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Have Movie Empress Be My Mommy/C1 Daddy Is Taking a Bath
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C1 Daddy Is Taking a Bath

The night was getting darker and darker. In a television station building in X City, countless people were busy preparing for the live broadcast that was about to begin.

"Zhi Nian, are you ready?" The manager handed the microphone to Su Zhi Nian.

Su Zhi Nian nodded and took the microphone. The lights lit up and countless people's gazes gathered on her.

The director gestured below the stage, "One, two, three! Begin!"

The moment the live broadcast camera was turned on, Su Zhi Nian raised a perfect smile. She had a goddess-like aura.

The host said, "Ladies and gentlemen of the audience in front of the television, good evening. Welcome to the goddess of this episode. We have invited the goddess of this episode to come and greet everyone!"

"Hello everyone, I am Su Zhi Nian. " Su Zhi Nian smiled and looked straight at the camera.

The host nodded his head in satisfaction and continued, "Goddess Su is still as noble and elegant as always. Today she has come to the goddess, do you have any thoughts to share with the audience?"

Su Zhi Nian's reply was still concise and clear, "It is an honor. "

Su Zhi Nian had always shown her strong and elegant image in front of the camera. This was also the image that the company had deliberately created for her.

The effects of the program were very good. The host's questions were without any moral integrity. Su Zhi Nian's answer was watertight. Occasionally, there would be a few unintentional explosive points that would end there. The audience also watched with great interest.

"It will soon be our important segment for today. Do not think about the past. I believe that the audience who often watch our program will understand this segment very well. That is quite interesting!"

The host successfully whetted the appetite of everyone. He turned his head and asked Su Zhi Nian, "Zhi Nian, you can start now!"

"Okay. " Su Zhi Nian took the phone that was already prepared by the side and pressed the phone number that she had memorized thoroughly.

This segment required a guest to call his ex-boyfriend. It had always been an important segment of the program to attract viewership ratings.

When the call connected, a childish voice came from the other end: "Hello, hello!"

Because it was a loudspeaker. Everyone present, including Su Zhi Nian, was caught off guard by this childish voice.

"That, hello, I am Su Zhi Nian. "

Just as everyone was stunned, the little boy's cheerful voice passed through the loudspeaker to everyone's ears.

"Is that mom? papa is taking a shower. Do you want to talk to him?"

Something happened!

The audience's eyes lit up. Goddess Su was already married?

"Goddess Su is married?"

"That child's voice is really too cute!"

"Even though she is married, she still hugs Ou Xin's thigh!"

. . .

The audience in the studio was boiling with excitement.

Su Zhi Nian only reacted at this moment and quickly hung up the phone.

She looked at the phone number and felt that her hand was a little cold!

The number was wrong!

Or did he call her ex-husband?

She thought that he no longer needed that number. . .

When the manager saw Su Zhi Nian's expression, she thought that she was already scared silly. She sighed and hurriedly checked the phone records. Only then did she realize that she had dialed the wrong number. She hurriedly asked the director to cut the advertisement.

The director also noticed the abnormality and gestured to the host. The host hurriedly said, "Please don't go away. It will be even more exciting after the advertisement!"

"Oh my god, why is there another advertisement!"

"I just saw a popular spot and I interrupted the advertisement. Does this show still have any humanity!?"

"Intense protest against the method of cutting in the program in the advertisement!"

The audience in front of the television protested one after another. For a moment, the backstage of the program was almost squeezed out by all kinds of comments.

Su Zhi Nian became absent-minded.

So it turned out that he was already married. He even had a child.

Gu Jiang Yi. . .

She was almost about to throw this name into the depths of her memory and burn it to ashes, but she suddenly appeared in front of her in such an unexpected manner.

"Su Zhi Nian, what's wrong with you? You called the wrong number, you know!" The manager angrily questioned her.

Su Zhi Nian shook her head and put away her emotions. With an innocent face, she said, "Sorry, I'm not sure either. I probably pressed the wrong number with a shake of my hand. "

The manager was so angry that he waved his hand helplessly. "Forget it. Next time, don't make such a mistake again. This is a live broadcast. Your every move is seen by thousands of viewers. Whether you can become a A-list celebrity or not will depend on yourself!"

Su Zhi Nian's innocent face slightly pouted. "I know. I won't do this again next time. I promise!"

It was completely different from the cold and aloof manner in front of the camera. Su Zhi Nian could act cute and sell it to perfection.

But she knew very well what she wanted, so she could not lose!

At this time, the advertisement ended and the program continued. The host had experienced the storm and was not affected by the small episode just now at all.

"Friends of the audience, welcome back to the live broadcast. Next up is the second segment of our program! I believe everyone is looking forward to the mysterious guest of this episode. Right!?"

The host was full of drama. Even though no one responded to him, he was still extremely excited. "Next, let us invite the mysterious guest of our program. . . "

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