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C2 Great Loss

Harlequin's POV

I smiled into the mirror and Eline teased me. "Harley look at you,I bet you're thinking of Liam's right now and blushing already." I smiled at the comment,my cheeks betraying and attaining a shade of red. "Don't worry dear,Liam will be at a loss of words when he sets his eyes on you." Mum joined in. Just then, Dad walked in. "Is she ready yet? We don't have a moment to spare,our plane leaves in less than an hour." Dad said, starring at his watch.

"Don't worry dear, she's ready." Mum said and Dad looked up and saw me. "Wow my princess, you look so pretty. I knew this day would come but I never knew it'd come so quickly. Dear,I just want you to know that you've made me very proud today by being so obedient and agreeing to this marriage today." Dad exclaimed with a smile.

"I'm the proud one,for having a father like you,who loves me unconditionally." I chirped with a smile and got into his warm embrace.

"Come along now,dear." Dad said and I walked with him hand in hand into the car. Liam was already in the car and sure enough, he was dazzled when he saw me, he couldn't stop complimenting me and I sure as hell couldn't stop blushing either.

We got to the airport and boarded our flight. The trip to Russia was long and exhausting and I didn't realize when I fell asleep, still in my wedding gown. Dad said I would wear it during the whole trip because immediately after the wedding, we're not staying a moment longer in Bashkortostan, we're taking a plane back to New York and by virtue of that,there would be absolutely no where to change which means I have to wear this big,fluffy gown throughout.

When we landed,Liam woke me up. The drive to Bashkortostan wasn't long and when we got to court,there were some conversations and formalities before we were finally married. We were presented our marriage certificate immediately after and I glanced at it with mixed feelings.

Dad says Liam and I will get married officially in the New York when we're 18. This marriage is just to remind each of us of our duties towards each other.

Dad took us back into the car while mum and Liam's parents took the other car. The driver immediately began the journey back to the airport.

I gazed at the golden wedding ring on the fourth finger of my left hand and it dawned on me that I was now a married woman with major responsibilities and the thought alone, scared me.

Liam saw the fright in my eyes and placed his hand on mine, he then encouraged me.

"Don't worry, we're in this together. I'll always be with you and together we can make this work,I promise." He promised and I didn't realize when smile plastered my face,it felt so good to get some encouragement.

The sudden urge to pee overcame me and I told the driver to stop the car,daddy declined. "No dear,I've told you we aren't staying here a minute longer, it's too dangerous." He cautioned and I kept quiet. After a few minutes and I felt like my bladder would burst,I threatened to jump out of the car and Daddy told the driver to stop the car,albeit reluctantly.

I opened the door of the car with my huge wedding gown trailing behind me and ran out with no exact direction in mind but little did I know that God wanted to save me that day.

When I was only a few metres away, it happened.

I heard something like a gun shot and suddenly, the two cars which held my parents, husband and parents in-law erupted in flames. The force of the explosion threw me across a pillar,banging my head against it. My vision blurred.

"Mum,Dad,Liam,please don't leave me........." I said and blacked out.

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