Hating You A Lot/C2 Chapter 2
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Hating You A Lot/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2


"Willow!" I chose to not respond to my yelling mother. I mean who has so much energy in the morning?

"Willow Rae Edwards! get your ass downstairs now!" she yelled again and I finally got up cause you know it's serious when your mom uses your whole name and I definitely don't wanna get in trouble this early.

"I'm up for god's sake!" I yelled back and I heard footsteps getting closer to my room.

"Don't use that tone on me young woman, I have a meeting today and I'm going to be late because of you" she said while fixing her skirt.

I didn't bother with answering her so I just nodded and she got out of the room.

I took my phone and that's when I realized I was late, school started 5 minutes ago.

"Mom!" I yelled but the only answer I got was the sound of the car outside and I guess no one else was home.

Just like that, I was left alone, late for school as always!


When I got to school, I was an hour late to my class and I realized that it was probably over so I just walked slowly to the building not thinking about how quiet it was.

Something was wrong. And my gut was telling me that something was gonna happen.

I walked slowly into the hall and that's when I felt it.

I closed my eyes feeling the coldness hitting me over and over again. I opened my eyes and all I saw was eyes and all I heard was the evil laughter of everybody.

I looked down and that's when I realized I had dye all over me and there were broken water balloons everywhere, some stuck to my face.

"What the fuck!" I screamed looking shockingly at everyone.

"And here I thought you were a nice little lady who didn't use such dirty words" I heard someone behind me and the voice sounded familiar.

I turned around catching the same blue eyes from yesterday, he was looking coldly at me with a smirk playing on his lips.

There he was, Sargent Hills. All I heard yesterday was all about him.

Stay away from him, he's bad news blablabla the same old shit.

I'm not scared of anyone, especially not of people like him. He probably got his heartbroken by some girl in the past and that's why he acts like this. Like a fucking asshole.

"I thought you needed a better start at your new school Willow Edwards" he continued with a laugh dragging out my name. So he did some research about me. Great.

"Such a cheap welcoming" I replied back clapping my hands trying to look unbothered while I was dying inside. I wanted to kill him.

He started walking closer to me his hands in his pockets with a fake smile.

"Don't put your nose into other people's business next time" he said gritting his teeth trying to scare me.

"You think I'm scared of you?" I challenged, laughing.

"You should be" he replied getting closer to my face until I could feel his minty breath on my face.

"I'm not scared of you"

"I'll make your life a living hell until the day you walk out of this school, crying"

"Try me" why was my heart beating so fast.

"Don't say I didn't warn you, Edwards," he said gritting his teeth.

"Game on, Hills," I said walking away.

Oh my god, what just happened?

My middle name should be trouble instead since it keeps finding me wherever I go.


I had gotten detention for something I hadn't been apart of, well partly.

Someone fucking snitched about the whole scene with me and Sargent to the principal which by the way was my mom's best friend and now I was stuck here with mr.asshole aka Sargent.

I explained like a hundred times to Agnes that I was only the victim in this but no, there was nothing that I could do to change her mind because let me quote her exact words.

"I know how you can be Willow and I know how Sargent can be, you probably did or say something that made him do this. Either way, you both have detention this whole week"

Why does no one believe me when I tell them that I haven't done anything?

Stupid Sargent I thought as I looked at him from the corner of my eye, he was sitting a few seats away from me and he was looking coldly at his phone.

We were actually supposed to work on an assignment together to ''be friends" but that was not gonna happen anytime soon. And I didn't want to talk to a meany.

I felt my phone vibrate and picked it up expecting a text from my mom but it was from an unknown number.

Hello beautiful // Ryan

Wait, WHAT? How did he get my number?

I was probably looking like a red tomato right now since Sargent was looking weirdly at me.

"I knew you were a psychopath" he said with a weird look and I ignored him because nothing could ruin my mood right now.

Me: Hey, how did you get my number? I texted back

I got a reply back so fast I couldn't help but smile.

Ryan: I have my ways, either way, I'm outside of school waiting for you ;)

Hold the fuck up, come again?

Me: Why are you waiting for me?

Ryan: You owe me a drink since I did you a favor yesterday

Me: Didn't you hear about the thing that happened today? I look like a mess I can't go anywhere like this.

Ryan: Hear about what princess?

Me: Don't you go to Hills High? There's no way you didn't hear about the whole "welcoming prank"

Ryan: Princess, I think you got it all wrong I go to Crestmont High, not Hills High yesterday I was there because I had some business to deal with.

