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Once again standing in front of the court, Lin Ziteng was expressionless. She reached out her hand to touch the dock.

This position, which should not have been hers, was pushed up by a man who had loved her for 12 years and was now nailed to this spot.

She listened quietly to the lawyers on both sides, her heart unperturbed.

Her father had entered the morgue, and she had not even seen the last of it.

If that was what Huo Chen wanted, he would be happy.

The judge knocked on the hammer and asked her without emotion, "Defendant, do you have anything to add?"

"Nope." Lin Ziteng stared blankly at the judge. His expression was calm, but the tears in his eyes were slightly fluctuating.

"I plead guilty," said Lin, looking at the judge with a light but determined expression as he prepared to reprimand her for her malpractice.

The entire hall was silent. Under the judge's astonished gaze, Lin Zishan bent down and whispered, "I have nothing to say. I plead guilty."

Drops of water fell from her eyes and silently fell on the defense table. "I plead guilty, I'm guilty, I deserve punishment."

She lowered her head.

Grief overflowed, and the lawyer frowned.

Lawyer was stunned for a moment. He recovered immediately but was anxious. Although the evidence was conclusive but there were still doubts in his mind. It was not impossible for him to make a comeback.

But how the lawsuit goes on with the agent's case like this.

Lin Ziman seemed to understand the lawyer's worry, and he smiled calmly. "The result, to me, is meaningless."

When the hammer in front of the judge landed, the outcome of Lin Ziteng was already clear to see.

Lin Zimeng turned to look at Huo Yicheng, who was seated on the witness stand, and smiled faintly.

There was no love in her smile. There was no love in her smile. There was only relief in seeing through the clouds and the bustle.

"Are you satisfied?"

These five words pained Huo Chen's heart.


Wasn't he scheming so that she would end up like this?

The corners of Huo Chen's mouth curled up in an attempt to smile, but even with all his strength, he was still unable to complete the arc.

Lin Zemao's shoulders drooped. Her words were like a rooster brimming with combat power. At this moment, she had already lost all will to fight. She tilted her head, and a calm smile appeared on her lips.

"Seeing me like this, are you going to go with Lin Yemao and open a glass of champagne to celebrate?"

"But Huo Yicheng, even if you can cover the sky with your hands, you can't threaten someone who doesn't care about anything."

"Also, Huo Yichen, my kidney is mine. If you want to use my kidney to save someone I hate, even if I have to use a fruit knife to cut my kidney into pieces, I won't give it to her. Just give up." At this moment, the way she looked at him was extremely fierce! Unless you kill me, you can take away my kidney as fast as you can. However ? "Huo Yicheng, I bet you wouldn't do that because you're afraid of dirtying your hands."

"I also bet you that you've been a stone for 12 years. There was a moment where I warmed you for a second."

After Lin Yemao finished speaking, a mocking look appeared in his eyes. It was towards himself, and also towards Huo Yicheng.

Huo Chen clenched his fists. He wanted to spit out a few words, but he couldn't.

"My father is dead, the company is gone, and I am about to pay the price, and I should be able to redeem myself of any sins." From then on, we were even. "From today onwards, that Wing Man, who would have given his life to love you, is dead."

Lin Ziteng was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison for medical malpractice until his death.

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