Have Movie Empress Be My Mommy/C10 He Broke the Bridge after Crossing It
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Have Movie Empress Be My Mommy/C10 He Broke the Bridge after Crossing It
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C10 He Broke the Bridge after Crossing It

At this moment, Ou Xin, who had been kidnapped by the little boy and left, finally found out the truth about him being deceived.

"Where is this?" Ou Xin looked at the huge villa in front of him and asked curiously.

The little boy was innocent and innocent: "This is my home! Thank you, big brother, for sending me back!"

Ou Xin:. . . ""

The little boy looked at Ou Xin's back as he turned around decisively. He stuck out his tongue and said, "Uncle, don't fight with papa for your mother anymore. You can't beat him!"

Ou Xin turned a deaf ear to him. He took a big detour and returned to the suburbs forest when he left. He saw Gu Jiang Yi holding the limping Su Zhi Nian and slowly walking out of the forest.

"Zhi Nian!" Ou Xin frowned and walked up. He looked at Gu Jiang Yi vigilantly and asked her, "What's wrong with you? Do you want to take you to the hospital?"

Su Zhi Nian was stunned. She suddenly shook Gu Jiang Yi's hand away and smiled at Ou Xin. "Eucalyptus, this is great. You are finally here. I have been waiting for you for a long time!"

Ou Xin was stunned. Su Zhi Nian had already clung to his arm intimately and said, "Take me home. I want to have a good rest. "

Gu Jiang Yi stood by the side and silently withdrew his hand. He did not show any signs of getting angry and only lightly instructed her. "Have a good rest. "

Su Zhi Nian did not even turn her head and pulled Ou Xin into the car. When the two of them were alone, Su Zhi Nian's attitude changed. She withdrew her hand somewhat alienated and said, "Eucalyptus, I am sorry. I should not have dragged you into the water. "

Ou Xin was stunned and instantly understood. He smiled bitterly and shook his head. "It's okay. "

Gu Jiang Yi stood where he was and watched the car drive away. The smile on his face finally revealed a trace of bitterness.

At this moment, Su Zhi Nian, who had finally escaped from Gu Jiang Yi, could not help but feel regret for her actions just now. She propped her chin up and looked out the window with a distressed look.

"Zhi Nian, are you alright?" Ou Xin suddenly asked her thoughtfully.

Su Zhi Nian came back to her senses. She did not know if he was asking about her feet or Gu Jiang Yi. She simply answered, "I am fine. Don't worry. "

But the pain in her ankle still revealed her emotions.

Ou Xin sighed and said, "I'd better send you to the hospital. The red carpet award ceremony is in a few days. How can you go on stage like this?"

Su Zhi Nian, who had been resisting going to the hospital, only agreed when he mentioned the award. She had always been very serious about work.

Ou Xin brought her to the hospital and stared at the doctor to give her the medicine. After making sure that there was nothing wrong, he drove her home.

On the way, the two of them were silent. Su Zhi Nian was immersed in her own thoughts.

"Is there really nothing between you and Mr. Gu?" Ou Xin suddenly asked her.

Su Zhi Nian was slightly stunned. She suddenly closed her eyes and said, "I have let go of what happened back then. I do not know why he suddenly appeared in front of me now, but I will definitely not let myself fall into it again. "

Only then did Ou Xin say something with an unknown meaning. "That's good. "

Had he really put it down? Su Zhi Nian suddenly asked herself in her heart, but other than putting it down, what else could she do?

"So I accidentally used you just now. Eucalyptus, don't blame me. " Su Zhi Nian suddenly blinked her eyes and looked at Ou Xin pitifully.

Ou Xin still had a good temper and smiled. "How could I blame you? I have always regarded you as my sister. If you have anything to say, just call me. I will not refuse. "

Su Zhi Nian heaved a sigh of relief and said again, "Gu Jiang Yi's son is already so old. He probably only treated me on a whim. After all, it was I who dumped him back then. Maybe he will never be able to let go of it. "

"What about me?"

Su Zhi Nian was stunned and looked up at Ou Xin. "What did you say?"

Ou Xin looked at her with a confused look. In the end, he shook his head. "It's nothing. Rest well after you take the medicine. Don't announce anything for the next few days. "

"Okay. "

"Jiang Yi, you can accompany me to attend the Red Carpet Awards this time. " Bai Meng Rou held Gu Jiang Yi's arm and acted like a spoiled child.

Gu Jiang Yi was indifferent. He stared at Su Zhi Nian's image on the television and was lost in thought.

Bai Meng Rou followed his gaze and pursed her lips. Suddenly or unintentionally, she said, "I heard that Ou Xin will bring Su Zhi Nian to attend this time. It seems that the male god goddess is a good match. "

At this time, Gu Jiang Yi finally gave her a proper look. "Who did you hear that from?"

"Their relationship in the entertainment industry is not a secret. The two of them attending such an important occasion together, isn't it what everyone wants?" Bai Mengxiao laughed without any scheming thoughts.

Gu Jiang Yi frowned. After thinking for a long time, he suddenly said, "I will accompany you to attend. "

Bai Meng Rou narrowed her eyes and a bright smile bloomed on her face once again.

At the same time, Su Zhi Nian received a call from Ou Xin.

"Zhi Nian, do you want me to accompany you to the red carpet tomorrow?"

Su Zhi Nian refused without thinking, "No need. I will do it alone. "

Ou Xin was silent for a moment and suddenly teased her as if nothing had happened, "Why? Our Goddess Su actually planned to walk the red carpet alone. Wouldn't the audience fall out of their glasses?"

"This award ceremony is just a formality. Don't steal other people's limelight. Once you, the God of Music, go on stage, how can others watch?" Su Zhi Nian also joked.

Ou Xin was helpless and could only say insincerely, "Then what about it? I can only sit on the bench alone. "

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