Now that I thought of it Ryan had another symbol on his shirt I saw under the leather jacket yesterday so it all makes sense now.

I got another text when I didn't reply back.

Ryan: But I'm already outside of your school and I'm waiting for you.

Me: I'm in detention right now I'll be out in 5 but you have to drive me home first I need to change.

Ryan: Okay, cya.

Something about Ryan gave me a weird vibe but I couldn't deny the warmth I felt in my heart when I thought about his handsome face and sky blue eyes.

I have to take it easy with my feelings or I'll probably get hurt.


When I got out of detention I went straight to my locker to take my things and then I went out to the parking lot and saw how crowded it was and I knew immediately that there was a fight going on.

I slowly walked over to the crowd and my heart stopped beating.

Sargent and Ryan were throwing punches at each other while the crowd was well on Sargent's side.

"Stop! What are you doing?!" I yelled while pushing Sargent off of Ryan.

"What did I tell you, Edwards, stop putting your nose into other people's business," Sargent said looking at me madly.

There was blood all over his face and I could already see the bruises appearing.

Before I could answer him Ryan was standing in front of me.

"I guess you're not only stupid but have no manners Hills, haven't no one ever taught you how to speak to a girl" I heard Ryan say and I could imagine the smirk on his face.

I was so confused at this point.

Why were these two even fighting? How did they know each other?

"This is not over Adler" I heard Sargent say while walking away.

And I knew that this was not over at all since Sargent really liked to get revenge.

Ryan finally turned around and I held my breath.

He was looking even worse than Sargent.

"Well, let's get this mess fixed," He said while pointing at his face with a small chuckle.

And I couldn't help but laugh, he was really trying to make jokes in a situation like this.

Even though it was all over, for now, I still wondered why Ryan and Sargent even had a fight, to begin with.

Ugh, so many questions and no answers.



"I'm sorry that you saw all that" I heard Ryan say while I opened the door to the house.

After the whole fight I was not really in the mood to go out for a drink so I told him that we could go to my house so I could at least try to clean his cuts. And luckily no one was back home yet.

"No it's alright," I told him with a smile as he followed me to the bathroom.

It was not alright, to be honest, I had so many questions and I knew that I would not get any answers anytime soon.

"So you're not gonna ask any questions?" he asked while he sat down on the corner of the bathtub.

"Nope" I answered controlling my curiosity.

I started cleaning his cuts and he didn't even react and I was amazed because those cuts looked like they were really hurting.

I was so concentrated on his cuts that I hadn't realized how close we were and I could feel his breath on my face as I slowly looked up at his eyes.

He was already looking at me and I couldn't help but blush and I could feel how I got 10 times hotter as he got closer.

Oh my god, he was trying to kiss me.

Do something Willow! I told myself and I was more than ready to embarrass myself to get out of this situation but thank god I didn't need to.

Right at that moment, Ryan's phone started calling and we were both out of our moment as he quickly got up to answer his phone.

He looked at the screen and frowned slightly.

"I'm just gonna take this quickly," he said getting out of the bathroom leaving me in a hot mess.

I released the breath I didn't know I was holding and washed my face with cold water.

As I was drying my face I heard Ryan slightly shouting at whoever he was talking with on the phone and my curiosity got the best of me as I quietly opened the bathroom door to eavesdrop on the conversation

"You know what you have to do if he doesn't give us the money today" I heard him whispering now.

What was he talking about?

"Fucking kill him then Seth,do I have to tell you the same shit every time" he looked really pissed.

Why does he lo- wait what? Did he just say kill?

"Don't be a pussy man you know what boss said, if he doesn't pay for the drugs again we have to end him" I heard him say before he muttered something more but I couldn't hear that part because I was too shocked to speak.

I felt the blood being drained from my face and I was ready to throw up.

"Look, Willow, I have to- Are you okay?" I heard Ryan say looking worried as he got into the bathroom again.

Oh my god if he knew that I heard his phone call he would kill me right at this moment.

Act right Willow! Act right or you will die!

"Oh, it's nothing I just thought of all the blood on your face and I just felt lightheaded," I told him with a small smile.

"Do you want me to get you some water?" he asked and I shook my head as we walked out of the bathroom slowly making our way to the living room.

"Um, I have to go now princess" I heard him say as he walked to the door.

"Oh okay" I answered him with a smile, I was more than ready for him to go.

"See you later," I said waving my hand as he walked up to his motorcycle.

"See ya" I heard him yell as I closed the door leaning on it.

What the fuck did I just get myself into?

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