Harlequin: Travails Of A Young Orphaned Widow/C4 New World, Strange Things Part 2
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Harlequin: Travails Of A Young Orphaned Widow/C4 New World, Strange Things Part 2
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C4 New World, Strange Things Part 2

Dimitri's POV

I watched as she starred at me after I told her my name. "Don't stare at me so much, you'll be blinded by my dominance." I stated with a straight face. "As if?" I heard her say but pretended like I didn't.

"What did you just say?" I thundered and she smirked. "I said I'm sorry your highness,I forgot you are a demigod, please forgive this young girl's foolishness." She said sarcastically with that stupid smirk.

This girl has absolutely no idea who she's dealing with, I'm only being merciful right now because she seems like a lost child but notwithstanding, I'll have to teach her a lesson or two about the rules.

I quickly grabbed hold of her neck and applied force, she struggled and I could see tears in her eyes. I wasn't really planning to kill her or else she'd be dead by now. Just want to teach her a good lesson.

Killing her would make my previous effort of saving her a complete waste of time. Seeing the tears in her eyes made me smirk,for the first time since our encounter. She really does look cute with those innocent blue eyes, just like the lost kitten she is.

What's wrong with me? I shouldn't show pity on her,I must instill fear in her so she'll behave well since I'll make her my little pet.

"From now on,you'll keep your mouth shut unless I ask you to speak. You'll be my little pet,nice, cute and obedient. I always like an obedient little pet. If you are,I might just reward you." I told her and withdrew my hand from her neck.

She coughed slightly, regaining her breath before nodding her head feverishly in consent to my demand. She appeared visibly shaken and a tear drop fell from her eye. She looks so pitiful, I know she's young but I didn't expect her to be so childish.

Speaking of age,she looks like she should be about fifteen or so. Too young to be a pet. Don't look at me like that, I'm no psychopath to sexually molest a minor.

What I mean by pet is something more like a maid figure to do all the work around the house since nanny Maria has retired and it'll be good opportunity to pay me back for saving her life.

I have a girlfriend, Natalia. Quite the wild cat both physically and in bed,if I say so myself. Seeing as this lost kitten is beautiful, maybe I'll tease her every once in a while but I won't take it too far. When she's older, I'll take my time to personally ravish her,she's mine after all.

Harlequin's POV

I shivered in fear as he starred at me maliciously, he must be planning to kill me. In order to survive, I must listen to him and try to get on his good side so he won't kill me. I really can't afford to die now,I'm too young and besides, I have to find my family somehow, they must be looking for me.

But what does he mean by pet? I really hope it's not what I'm thinking. I'll be silent and obedient if that's what he wants,I'll do anything he asks me to but if he crosses the line and tries to take away my honour, I swear I'll fight back.

It's better to die with my head up high than be subjected to the miserable life of a sex slave. I know I've lost my memory but I'm no fool.

I only hope Dimitri has a heart and tries nothing stupid with me. He orders the doctor to discharge me and I'm escorted into his car where the driver drives for hours before stopping and honking at the big gates of a mighty mansion.

The gate is quickly opened and the car drives in. The exterior of the mansion is breathtaking and I can't stop wondering what the inside looks like.

The car stops in front of the house and Dimitri gets out of the car. "What are you still waiting for? A special invitation? Get out of the car quickly and quit being a pest." Dimitri yelled at me.

I get out of the car quickly and close the door behind me. Dimitri walks into the mansion and I follow behind quietly like an obedient little slave. The door of the house is opened and I hold my breath in astonishment, it's so beautiful.

As I trail behind Dimitri into this mini heaven of a home, I could only help but wonder what's in store for me.

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