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C9 Hug

Su Zhi Nian's eyes flickered and she remained silent.

"This entertainment industry is not simple. You have to give up on such a small setback and even find so many insincere excuses for yourself. Can you convince yourself?" Gu Jiang Yi narrowed his eyes and looked at her condescendingly.

"I know. " Su Zhi Nian suddenly said, "But there is no connection between the two of them. I just don't want to be influenced by you. "

The corners of Gu Jiang Yi's mouth curled into a proud smile. "Who am I to you? Tell me, Su Zhi Nian, am I qualified to affect you?"

Su Zhi Nian was slightly stunned and suddenly said with self-mockery, "You are right. You are not anyone to me, and I should not be influenced by you. "

"As you wish, Gu Jiang Yi, I will continue to bid. I hope you will keep your promise. "

The two of them looked away and continued to shoot.

The following filming went smoothly and continued until the last scene.

As it was an outdoor scene and the filming location was in a sparsely populated rural forest, apart from the crew members, there were basically no traces of human activity here.

The little boy looked at Gu Jiang Yi and Su Zhi Nian who were in two completely different states in the scene. He could not help but have a thought and rushed to the crew members who were preparing to return after the filming ended.

"Brother! papa said you don't have to wait for him. You can go back yourself!" The little boy looked at the crew members with sincerity in his eyes.

The crew members did not doubt him at all. They nodded and said," Okay, then we'll go first. "

After the crew members left, the little boy let out a satisfied sigh. This time, papa and his mother could finally have a two-person world!

However, the heavens did not fulfill one's wish. Ou Xin did not come early or late, but chose to visit at this time.

"Little friend, did you see Auntie Su last time?" After Ou Xin came over, he only saw the little boy alone, so he could only choose to ask him.

The little boy was very unwilling and suddenly had an idea and said, "Big brother, can I take you to find Auntie Su?"

"Ah?" Ou Xin, who had been targeted by the little boy in the previous show, was not used to this kind of solicitous child. He was flattered and said, "Where is she? I can find her myself. "

"No!" The little boy stopped him loudly and said, "They are in a very secretive place. You can't find them by yourself!"

Ou Xin said helplessly, "Alright, take me there to find them. "

The little boy smiled slyly. He pulled Ou Xin's hand and walked in the opposite direction of Su Zhi Nian.

On the other side, Su Zhi Nian and Gu Jiang Yi, who had finished filming, once again fell into a cold war.

"As you wish. I have finished filming this movie. I hope that you will not disturb my life in the future!" Su Zhi Nian could not bear to be alone with this man.

Gu Jiang Yi raised his eyebrows and said, "When did I disturb your life? My promotional video needs a heroine. The person in charge recommends you, so I hired him. Is there anything wrong with that?"

Su Zhi Nian sneered, "Even you don't believe such words. Fine, even if it's like that. Then the matter of me being suspended from the contract and the reality show. . . Don't tell me you didn't do it on your own? "

Gu Jiang Yi did not speak, but suddenly stretched out his hand, as if wanting to touch her. Su Zhi Nian frowned and avoided it, but he took a leaf from her head and said, "I have no intentions towards you, you don't have to be so afraid. "

"Forget it. Why would I need to ask for an explanation from someone as shameless as you? You are really deceiving yourself. " Su Zhi Nian did not want to hear his explanation at all. She turned around and walked into the forest.

Gu Jiang Yi seemed to have said something behind her. She only wanted to escape and did not hear him.

Su Zhi Nian only felt that there was no common language with this person. They would start quarreling in less than two sentences. She simply ran to a place far away from him by herself.

However, when the sky turned dark, Su Zhi Nian realized that she could not find the way back. The winding paths made her unable to follow and she could only rely on her feeling to walk forward.

"Is there anyone there?"

Her voice echoed a few times in the dense forest but did not get any response.

"It's all Gu Jiang Yi's fault, that lunatic!" Su Zhi Nian could not help but mutter. The chilly night wind passed through her body and she unconsciously held her arms tightly. "Ah, ah, ah, I am really going crazy. Where did I go. . . "

Before she could finish her words, Su Zhi Nian suddenly felt her feet slip and she could not help but roll towards the bottom of the slope.

Su Zhi Nian subconsciously protected her head but was still hit by the protruding rocks on the slope on her forehead and lost consciousness.

"Zhi Nian, wake up!"

Su Zhi Nian seemed to hear someone calling her name by her ear and subconsciously replied, "Gu Jiang Yi. . . "

The night always made people unable to control their emotions. When Su Zhi Nian opened her eyes and saw Gu Jiang Yi's face, the fear that was suppressed in the depths of her heart gushed out. She suddenly threw herself into his arms and cried loudly.

Gu Jiang Yi pulled her into his arms and gently rubbed the back of her head that was in pain. He whispered, "I told you not to run around. Why didn't you listen?"

Su Zhi Nian still ignored him and buried her head in her tears.

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