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"You shameless bitch ?" Lin Yan was wearing a white wedding dress, and his eyes were filled with undisguised hatred.

Lin Zishan was lost in thought as he looked at his carefully chosen wedding dress.

This dress that she had originally prepared for herself had now become someone else's wedding dress.

No tears, dry and painful.

Lin Yan was furious. He rushed in and pulled away the wooden branch next to Huo Yichen and slapped him.

'Bang! 'a loud sound was heard.

Lin Manman staggered two steps back, and was hit so hard that her head tilted to the side. Five finger marks appeared on her cheeks, and blood started to flow out of her mouth.

"Daddy has suffered a stroke from your anger. You are not taking care of me in the hospital, how dare you come here to seduce me. She really was a prostitute. "A girl with a poor sense of virginity will not survive without a man for even a second!"

Lin Ran's words were as ugly as they could be.

Lin Ziteng had suffered more humiliation in the past two days than he had in his entire life, and his heart had long ago become numb to it.

Lin Yemao, on the other hand, was immersed in his self-righteous role and felt extremely wronged. "Daddy would never have thought that he would be able to raise such an ingrate. The husband who seduced his daughter! "Lin Zi Teng, Yi Chen is going to marry me soon, and yet you still refuse to give up, you are truly despicable!"

Lin Ziteng obviously didn't care, but after hearing these words, his heart still ached uncontrollably.

She looked at Huo Yicheng, but he was looking out the window, oblivious to what was happening.

"In all these years, Daddy has never disliked you being a bastard and has spoiled you as his own daughter. In the end, not only did you enrage him to go to the hospital, but you even tried to force the company to frame him, all for the sake of forcing him to die? "

"I didn't!"

"Then what are you doing here? Are you crazy for men? Like your whore. It's the same for female mothers. As long as you're a man, you can't control your slut and want to pounce on him! "

Lin Ziteng's hands clenched into fists as he stood by his side, the fire in his eyes raging.

Her patience did not make Lin Ran retreat, instead, it made him even more patient.

"Enough!" Lin Rong could scold her, but he could not insult her mother!

Lin Zemao could not bear it any longer. With a cold glint in his eyes, he stabbed the woman in front of him like a knife or an arrow. He wished that he could stab her until she was full of holes.

"Don't push all the blame onto me, making yourself look like a white lotus. What did you do, do you really think others didn't know?"

It was because Lin Yong An doted on him and he was not his daughter.

So Lin never let him make things difficult for himself, never went to the company for any business.

Even so, Lin Yan and his mother still wished that she would die!

Several times, she had come across Lin Yemao sneaking into Lin Yong An's study.

That was without much thought.

Now that he thought about it, Lin Fan had probably entered Lin Yong An's study room not for ordinary work, but to copy the secret documents. As for who he had given the secret documents to, there was probably no one else apart from Huo Chen.

How ridiculous!

"What did I do?" Lin Yun had nothing to fear, "Bring out the evidence."

"I will definitely do as you wish!" Lin Zi Teng stared at her coldly, "Lin Yan, if you don't want anyone to know, you will have to do something." You touched your conscience and asked yourself who it was that had let dad down! "If you can swear on your life and your mother's life!"

Lin Yan panicked and shouted in exasperation: "You b * tch, what right do you have to call me father and dad!"

She rushed forward and tore at the vines, but Huo Chen grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Fighting with someone as lowly as him in the dust would only lower our status!" "There's someone in the lounge making trouble, come over and take care of it."

The vines once again felt Huo Chen's heartlessness.

She didn't know why, but she didn't feel any heartache. She just felt that her body wasn't hers. She wanted to rush into the traffic to be crushed.

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