he was only adamantly refusing because he wanted to protect us. I just didn't get it and pressed on further and at last,she told me that Dad's decision to leave Russia was due to some issues with the Mafia and she refused to elaborate more on it.

When I tried to get further information, I was always given the same answer or the silent treatment and after asking for like a gazillion times and I got no reasonable explanation, I decided to give up and forget about it but my curiosity just wouldn't let me be so I decided to investigate discreetly, gathering as much information as I could by eavesdropping on my parents' conversation and I'm glad my efforts didn't go to waste. I finally found out why Daddy avoided the prospect of visiting Russia like a plague.

Well let's get back to me for now,I'm 14 years old,five feet four inches with brown hair and blue bell eyes. I'm also pretty if I do say so myself and as you've known by now,I'm getting married to my dear Liam today.

Well,we've known each other since childhood and we both like each other a lot. Our parents are getting us married today and I know you must be wondering how and why.

Simply put,God has finally answered my prayers and Daddy's taking us to his hometown in Russian.

A fact not really known to all,Bashkortostan, my dad's hometown allows 14 year olds to get married but not without parental and judicial consent. Dad has expressed his regret of having to go back to Russia but he says his hands are tied because he has to get Liam and I married now. I've gotten to the reason why I'm getting married so early in life. Mine and Liam's families have been friends for ages and both families have always wanted to solidify their ties through marriage but they were never in luck.

Both families either had boys or girls and when both families each had a boy and a girl,they were so happy and wanted to get them married but sadly, when they grew up,they didn't like each other anymore because they both fell in love with completely different people.

The second time each had a boy and a girl,they were allowed to grow up again but something happened and the girl was raprd and got pregnant. She was so ashamed, she committed suicide.

Her father was angry and tracked down his daughter's rapist and it was the son of the head of the Mafia.

Notwithstanding, he managed to trick the guy and was able to kidnap and kill him. So that's why mine and Liam's families had to leave Russia, for fear of the Mafia's wrath. That's the little I know from eavesdropping on my parents' conversation.

Once again, both families have produced a boy and a girl and this time, they were not willing to take chances by letting us grow up before getting us married to each other.

So here you have it,in only a few hours from now,I'll be married to my best friend who is only a year older than I am, freaky right?

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