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C2 Chapter 2 - Tancongco Forest

The car drove silently on the road towards the huge mountain at the border of the city. Hazel looked outside and saw the greenery landscape. There's no sign of red clouds nor blood sun. However, the mountain shook violently for a seconds like it is being threatened but still stood out firmly. Roars of wild animals can be heard anywhere because of fear. However, the natural scent of the forest made the wild animals relaxed and secured.

The car even shook and made the driver panicked. He stepped onto the brake and it made the car stop violently. They almost had an accident.

Fortunately, Hazel is sleeping when the shakening of the mountain happened but she woke up when the car stopped. Thank goodness, she's wearing the seat belt. Otherwise, her face will be slammed on the back of the frontseat.

She was annoyed because it disturbed her sleep but her eyes was filled with awe after seeing the greeneries of the mountain while still inside the car.

"Well, this place is not bad at all" she said nonchantly but her eyes filled with satisfaction. Anyway, she already lived four lifetimes. She just thought she could change her family's attitude towards her but... Oh, well.

Despite having such a sad and dramatic life in her first lifetime, she lived in the mountains in those three lifetimes alone with happiness without human interactions. So, would it make a difference if she lived here?

She doesn't know why she came back here in her first lifetime. She thought it was because of Hunter Family. Her life in her first lifetime was all revolved around the Hunter Family. As a target of their cruelty, she didn't live past thirteen years old and died on their hands without mercy at all. Her death should before the debut of her Elder Brother, Lucas Hunter.

Lucas Hunter has a cold and aloof personality. He's the heir of Hunter Family and has no problem with the Hunter Family. He's not even closed with the Hunter Couple and Old Master Hunter but to his siblings - Dave Hunter and Liezel.

He pampered Liezel because she's the youngest but his attitude changed after knowing that she's the fake. However, he also didn't give Hazel Tancongco a very good treatment.

Hazel Tancongco sighed and started her plan on how to survive in the Old Mansion of Hunter Family. The car reached the old mansion and she stepped out of the car. She didn't bring her things as those things are not even hers to begin with but Liezel's spares.

"Young Mistress, I'm sorry!" The driver said as an apology. Hazel waved her hand. She has forgiven the driver. Anyway, they are already outside the gate of the mansion.

Hazel Tancongco looked up to the old mansion and, felt the good vibe and harmony of the old mansion. She put her point finger on the gate. The gate vibrated like a musical instrument but only Hazel feel it. The mansion recognizes its owner.

She smiles towards the old mansion.

"So, you are waiting for me, huh?" Hazel Tancongco mumbled.

"Miss Tancongco, these are the deeds of the old mansion and the territory around it. Old Master Hunter took care of it and named you as the owner of the land. This is to make sure that Miss Tancongco is comfortable in living on your own territory" the driver said and took out the documents.

She turned her back to the driver and looked down onto the documents. The folder stated its purpose.

[[Transfer of Ownership of the Tancongco Forest]]

Hazel Tancongco opened the documents and smiled when she saw the new name of the territory - Tancongco Forest. It was called Imperial Forest.

Everyone thought that the owner of that mountain exaggerated the name but they never know, it was because of the Imperial Heritage that only the Crown Prince, their ancestor knew.

Yes, the territory is the huge mountainous forest at the border of the city. It is the most biggest and huge mountain filled with greeneries with maximum territorial size of 200 million ha from the border of the city to the ocean, 50 nautical miles long, 500 km wide, including the sea grounds.

The Hunter Family only knows that the Hunter Family is most wealthiest family in the country but they never know that the Hunter Family was the descendant of Imperial Family way back three hundred years ago.

When the people sought after democratic rights, they rebelled against the Imperial Family because of the Imperial Family's sins, except the Crown Prince who supported such rebellion and declared the country as Democratic and Independent after serving for twenty years of transitions.

They seiged the territory and wanted the Crown Prince to lead the country as they somehow thought that the country is not yet prepared for Independence but the Crown Prince temporarily lead the country for five years in order to settle scores with the noble families.

The noble family heads were shocked after knowing the Crown Prince's might and let him do as what he wanted. Then, noble families were history.

After ten years of his temporary reign, he gave up the seat to the people of the country after declaration of Independence and built the democratic government to let the people choose their own ruler through votings of the common people, ranging from fifteen years and up.

After that he went to his territory, built a mansion, have a family and descendants until he died there.

After two hundred years later, the people forgotten the Imperial Family and they lived as one of ordinary families. The previous head of Hunter Family even erased their historical records as Imperial Family in the historical books of the country by fire to accomplish the Crown Prince's wish, his ancestor. Lastly, he renovated the mansion for his successor and descendants. He was the Third Head Master of Hunter Family.

However, after three generations, the Sixth Head Master sought after power and wealth. So, he went to the city with his descendants and lived there as one of the most wealthiest family in the country until in this generation.

Currently, Old Master Hunter is the current Ninth Head of Hunter Family. He still didn't pass down his title to his son, Hazel's biological father, because he is looking forward to his grandson, Lucas Hunter.

The mansion still stood there after many years but with one look - anyone could tell that the Hunter Family has a long history.

Hazel Tancongco smiled. If Old Master Hunter didn't initiative this to give it to her, she will certainly think that no one in the Hunter Family cares for her.

However, Old Master Hunter's arrangement made her think twice.

"He's too generous. No wonder. He decided to give me the mansion. The Hunter Family thought that I am prisoned by Old Master Hunter. But they never know, he only cares for his real granddaughter - Hazel Tancongco" she chuckled as she also couldn't believe of what the Old Master Hunter did for her. Didn't he really care for Hazel - his biological granddaughter? No, he still cares for her but his heart ached for what his son did. This sin couldn't be easily forgotten nor erased by mere apology.

"Also, they thought that the wealth of Hunter Family is based on the business industry but it's not. The real treasure of Hunter Family is this land. Once the land is given to the owner, no one can get it back even the previous owner" she laughs heartily and enters the mansion.

"Welcome to the Tancongco Mansion, Young Mistress of Tancongco Mansion" all new maids and butlers are warmly welcoming their new master with a respectful bow. Hazel Tancongco and the mansion is now called Tancongco Mansion.

She closed her eyes and took a heavy deep breathe. With a glint of her eyes, she declared to everyone.

"The Tancongco Forest is now closed and not accepting outsiders even those from Hunter Family, except the Old Master Hunter and Lucas Hunter! I will kill whoever disobey my word!" and her body exuded a dangerous aura from hell. This made the servants shivered, but not only with fear and horror but also excitement.

Everyone: Finally! A capable master!

Meanwhile, outside the Tancongco Forest. The world is still tainted red. No one noticed that the red clouds are not gathering around the huge mountainous forest nor nearby. As if, it is afraid of being beaten up. Fortunately, there are no residences near the huge mountain.

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