Have We Ever Divorced?/C7 Handsome Master
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Have We Ever Divorced?/C7 Handsome Master
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C7 Handsome Master

The street view outside the window turned into a flash of light, but fortunately, traffic control was put in place today, so there were no accidents.

But when Jianxi looked down, she almost fainted.

Yanh Zhiting's two hands were actually on her body, and the steering wheel was empty!


Jianxi looked up and saw a black business car driving over. Just as it was about to hit the car, the sports car changed direction automatically and turned to another road and continued to drive at high speed.

Her face was pale from fear and her rapid breathing did not bring her back to reality.

She really thought that she was going to die just now!


A crazy laughter sounded beside his ear and Jianxi angrily stared at him.

Using someone else's life as a joke, was this kind of thing very funny?

This kind of person was simply a madman!

Yanh Zhiting grabbed her hand and placed it on the car's navigation screen. On the screen, it showed that the car was in autopilot mode.

There was autopilot on the sports car?

While she was thinking, the square disk turned automatically and slowed down, stopping by the side of the road.

"This is a test subject I got from overseas, and it's the first voyage. It's different from you."

There was a hint of sarcasm in her words. Jianxi clenched her fist, but Yanh Zhiting forcefully opened it and drew circles on her delicate palm.

"Are you angry?"

Seeing her tightly knitted brows, Yanh Zhiting felt comfortable all over his body.

Jianxi pulled her hand back with a cold face. She wanted to open the car door but found that the car lock was not unlocked.

The white and tender touch disappeared. A look of disappointment flashed across Yanh Zhiting's eyes. He said to the screen, "Unlock the lock. We are getting off the car."

A gentle mechanical female voice immediately came from inside the car. It sounded somewhat similar to Jianxi's voice. It was clear and gentle. "Understood, handsome master. I will open the lock for you immediately."

Handsome master?

Jianxi did not even have the strength to complain. She directly pushed open the door and got out of the car.

Before she even took two steps, her wrist was grabbed by a large hand and she was rudely pulled in another direction.

"Let me go." The originally cold voice had already revealed the anger in his heart that he had been enduring.

"Do me a favor."

"I won't help." Jianxi directly refused.

Yanh Zhiting did not say anything and pulled Jianxi into a top tier men's clothing store.

When the people inside saw Yanh Zhiting, they immediately smiled and welcomed him, "young master Yanh, welcome."

Yanh Zhiting did not say anything and directly walked into the SVIP room.

He pulled Jianxi to sit on the sofa. The arrogant and domineering look just now was completely gone. It was as if all the hostility had been withdrawn in an instant. It was so cold that no one could get close to it.

A few employees really wanted to peek at the legendary handsome face of young master Yanh, but the cold air emitted from Yanh Zhiting made them not dare to raise their heads. They nervously prepared everything and left the space for them.

Rows of tall men's clothing attracted Jianxi's attention. She shook off Yanh Zhiting's shackles and walked to the front of her clothes to take a closer look. She was as happy as a toy that she had longed for a long time.

As expected of a top brand, every detail was perfect and flawless.

Yanh Zhiting kept staring at her shining eyes.

"Help me choose a set."

There were only two people left in the spatial zone. Yanh Zhiting's detestable personality was displayed once again.

He crossed his legs casually and placed his arms on the back of the sofa. The buttons on his shirt were only half fastened, revealing his entire solid chest. His muscles bulged with strength.

Jianxi heard him and turned to look at the door.

She walked over without hesitation, but there were more than a dozen bodyguards standing outside the door. They were fighting in two neat rows.

She could not even handle one, let alone more than ten.

"If you want to leave, help me choose first." Yanh Zhiting threatened as if it was a matter of course.

Jianxi could only resign herself to fate and walk to the front of her clothes.

Thinking of what happened to her just now, Jianxi pointed at one of the clothes without hesitation, "It."

"Bring it over here."

Say thank you or please, will you die? "

As soon as she said that, Jianxi was also shocked.

This kind of words, was not something she would say at all.

Her indifferent heart actually changed because of this man. His influence on her was so great?

Jianxi carried the clothes she had chosen and went over. She didn't even dare to look at Yanh Zhiting's expression.

Yanh Zhiting pulled her wrist and looked at her indifferent little face. He ordered unhappily, "Help me change."

Her face was always dark. What was it?

Jianxi did not refuse and told herself to show a professional attitude and treat him as if he was a professional. It would be good if he was a human-shaped model. If not, she could even treat him as a dead pig.

However, the figure of this model in human form was surprisingly good.

"This, do you remember?"

Yanh Zhiting forcefully grabbed her hand and touched the scar on his waist.

A dark red line lay across his solid body, but it did not destroy the beauty. Instead, it added a wild feeling.

So the heavens are so unfair? The scars on this man's body are a kind of gift.

Jianxi did not open her eyes and pulled out her hand, focusing on buttons for him.

"How cold. You hurt others. Will you die if you say an apology?" Yanh Zhiting looked down at her. The long shadow was like a fan that fell on her porcelain white little face, looking delicate and pitiful.

It was clearly you who brought this upon yourself. If not at that time...

Jianxi was suddenly stunned. Why was it that she was so easily taken away by him to calm down?

This man, she was sick and could infect others.

She quickly helped him put on his clothes and got out of his range, "Done."

A fancy zebra suit was worn by Yanh Zhiting.

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