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The vines could no longer be bothered with the mess in front of them. They could only use their hands and legs to crawl up and rush out of the forest.

"Dad ?" "Dad, what happened to you?"

Lin Yong An's entire body began to convulse, his head tilted, and white foam continued to bubble from his mouth.

Lin Zi Man studied medicine and became Huo Yicheng's family doctor for several years.

Father had a stroke.

Lin Zimeng was terrified. He turned his head helplessly and cried for help to Huo Chen, "Yi Chen, I beg you, please help to send my father to the hospital." If we go too late, there will be no hope! "

Huo Chen leisurely walked over and glanced at her. His lips curled up in a smile of satisfaction from his revenge. "It's fine with me if I die."

The man turned and left.

Lin Zhi Man looked at Huo Yicheng's back and did not call out to him again. Her tears fell onto her father's body.

The opening in her heart was blown by the wind, and it was so cold that it made her shiver all over.

? ?

Lin Zifeng busied himself in the hospital for the entire night, and only when the sun rose did Lin Yong An come back from the gates of hell.

She let out a breath of relief. Just as she sat down, Lin Yong An's cell phone rang again.

The forest vines were exhausted, their eyes were dancing fiercely, and they had a bad premonition.

She picked up her father's cell phone and picked it up.

"Boss Lin, someone testified that you arranged for someone to take over the company's secret. The company was sealed." Lin Yong An's subordinate said solemnly.

The Huo Corporation, Huo Yichen!

There was a thump in his heart. His heart was like a broken glass ball. The glass fragments pierced his heart until it was badly mutilated. Even his breathing was painful.

She stood up, clenched her fists, and the corners of her lips trembled. "How could this be? My dad wouldn't do such a thing. "

The other party was surprised, "We don't know the specifics, but the police came with the sealing order and said the evidence is conclusive."

Holding the phone, Lin Zedong looked at his father, who had just entered the ICU, with a heavy expression on his face.

The company was his father's life's work. If he woke up and knew that something had happened to him, the consequences would be unimaginable!

After rummaging through the familiar city, Lin Zimeng finally found the man who had once been close to her in the lounge of the high-end Shadow Tower.

The familiar figure of Vikram came into view, stinging her eyes.

He was wearing the wedding dress she had chosen, but the bride was not herself.

Was it funny?

Not at all. What's so funny about a scheming scheme.

"Chen ?" Lin Zemao took a deep breath.

Huo Yicheng did not seem surprised that Lin Manshui would come looking for him. He picked up the wine decanter and poured the wine into a red wine cup.

The wine cup in his hand shook, and the scarlet red wine swirled along the walls of the cup.

His expression was cold and without the usual gentleness and gentleness, his cold gaze fell on her. His heartless and hurtful words naturally flowed smoothly, "What? Remembering last night under my body? "

Lin Zemao's body froze, an indescribable embarrassment on his face.

"Can you let my dad go?" She bit her lip.

"On what basis?"

Lin Manqing's throat was dry and dry. The corners of his mouth pulled up into a pale smile.

Yeah, on what basis?

All that illusory love was only a conspiracy. She was like a prostitute in his eyes. Even a girl couldn't compare to her. How could she even have the qualifications to face such a man?

"For me ? For sleeping with you for so many years. "

"Didn't I satisfy you?"

His humiliation made his scalp tingle, and he wished that he could just turn and leave.

Embarrassment and humiliation were worthless in front of those who did not care about you!

She put down her pride, and her smile suddenly became charming and enchanting. "We're just trying to please each other ?"

He took the cup and poured the wine into his mouth. His throat slightly moved as he took out the lips that were stained with the wine. The tip of his pink tongue brushed past his thin and grave lips, teasing and seducing again and again along the line of his lips. The clear, cold wine rolled down from where their lips met.

Huo Yicheng's breathing became erratic, and his calm eyes became even deeper as a dark light surged within them.

Lin Zishan stepped back in satisfaction, his fragrant lips resting on the corner of his lips. "See, you also enjoyed it. It was just a kiss, and you were already moved."

"Yi Chen, as long as you are willing to save me, I can refuse the wedding, refuse the title, and obediently become your secret lover just like before."

"Oh, that depends on whether you have the ability to be a lover or not."

Lin Zi showed off her face, her alluring phoenix eyes were filled with flirtatious charm. Her delicate lips pecked at the man's lips, and her soft, small hands easily slid into her pants, stroking his dignity.

"Don't you know if I have the ability or not?"

The light in Huo Yicheng's eyes turned darker, and his lower body gradually woke up under the touch of the vines.

Just as Lin Yan was about to heave a sigh of relief, the door to the lounge was suddenly opened by someone ?

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