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The forest was physically and mentally exhausted.

She looked at the unconscious Lin Yong An on the sickbed. All the grievances she had endured were like a flood, uncontrollable.

Her mother had died early, and her foster father was gravely ill. He had once thought that in this world, in addition to her parents, there was also Huo Yichen to rely on.

She had never been afraid of this uncertain world, because she had Huo Yicheng.

But now, she had nothing.

It was as if the boundless universe suddenly didn't have a place for her.

She gripped her father's hand tightly in her anti-bacterial suit, her cheek pressed against it as she silently cried, her thin shoulders trembling.

The sadness was like clouds, and the sky was like it was about to collapse, shrouding everything in a black mass.

"Dad, I'm sorry! I was wrong, it was all my fault! "I was blind, mistook the jackal for a good man, and caused you to become like this, and even harmed the company!"

"Dad, what should I do?"

I can't help you fight illness, and I can't save your company...

Lin Zijian cried beside his father, but was found by a nurse in the intensive care unit and sent out.

The hospital was a place full of hope and cold. Life and death, half by oneself and half by this place.

In the face of despair, you never know the end.

Bad situations only add up and do not improve.

The forest vines believed that this was the worst that could happen.

However, it was only when the court summons arrived in her hands that the world really began to collapse.

The plaintiff sued Lam Tsuen for medical malpractice, without the license of a doctor in charge of the operation, and the patient's family demanded the death penalty!

As a family doctor, Lin Ziteng only treated the Huo family members.

The only exception was one of Huo Chen's men who had been involved in the operation.

The situation had been urgent and dangerous, and Lin Zemeng had acted under Huo Yicheng's orders without a second thought.

The patient, who had clearly improved, had actually died from a medical accident, and the source was still his own body.

The family of the deceased refused to accept the private settlement, went to court to sue, and in a state of emotional breakdown demanded that the sentence of life imprisonment be imposed on Dr. Lengzi.

When Lin Tzu learned of all this, she no longer had tears in her eyes.

Huo Chen's revenge on her came one after another. Step by step, he forced her to her death!

She had even naively believed that she would be able to move him and ask him to spare her father for the sake of the past few years.

What he did not know was that his past feelings were also a suggestion for revenge and hatred. There was no place for him to forgive.

In court, the plaintiffs' attorney, Chen, was fierce and determined that Lin Ziteng had only graduated from medical school, but the surgeon was not licensed, suspected of practicing medicine without a license, misdiagnosed, and killed.

Subsequently, the relevant evidence was submitted one by one.

The shoulders of the vines drooped again and again.

His father was severely ill, and the Lin Family had been investigated. Lin Yemao and her daughter quickly drew a line between them.

Lin Yong An had to carry the huge debt of the company's collapse, as well as the high medical fees, and find a way to borrow them.

She knew that she was about to be defeated by Huo Chen.

But how could she?

As Huo Chen stood before the court as a witness, Lin Zinman's feigned indifference cracked inch by inch.

In court.

Huo replied simply, but directly: "Lin Zi Man is my family doctor. The deceased was my employee. "

"My employee happened to be present when the disease struck him. As a doctor, he asked for treatment."

"At that time, everyone wanted to fight 120, but the forest vines ?"

Lin Zedong could barely hear what Huo Chen was saying. She could only see that his lips, which had kissed her so many times, were spitting out knives, slashing them at her with the intent to kill.

He didn't care about her life, even though he had once held her in his hands as a treasure.

But if he didn't hold her up as a precious treasure, how could he lift her up into the clouds and then smash her into hell?

This was probably the revenge he wanted.

Surely he would be delighted by now?

In the despairing eyes of Lin Tinman, Huo Chen handed over the medical records he had written in his statement, Lin Tinman's personal notes.

"That can't be used as evidence. That case was dictated by Huo Chen. I wrote it down as a reference ?"

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