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Halfway through the court recess, Vine was sitting wearily in the lounge.

The heart is empty.

She only had one belief, and that was to deny everything.

She had to hold on, hold on. Although she had no one to rely on, her father needed her.

Huo Chen stood in the distance and answered the phone indifferently.

That slender and jade-like back was too decisive and ruthless. It was impossible to find the tender affection when he hugged her and shouted "Manman".

When she thought about how she had loved him for twelve whole years and fed him to a dog in an instant, that sort of anger, hatred, and unwillingness could simply crush all of her internal organs.

The lawyer sighed helplessly beside her, "Miss Lin, based on the current situation, if we don't have any new evidence, we will lose the case without a doubt."

Lin Zi Teng's hand was clenched into a fist. His long unmanicured nails had pierced through the skin and into the palm of his hand.

At some point, Huo Yicheng had hung up the phone. He looked over with a vicious gaze.

A chill ran up his spine.

Huo Yicheng approached him and said, "The food poisoning caused by Lin Yemao has caused acute kidney failure and requires a kidney transplant!"

Lin Zi Mang disguised his indifference, saying, "So? What does it have to do with me? "

"If you give her another kidney, I'll consider letting you go."

"Why!" He stood up, angry as a lion and sad as a helpless child.

"I've loved you for twelve years since junior high. For you, I wish I could give up my life. Even so, it didn't shake your cold, heartless heart in the slightest. I don't believe that she, Lin Yemao, can make you love her so much that you don't have to worry about everything. I didn't even hesitate to give up your meticulous plan to take revenge on me! "

These were clearly indignant words, but Lin Zishan said them in a gentle tone. Deep within these words, deep and shallow were all her pain!

"You're right, she's not worth it! But she gave me a kidney. " Huo Chen smiled sarcastically.

As if unable to bear it, Lin Zimeng staggered and almost fell to the ground.

Holding the back of the chair, one hand unconsciously resting on the wound at her waist, she stared at him.

"..." What did you say? " After a long while, Lin Mang finally found his voice and asked gently.

Back then, Lin Yan didn't do anything to donate a kidney for me. Therefore, if you agree to exchange for one, I will do what I say. From now on, I will let you go!

Lin Zemao could not believe what he was seeing. His waist, which had been grabbed by his hand, was hurting.

She had already prepared a bellyful of words, but the words that came out of her mouth turned dry as she asked, "Why me?"

"Because you two are sisters, the match rate is higher than everyone else."

"Sorry, I refuse. I have to use my organs in exchange for the affection you have for your benefactor. Who do you think you are?! " Lin Si's crafty smile did not hurt Huo Chen in the slightest, but his words were like a knife or an arrow piercing his own heart.

Huo Chen looked at her coldly, his expression indifferent. "Then don't blame me."

The vines in the forest felt as though there was pain everywhere, yet it also felt as though there was pain everywhere.

Her cell phone rang and she answered numbly.

Telephone from the ICU department of the hospital: "Miss Wookiee? Your father has just woken up and is looking for you. There was no sign of a sudden abnormal heartbeat. We took first aid measures, but there was nothing we could do about it. "Until the very last moment, he still hasn't closed his eyes ?"

The forest was buzzing in her ears. She opened her mouth and inhaled deeply, but it was as if nothing had happened.

The phone suddenly slipped out of his hand and with a "peng" sound, it fell to the ground into a few pieces.

Compared to despair, complete hopelessness was even more terrifying ?

Lin Zhi Man looked at Huo Yi Chen, her eyes filled with desolation. "Do you really think you can bully me?" Huo Yichen, holding a man who had nothing at all? "Besides your life, you can't take away anything else ?"

Huo Chen's heart skipped a beat.

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