Harlequin: Travails Of A Young Orphaned Widow/C3 New World, Strange Things Part 1
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Harlequin: Travails Of A Young Orphaned Widow/C3 New World, Strange Things Part 1
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C3 New World, Strange Things Part 1

Harlequin's POV

My eyes flicked open weakly. Am I dead? I asked myself and gazed around my environment. I was in a large room with blue curtains and I had an IV attached to my left hand. I could clearly see the oxygen mask on my face and the pace maker beeping close to me. I definitely am not dead,wouldn't even think of it,I'm only in a hospital which quite a relief for some reason. I smiled at just knowing I wasn't in the underworld. Just then,a nurse came in and saw me. She spoke excitedly in a foreign language I couldn't quite place and then she left and came back with a man who I suspect is the doctor.

"Ty v poryadke, ditya? ( Are you okay, child?) The doctor asked in a language I couldn't understand. "What?" I asked the doctor, confused. He said something to the nurse in that same strange language before addressing me again. "Are you feeling alright dear?" The doctor spoke but with a thick accent. "No,my head hurts like bad and I can't seem to remember anything." I wailed.

"What you're saying is,you don't remember why you're here?" The doctor continued his investigation. "No,I can't remember a single thing. I don't even know my own name or where I'm from." I said dejectedly and tried to remember but my head hurt so bad that I felt dizzy,I touched my head and noticed it was bandaged.

"Be careful dear,if you strain your brain too much, it could cause major complications. So please rest." The doctor advised. "Could you at least please tell me where I am?" I asked.

"Dear you're in Russia, specifically Bashkortostan. You had a fatal accident which caused a bad head injury. You were brought here to the hospital by a man and he comes to visit you everyday since you've been in a coma." The doctor disclosed

"How long have I been here?" I questioned, petrified. "Three months ago and so far,we haven't been able to find your family and we were hoping when you woke up,you'd be able to tell us but that's not possible now,it seems. You've got amnesia." The doctor relayed.

Tears had already started flowing down my cheeks, I'm all alone with no family or memory. But just then,the door opened and a very handsome man walked in. He saw me and maintained his cold stare despite the smile I gave him. Aargh! Talk about rude. He spoke with the doctor in that strange language which I guess should be Russian since I'm currently in Russia. I can't help but wonder if I was born here,but if I was, why don't I understand this language for crying out loud? Well,all that will come to me in due time.

The very handsome stranger turned towards me. "Ty ne prosto poteryannyy tokenok? (Aren't you just a lost kitten?) He said and I starred at him blankly because I couldn't understand a word of what he was saying.

"I can speak English too,so don't look at me like that." He said but surprisingly, he didn't have that accent like the doctor did. His English was perfect.

"Since you can't remember a thing, I'll have to give you a name, Valery should be good." He said and I smiled.

"Quit smiling so much,do I look like a clown?" He nagged. "What am I supposed to do,frown? Are you some kind of demon that I should be afraid of? Or should I rather shiver in your presence?" I fired back.

"You will soon, and I'll only let this go because your nuts are loose and you're a little girl. I saved your life and you know what? I could end it in the blink of an eye if I want." He snapped.

"I'm sorry your supreme highness, please forgive my impudence but may I know your name?" I asked arms akimbo.

"Dimitri." He said, sharply.

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