Have Movie Empress Be My Mommy/C7 Distinguished Treatment
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Have Movie Empress Be My Mommy/C7 Distinguished Treatment
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C7 Distinguished Treatment

The charmingly naive appearance was very cute. The actors who originally had some grudges in their hearts suddenly laughed.

Su Zhi Nian who was watching from the side felt rather unhappy in her heart.

When the recording officially began, the little boy had been intentionally or unintentionally going easy on Su Zhi Nian.

"Auntie, choose this color. This color is correct!" The little boy went closer to her in a fawning manner. His pink little face started to smile. There were also two deep dimples.

Su Zhi Nian looked at his smile and was stunned. An adult face flashed in front of her eyes and she could not help but reach out her hand to pick up the red key. With a click, the box opened.

A wave of cheers came from behind. The director shouted from behind. "Congratulations to Su Zhi Nian for successfully opening the treasure chest!"

The little boy held Su Zhi Nian's hand, his eyes sparkling with stars.

Gu Jiang Yi stood by the side of the field and silently watched the scene. He let out a slight sigh.

However, when it was Ou Xin's turn to go on stage, the little boy had a deliberately difficult look on his face.

"Little angel, please give me your hint. " Ou Xin recited the lines he had prepared beforehand.

The little angel blinked and revealed a mischievous smile. She said, "I don't want to give it to you. "

Ou Xin was speechless. "

"Be good, don't mess around. "

"I won't. "

A crack appeared on Ou Xin's usually gentle and flawless smile.

The team members behind looked at the two people in front of them who were in a deadlock. They were all confused.

"Brother Ou, come back quickly. It's our turn to go on stage!" Someone urged from behind.

At this moment, Su Zhi Nian, who had already received the treasure chest, walked over. She patted the little angel's round head and said, "Little angel, be good. Hurry up and give the key to this brother. "

The little angel pouted and suddenly smiled slyly. She handed Ou Xin a blue key and said, "Here you go!"

. . . "Didn't I choose it myself?" Ou Xin hesitated and took the key.

"Hehe, uncle doesn't believe in babies?" The little angel tilted her head.

Uncle. . .

Ou Xin, who had somehow grown older, once again lay down on the ground with his spear.

He inserted the key into the treasure chest and made a clicking sound.

The treasure chest did not budge at all.

Everyone was gloating, "Brother Ou, please accept the punishment from God!"

Then, a basin of cold water poured down on Ou Xin's heart from top to bottom.

Su Zhi Nian,. . . ""

The little boy beside her laughed innocently. "Uncle, I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose. "

Ou Xin, on the other hand, laughed with a good temper. " It's fine. As long as everyone is happy. "

After the recording of the program ended, a group of people were tidying up their things backstage. The little boy walked over again and sneakily handed Su Zhi Nian a small note before running out quickly.

During the backstage interview, a reporter asked Ou Xin, "Brother Ou, I heard that during the recording of the program this time, you and Goddess Su have a very good rapport. What do you think about this?"

"Zhi Nian and I have always had a good relationship. Our rapport was also developed after a long period of time. " Ou Xin answered with a smile.

Su Zhi Nian's figure coincidentally flashed past the camera and the reporter immediately blocked her in front of her as if she had been injected with stimulants. "Goddess Su, what do you think of Brother Ou's answer?"

"Uh. . . " Su Zhi Nian blinked her eyes and said, "Whatever the audience thinks, I will see. "

"Haha, Zhi Nian is shy. " Ou Xin very naturally put his arm around Su Zhi Nian's shoulder.

The reporter's eyes instantly revealed a pink peach heart. He silently noted down in his heart that strength abuses single dogs.

Not far from the two of them, the little boy's small figure ran towards Gu Jiang Yi's side.

"papa, there's a bad uncle over there. He wants to snatch your mother away from you!"

Gu Jiang Yi's whole body was emitting cold air. The passers-by automatically retreated three feet, but he did not realize it. He looked at the two people who deliberately showed affection in front of the media and said lightly, "We haven't seen each other for a few years. Su Zhi Nian's eyesight is actually so bad. Ou Xin, this kind of pretty boy who has nothing but his face, she also looks at him. It really makes me look at him in a new light. "

"What's the difference between Brother Ou in the eyes of fans and Brother Ou in Goddess Su's eyes?" The reporter asked.

Su Zhi Nian said, "My eyesight has always been very good. Back then, I felt that Eucalyptus would definitely become famous in the entertainment industry. Perhaps in the eyes of the fans, Eucalyptus is an idol worthy of worship. He is handsome and has a good singing voice. He is gentle and kind, approachable, and doesn't have the airs of an idol at all. "

"But in my eyes, he has always been a big brother next door. He helped me a lot when I was in the most difficult time. "

"I've always been very grateful to him"

After the interview ended, Su Zhi Nian opened the small note that the little boy secretly passed to her. There was a line of words written crookedly on it.

To the most beautiful Auntie Su:

Gu Jiang Yi is my papa. Those inexplicable women are not mothers!

Su Zhi Nian looked at the chaotic logic on the paper, the crooked handwriting, and suddenly felt a warmth in her heart. She began to regret the cold face and prejudice she had towards the little boy.

After all, the child was innocent.

Furthermore, it was not because of that accident that she should have such a clever and cute child.

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