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Huo Chen returned to his original path of life.

From time to time, however, the despair, melancholy, and empty eyes of Lin Zi-man would come into his mind and dazzle him.

"Don't pay any more attention to the situation in the prison." When the assistant brought the documents over, Huo Chen suddenly stopped when signing and said this.

The assistant was stunned for a moment. "Yes." In the end, he agreed.

Huo worked hard, numbing himself with intense exhaustion so that he wouldn't have to think of her face as lifeless.

Tired to the extreme, he could finally stop sleeping all night.

Huo Chen thought he had succeeded.

He thought less and less about the forest vines, the company's performance has taken a qualitative leap, very worthy of celebration!

At this moment, the assistant rushed into the office in panic, "Boss Huo, Miss Lin, she committed suicide in prison."

The coffee Huo Chen was putting into his mouth clattered against the table.

The thick brown liquid slowly slid down the table and dripped onto the expensive trousers that he had ordered without even realizing it.

His brows were knitted tightly, and his face was frosted over, as if he didn't hear what was said. His voice was ice-cold and filled with a bone-piercing chill. "What did you say? Who died? "

The assistant was so frightened by his imposing manner that she almost ran out the door, "Miss Lin, Lin Zemeng, I killed myself!"

Huo Chen couldn't help but tremble, cold sweat trickling down his back.

Huo Chen sneered and said through gritted teeth, "How could a woman like Lin Zhenguo, who didn't want to die as much as someone who only lives, die?"

However, he could not control his trembling fingers. His eyes were empty and unable to focus.

His heart felt like it had been pierced by ten thousand arrows. The pain was indescribable.

His hatred had not dispersed. How could she die!?

How could this be possible!?

"I don't believe it! I need to personally confirm it! " Huo Qi Chen panicked. A big hole suddenly appeared in his heart.

He stood up, his feet stepping in the air. He almost fell down.

Inside the crematorium, the prison guard confirmed the signature and the body of Lin Manman was transported into the cremation site.

When Huo Yicheng arrived, he saw the staff pushing a woman covered in white cloth and covered in blood into the furnace.

His eyes widened as he stared at the scene.

He unconsciously opened his mouth and inhaled with all his might, yet it was as though he couldn't inhale anything ?

The guard stepped forward and handed Huo Chen a folder.

"Lin Ziteng became depressed and had a tendency to self-abuse. This is not the first time she committed suicide."

The screen projected the image from the stove, and the flames shot up, burning the woman's long seaweed hair.

Her favorite clothes were instantly turned to ash in the heat. Zeng Jin's seductive and charming face rapidly curled and shrunk in the fiery light, making people feel nauseous and nauseous.

Huo Yicheng also vomited. He vomited to the point where his heart was trembling. The fire seemed to be on him, causing him to feel pain so much that he thought he was the one who had died.

"There's an explanation. If you come, I'll pass you the information on the Wooden Wood Sculpture." There are also the few remnants of her remains. "

Huo Yicheng didn't say anything. The prison guards were a little afraid of his expressionless appearance.

The envelope was opened with a shudder, and Huo Chen instinctively resisted its disclosure, but he was unable to open his eyes.

He looked at them line by line, and saw the short life of the Weasel.

She had accidentally terminated her pregnancy because she had taken a abortive drug, causing massive bleeding from uterine damage.

Flip to the page is a supplementary case, a prison hospital diagnosis: admission, right kidney loss...

Huo Chen was stunned. His fingers curled into a fist, pressing down on the wound left by the kidney change. The dull, throbbing pain made him tremble uncontrollably, as if the truth was about to jump out.

And that result was something he couldn't accept ?

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