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Lin Yan rushed into Huo Chen's office in a flustered and disorderly manner.

She was crying so hard that she lost her image. Her lips were swollen and bloodshot from the damage.

Huo Yicheng knitted his brows, a look of disgust on his face, "What are you doing here?"

Lin said in a sobbing tone, "Lin Zi Teng is pregnant and is in charge of the hospital. I want to stop her from having an abortion." She wouldn't listen. She knew I was going to tell you, and she grabbed me and kicked me. "She's studied Taekwondo, you know. I can't beat her ?"

Huo Yicheng clearly knew that Lin Yan's words could not be trusted, but he still couldn't help but destroy the office.

After venting, Huo Chen quickly calmed down.

Whether it was true or not, he had to know the truth.

Pressing inside, Huo checked with Chen's assistant to see what had happened to Lin Zishan after he'd gone to jail.

The result was obvious.

The assistant hesitated, refusing to leave.

"Is there something else?"

"It was in Miss Lin's arms ?" It's a pair of twins. "

With a dark expression on his face, the veins on the back of his hand bulged.

As the assistant finished his sentence, he once again threw the items on the desk onto the floor.

Huo Chen wanted to see the Wookiee.

The prison guard informed Lin Manman, who smiled mockingly and rejected him, "I won't see you!"

Huo saw no one, so he burned with anger and kicked over the rest chair in the waiting area.

"Lin Zimeng, do you think that I, Huo Yicheng, can just disappear just because you want to!?"

Shortly after Huo Chen made the call, the prison guard received instructions from her boss to take Huo directly to the prison.

By day, all prisoners sentenced had to work.

Lin Zimeng had just returned from the hospital and was being specially cared for. He was alone in the prison.

When Huo Chen entered, she was lying on the bed, her face pale and her eyes glazed over the top of the bed, her expression indifferent.

He angrily stepped forward and looked down at her from above. He hatefully asked, "Lin Zimeng, how ruthless are you? You're not soft-hearted even when dealing with your own child!"

Lin Zimeng didn't even bother to glance at Eastbourne. It was as if he hadn't heard his words at all.

In this world, Huo Chen's poison had already dealt her the heaviest of injuries.

If she survived, she would escape to heaven. But if she couldn't, she would go to hell!

The apathy of the vines infuriated Huo Chen, who grabbed her jaw as if he wanted to crush it.

"Speak!" Why aren't you talking! "

Lin Zhanhan was forced to shift his gaze to Huo Chen's cold face. His broken heart was already hurting so much that he couldn't feel anything anymore.

There was only despair in her eyes, and an unrelenting sadness.

As if he had been scalded by a forest, Huo Yichen retracted his hand. His hate-filled eyes were narrowed, replaced by astonishment.

Huo Yicheng thought that she wouldn't be able to hear a single word from Lin Zishan. She was lost in thought, but she didn't expect Lin Zisheng to lose her ability to breathe. Even so, she chose to speak first.

"What do you want to hear? Huo Yicheng, what do you think I'm going to say to you other than hate? There is no one in this world who can make me hate you to the bone like this! "

Huo Chen was so shocked by what he heard that he forgot to breathe.

"Don't worry, in this life, I will never step out of prison and appear in front of you. In places where you exist, the air is filled with poison which makes me feel disgusted! "

Huo Chen sucked in a deep breath. He felt that he had gone mad. He had come all the way here just to find out what was wrong with her.

How fucking shameless!

He gouged out the wood and slammed the door and left.

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