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Prison was a place where the strong preyed on the weak.

After the battle between Huo Yicheng and Lin Zedong, Lin Zishan suffered a great blow and lost his desire to live.

Alone and tolerant of silence, she made the prisoners in the prison even more of her bullying.

"Little bitch, I heard you killed your father for a wild man who didn't want you? Such skill! " The female prisoner grabbed her by the hair, spat at her, spat on her face, and began to punch and kick her.

His dead heart was once again dripping with blood, and hatred was burning in his dull eyes.

She could tolerate any kind of bullying, but she could not tolerate their insults and curses against her parents.

Under the laughter of the prisoners, Lin Zi Man's eyes turned into a fierce storm, "Then open your eyes wide and take a good look."

She sneered crazily as she moved as fast as lightning, grabbing the female criminal's wrist and turning it around with a pinch, she had already reversed the situation.

The female criminal who was originally abducting her had also been dragged up by her. She similarly grabbed her hair, bent her knees, and viciously smashed into her abdomen and face.

"You can scold me for bullying me, but who can't involve my parents!"

"Ah ?" "Someone's dead ?" The screams of the women prisoners rang out in the prison, but the vines were so wild and fierce that all the blood in their bodies was burning.

She was a Taekwondo expert. She looked thin and weak, but she had a lot of explosive power.

In this world, other than Huo Chen, who could bully her without restraint, no one else could!

Several female prison guards worked together to pull away the wild vines.

The female prisoner was covered in blood. She was beaten up like a dead dog. She no longer had her previous arrogant attitude as she laid on the ground motionlessly.

The forest vines trembled, and blood seeped out from between their legs.

The vines are pregnant!

She sat there in silence for a long time. Finally, she raised her head and looked at the prison warden with her scarlet eyes. Her eyes were no longer deathly still, but filled with sorrow. "I want to miscarry!"

"We need to inform your family. We don't have the authority to make a decision."

"..." I have no family. " Lin Ziteng buried his face in his palms. His voice was no longer filled with the decisiveness of a miscarriage. Every word he spoke was shaky and trembling.

Her body was exuding thick grief, and her emotions seemed to be very contagious. Even just by looking at her, the female prison guard felt as if she couldn't breathe.

The sorrow was greater than the death of the heart. He was probably talking about the vines in the forest.

Her mother was dead, and her foster father, who loved her, was killed by her.

There was no other existence in this world that she cared about.

Apart from sympathy, the prison guard didn't know how else to comfort the injured woman.

"There are a lot of people here who want to have a child, but they can't do it for the rest of their lives. Every baby is an angel. In this world, there was not only despair, but also hope. You've only been sentenced to more than three years in prison for the sake of your children. "When you are released from prison, he (she) will gently call you 'Mama'. Think about it, that scene, how heart-wrenching ?"

Lin Zimeng, who had lost his heart, cried when he heard that. His whimpering voice was low and deep, making even the eyes of the prison guard, who was watching from the sidelines, turn sour.

In this world, there was only one person who was related to her by blood. No one knew how much she was reluctant to part with him.

"Can I see someone?"

The person Lin Zimeng wanted to see was called Rong Yu. He was the only person Lin Zimeng could trust in this world.

When he arrived, only then did his eyes brighten with light.

"I'm pregnant. I want to give birth to him." When Lin Zimeng said this, his tears flowed again.

Tears were no longer just despair, but a vision and hope for the future.

"Huo Yicheng's?"

Lin Zian nodded. "Rong Yu, can you do me a favor?"

Rong Yu didn't know what to say and glared at her. "That heartless and ruthless man, didn't he harm you enough? Just what is so good about him that's worthy of you! "

"You're right, he's not worth it. But Rong Yu, the baby is mine, is my only concern in this world. "They can motivate me to walk out of the prison alive and see my future relatives!"

The persuasion that had rushed to the tip of his tongue finally came to an end, he swallowed it back in silence.

His eyes were red with pain. "What do you want me to do?"

There were still tears on her face, but she smiled, a dazzling smile.

She sniffed. "I can't let Huo Chen know I'm pregnant," she said.

Rong Yu nodded, he understood.

With Huo Yicheng's stony heart and his heartless nature, he would not allow the forest to give birth to this child.

"I need to reduce my sentence. For the sake of the child, I have to leave as soon as possible."

Rong Yu nodded again, "Alright! "Rest assured, I will do all of this quietly for you."

"Thank you!"

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