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C5 Chapter 5 - Blood Rain

"Now, I want to see Alex Hunter. Why is he so noisy?" Hazel feels annoyed because that kid is now using the broadcasting room of the old mansion.

"Yes, Young Mistress" Monique curtsied and immediately went to the broadcasting room. After five minutes, a cute little boy with a puffy cheeks appeared in front of Hazel Tancongco. He looks like a pampered young master of the upper echelon of rich families in the city.

Hazel sighed, "Why are you so noisy?" she asked directly.

The cute little boy immediately hugged her waist. Hazel was taken aback of the kid's reaction.

"I'm scared! I was flying my drone outside the territory when suddenly the sky turned red" he stutteredly said while tightly hugging her. Hazel looked at Antonette and Antonette immediately commanded someone to look out at the changes outside. A butler just look out to the sky when he feels something ominous and immediately came back to report.

"Young Mistress, the sky outside is filled of red clouds. I tried to contact the main family in the city but no one responded. I think we need to mobilize the Intelligence Unit of the old mansion to investigate" the butler, earlier, curtsied and said.

Hazel raised her eyebrow as she also felt something out of place outside but she doesn't feel threatened at all. It just feels like she's being challenged by a clown.

"Do as you fit but safety is more important. Remember that" Hazel said nonchantly. She goes to her room with Alex Hunter, who clings to her like a glue stick.

"I think the Little Young Master likes the Young Mistress. She's the real Young Miss of Hunter Family Family after all. What other things she couldn't get, right? And Isn't it good to see that they getting along each other? The Old Master Hunter favored the little young master despite not being blood relative..." Monique was stopped halfway by Antonette.

"Monique. I tolerated your arrogance back then because you're the youngest maid but it doesn't you're the master of the house" Antonette looked down in Monique. Monique feels her legs turned jelly. She almost forgot. Antonette Aquino was one of the direct descendants of trusted subordinates of the Old Master Hunter. She still holds the authority on behalf of the master she served.

"Tell the Intelligence Unit to take Monique with them. Monique is still young and needs a proper rest as a lady. However, this old mansion is now serving a new master. I cannot tolerate lazy maids anymore" she loudly said which petrified Monique.

'Is she fired?' she thought. She was about to retort but stop herself when she saw the old maid narrowed eyes. She bit her lips and packed her luggage.


The red clouds can now be compared to the shade of blood but the mankind calms down. After all, nothing is happening. The sky just turned red and nothing more. So, they all went back to do what they should be doing daily.

On the Main Mansion of Hunter Family. The Hunter Couple are comforting Liezel while the Old Master Hunter is frowning.

"Hazel is no longer staying here so why are you not stopping yourself from crying!" the Old Master Hunter reprimanded Liezel loudly.

"Dad! It is not Liezel's fault! She's the victim here!" David Hunter defended his daughter.

"You pampered her too much! A weak girl and always depends on her parents! There's no such weak family member in the Hunter Family! If she doesn't stop the noise, I will kick her out of the Hunter Family, too! I already kicked out a blood related member of the Hunter Family! What's the difference if I kicked out an adopted one?!" he nagged them madly and snorted.

Liezel feels her body turned cold, just from one word of Old Master Hunter. She almost forgot. Old Master Hunter is the most difficult person of Hunter Family to get along with.

"Dad! It's that bitch's fault!" Alicia retorted back. Old Master Hunter looked at her with disappointment.

"I let you marry to the family because of your gentleness and friendly attitude towards others..." Old Master Hunter reminisced the past self of Alicia Brown. She's the most gentle woman he ever met so he arranged everything for her and his son's date. She was a gentle woman until she knew that Liezel is not her biological child and her own biological child grew up in the slums. She changed so much that the Old Master Hunter could no longer look at her like before.

"Before, I never regretted marrying you to the family but just word from your fake daughter, you treated your own biological child like a dirt! I'm so disappointed on you!" he loudly said and looked at his only son.

"And, you David! I raised you to be a responsible and sensible as a man and a father but what did you do?! You casted away your biological child just for the fake one?! I'm so disappointed in this family!" he continued and sighed like he lifted all the problems in the world.

"You will certainly regret what you have done someday" his tone has no energy left to defend his son's biased behavior anymore.

"I'll stay in Lucas's mansion" and left behind. When he reached the outside of front door, he looked up at the sky and frowned.

"Prepare two cars! The other car will buy food resources as a stock" he commanded because there's something... he couldn't explain. That something is urging him to hurry. He called Lucas Hunter.

"Hello, Grandpa" Lucas nonchantly greeted him. Old Master Hunter is annoyed of his grandson's cold temperament.

"Buy ten warehouse that have many food resources near your mansion within three hours" and he hung up. Then, he received a text message from his grandson that he already bought a total of twenty warehouses nearby his mansion and twenty percent of it will be delivered to the mansion. The Old Master Hunter smiled.

Ahh. He's really my grandson. Similar feelings urged both of them to do it.

However, after two hours. The red clouds rained down heavily. When they touched the rain, a blood water seeped in to their skin which caused a massive faints of the crowd. It is a worldwide phenomenon. Those who didn't touch the rain are blessed enough but it took ten minutes for the fainted crowd to staggeringly stand.

They all stopped what they are doing while watching the fainted people trying to stand up. Some people do help them but some do not, until a high school girl screeched loudly which caught everyone's attention.

Their eyes are filled with fears when they saw a staggering boy slowly changing into rigor mortis and pounce towards the high school girl.

Now, the whole world is in hellish state of torture.

New chapter is coming soon
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